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  1. Just for what its worth, the latest Sync 3 update, from 2.2 to 2.3 seems to clear this up. Only tried it twice, but both times leaving the car then returning to the car - if Bluetooth was the last source selected when i left, the car waits for Bluetooth to connect then continues with my music - instead of defaulting to AM Radio. happy bunny :)
  2. Be aware, this contact center is pretty useless. I have contacted them twice for technical issues/suggestions for software updates for future versions of Sync 3. I get more or less the same generic ''Your Ford dealer is better placed to help you, use below link to find them. Bye''. They havn't even read my email. Does anyone know a senior staff member in that department?
  3. Are you able to recover it to a different garage for them to provided a second opinion?
  4. I have a recently picked up Ford S max with Sync 3, which I do like for the family wagon but the Bluetooth audio is driving me mad. I listen to music through my phone 90% of the time, but when I stop the car and get out...the next time I get in it the stupid system default to AM radio. To then make it worse, instead of there being a simple 'Source' button to cycle through them I then need to go home -> audio -> source -> bluetooth. I have a hardware button for Audio Settings but not Audio Source !?!? Who changes their treble settings more often then the audio source??? I go through this every morning, to turn it off AM radio. Anyone know if there is a fix, hidden setting, software tweak to make the car wait for the bluetooth connection instead of just defaulting to AM radio?
  5. Hi all As per title, and having searched, I am struggling to find an ignition controlled fuse in the passenger fuse box, for my Dash cam. They all still seem to stay live for an hour+ after the car is turned off & locked. Also I am struggling to find out what sort of fuses it takes, Mini seem to wide & too long, micro seem to wide but right length? My options are below, if anyone can suggest? Many Thanks, 1 10* Lighting (ambient, glove box, vanity, dome, liftgate) 2 7,5* Memory seats, lumbar, power mirror 3 20* Driver door unlock 4 5* Aftermarket electronic trailer brake on/off switch 5 20* Ignition switch. Push-button ignition switch 6 10** Heated seat relay coil 7 10** Not used (spare) 8 10** Not used (spare) 9 10** Not used (spare) 10 5** Keypad. Power liftgate module 11 5** Not used 12 7,5** Climate control 13 7,5** Steering wheel column lock. Cluster. Datalink logic 14 10** Not used (spare) 15 10** Datalink gateway module 16 15* Child lock. Liftgate release 17 5** Not used (spare) 18 5** Ignition. Push button stop start switch 19 7,5** Passenger airbag disabled indicator. Transmission range indicator 20 7,5** Not used (spare) 21 5** Humidity and in–car temperature sensor. Blind spot information system. Rear video camera. Adaptive cruise control 22 5** Occupant classification sensor 23 10* Delayed accessory (power inverter logic, moonroof logic) 24 20* Central lock unlock 25 30* Driver door (window, mirror) 26 30* Front passenger door (window, mirror) 27 30* Moonroof 28 20* Amplifier 29 30* Rear driver side door window 30 30* Rear passenger side door window 31 15* Not used (spare) 32 10* Global positioning system module. Voice control. Information and entertainment display. Radio frequency receiver 33 20* Radio 34 30* Run/start bus (fuse #19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker) 35 5* Restraints control module 36 15* Auto-dimming rear view mirror. Heated seat. All-wheel drive 37 15* Voltage stability module logic power 38 30 Not used (spare)