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  1. Buying Focus

    Hi, I am thinking of a buying a Ford Focus and was hoping for any advice. I have about £4,000 to spend plus a rusty Ford Puma 1.7 R reg to p/x. Is there any partciluar models of the Focus that provide better value for money, or are more reliable? The Puma engine is still great but unforntuately the body work is falling to bits. I also want a smoother ride, since moving to Leeds i have to drive over potholes everyday and it's a bit of a nightmare so low to the road. I mostly use the car to and from work (5 miles each way but not much standing) and occasioanlly long trips at the w/e. So any tips on what i should be looking for when i go shopping, and particluar problems, or things that should be serviced at certain mileage i.e. any belts need changing. Thanks