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  1. Crystofol

    Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    Fordy is my Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line 1.0T, 100cv. I will be posting photos of my Fiesta on this album from this ones without any power or style mod, to the end of the project with a lot of mods from E-Bay and AliExpress
  2. Hello to everyone, This is my first post to this forum, sorry for mistakes(I'm Spanish), and sorry if I had anything to do previously to post the first post... I've just bought the new Ford Fiesta ST-Line, with EcoBoost 1.0T engine (100cv/HP), and I was thinking what is the difference between the 100HP, 125HP and 140HP engines, maybe are exactly the same, but only with limitations at the ECU? With different map? If any of you have information about these engines and also if these are exactly the same as the Mk7 I will be pleased to read you, THANKS! Also, if you have a Ford fiesta mk8 with 125 or 140HP, and can take a photo of your engine to compare with mine, it will be great. Thanks to everyone.
  3. Crystofol

    Ford fiesta ST-Line Mk8 by Crystofol

    First upload of many... I want to show my car, actually "stock". I will be adding photos of every new mod to follow the timeline of my car.

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