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  1. Hi all! Just to give you feedback! I changed the thermostat and it fix the problem! Thanks to all that help! :)
  2. Thanks Jonathan for your feedback. I will change thermostat and then give feedback here. ;)
  3. Hi Iantt, Make sense. I was thinking that could be a problem on temperature sensor but after reading more about thermostat stuck open I check that a symptom was the ventilation hot temperature is not so hot as suppose to be. I realised last weekend when turned on the ventilation. Thanks for your help! :)
  4. Hi all, I think I have a problem on my last acquisition, a Ford Focus MK2 (2206) 1.8 petrol Duratec HE 125hp. The temperature gauge rarely get off of 60 "degrees C". I check that sometimes it increases a little but never reaches the first step and it comes again to 60 degrees. I found on the web a similar speedometer that explains the behaviour of my car (note: is not from my car): Based on my other cars, usually the temperature gauge goes to the middle. So I think that should not be the default behaviour of the Focus. The coolant is ok, the engine also seems to work weel. What do you think that the problem is? Thanks for your help. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, My name is Andre and I recently purchase a Focus 1.8 petrol 2006 with Duratec HE 125hp engine. It's my first Ford, so I don't know much about this model. :) I hope learn more about Focus and particularly the petrol 1.8 model. Cheers :)