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  1. Power Loss Mystery (Tdci)

    Thanks again Dieselpig, just went out and started the car and the smoke is now very thin and a bit blueish and smelly...phoned my mechanic to ask about leak off test and he said that a dodgy EGR valve could also cause this due to unburnt exhaust fumes left in the system, and that because of the continuous clicking sound we should start by cleaning the EGR since it is probably stuck open...If that does not cure the problem then start looking at the expensive stuff.
  2. Power Loss Mystery (Tdci)

    That was my first thought; do faulty injectors not show up on a diagnostic?
  3. Power Loss Mystery (Tdci)

    Hi thank for replying The car as done 158,000 miles
  4. Hi all I have a 1.4 TDCI, over the past couple of weeks I have noticed on a cold start a little hunting between 900 and 800 settling to 700 after a minute or so, rough idle, also a bit more smoke than usual; the smoke is white and only happens on cold start. Last week I started to notice that when I apllied or came off the accelerator slightly the rev needle was jerky rather than smooth. I have also had stalling issues mainly in reverse but thought this may be down to my driving since I had 2L diesel for 3 years before this car, but not sure now. After stalling again in reverse over the weekend I decided to put some pro tec aqua diesel system cleaner in drove 60 miles power seemed to improve my mpg certainly did. Next morning started car and cloud of thick white smoke that cleared up quickly but on on the dive home, 60 miles car slowly became more sluggish. Took it out yesterday and having to floor pedal to get it to 60 and RPM not going over 2500, when parked and flooring it the RPM does go up to 5000. Also engine seems alot quieter. Took it to my mechanic had diagnosis only fault coming up is speed sensor, but noticed when I turn the engine off I get a clicking sound that happens around every 30-60 seconds for a good 5-10 minutes, not engine cooling sound. Thinking EGR could do with cleaning, and ordered new fuel filter but before i start work on car was wondering if anyone had any other ideas about this. Also is the speed sensor on this car the one with the pin on the gear box? Wanting to buy a new one but there are a few different ones to choose from. Thanks
  5. It's A Puzzle?

    Thanks Feet Under The Table The owners manual that comes with the car does say it should illuminate when the ignition is switched on. It should extinguish as soon as engine starts. It's odd that it is the only instrument light listing that does not say 'illuminates at position II briefly'...maybe it happens that fast I am just not noticing it...will pay very close attention and try not to blink! I know it's a puzzle, my dad who's an electrician and knows a thing or two about cars; my mechanic and the specialist car electrical guy I've spoken to have all said what you have that if it was disconnected it would not illuminate under dash test and they are puzzled as to what it could be. Will try disconnecting negative if no joy with the not blinking test. Will let you all know how it goes
  6. It's A Puzzle?

    Thanks Again Stoney871 I was just saying to the OH "glad we don't live in US it would fail it's MOT (inspection) there if the engine light does not come on"!!!!! Think my only option now is to have all wiring checked, will order Haynes today and try and have a go myself otherwise it's off to the electrical guy, I can see the £210 a year saving on tax I am getting with this car as opposed to my last will quickly be eaten. Diolch yn fawr guys...still if anyone as any info on where I should be checking...what color wire, common areas people usually cut or disconnect from... I would be very grateful.
  7. It's A Puzzle?

    Thanks Stoney871 Is the report of DTC none a encouraging sign though? Or if the wire is diconnected would there be no DTC errors reported on the dash anyway? Will be getting it hooked up soon hopefully since trying to sort out the ecu light thing...The car as just had new clutch, flywheels and injectors thinking may have been disconnected before this work was done to hide these problems.
  8. It's A Puzzle?

    Ok there are loads of different letters and numbers that came up when I kept pressing not sure if you need to know them (let me know) but it came up with DTC none. Again not sure what that means? Do all the other letter and number sequences shoe problems or is the display of DTC none mean there are none?
  9. It's A Puzzle?

    Thanks Preee First car I have owned with a ecu...what is a DTC error? Are there codes for them? Will nip out now and see what comes up and report back.
  10. It's A Puzzle?

    Please ignore my prvious posts...Did a trip meter test and on came the engine light, but it still does not come on at position II or startup phoned a diagnostic and car electrical guy and he says he never heard of this problem and will ask about... at the moment thinking either wire from ecu cut or not connected or faulty ecu. Could resetting the ecu by disconnecting negative terminal on battery possibly make it come on? Are there any fuses or relays could have gone that is stopping the engine light to come on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi all I previously asked a question about my engine light not coming on (Thanks to all who advised me) Been to my mechanic this morning who says probably bulb and obviously best place to start anyway. He phoned his supplier and asked about getting a bulb and they said it is an LED (might be LCD) panel and would need a new full instrument panel (sorry if that is not what it is called). Is this true? Does anyone have any tricks or tips? Thanks
  12. 2002 1.4 Tdci Help!

    Thanks eyemdee Been to the mechanic and have some more questions so will start a new thread regarding them.
  13. 2002 1.4 Tdci Help!

    thanks eyemdee oil, battery, airbag, fuel, temp, handbrake and door open lights all come on at position II. Does the TDCI have glow plugs since it is direct injection not indirect? You're probably right that my car may not have others since it is only LX model. Would all the other lights come on if ECU (I think that is what is called) was not working? If ECU light is on seperate fuse will change in morning...But would like more information before going to mechanic you would not believe how many times I have been told in the past my head gasket is knakered just because they see a female coming...having MK3's could always do my own work but never worked on cars with ECU and going to the mechanic with a little info would help.
  14. 2002 1.4 Tdci Help!

    Thanks Hell_Bunny_sXe Just reading the manual and I do not have a glow plug indicator light, Durashift EST light, ABS light or ESP light when ignition is turned on either! All bulbs gone not sure...always had MK3 fiestas and this is my first car with a onboard comuter not sure what's happening?
  15. 2002 1.4 Tdci Help!

    OK so I am soooo stupid but any help with this would be ggreatly appreciated. Just bought 2002 1.4 TDCI. Did all the checks suppose to except 1, car runs great the only proble (could be a huge one) is that the engine light does not come on when i turn ignition it does not come on at all!!! car has had a new clutch and double fly wheel fitted as well as new ingectors just before I bought it any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Adding this here as well as below Just reading the manual and I do not have a glow plug indicator light, Durashift EST light, ABS light or ESP light when ignition is turned on either! All bulbs gone not sure...always had MK3 fiestas and this is my first car with a onboard comuter not sure what's happening?