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  1. Hi chaps! Back in April, this happened when my battery died / was replaced. As you can see on the thread, all cleared with ForScan and the car has been fine since. Until last week. Was going away for the weekend and whilst stuck in a bit of traffic suddenly got the "Transmission Malfunction Service Now" error. The car then appeared to be stuck in Neutral. I put it into Reverse then back into Drive and it worked but obviously stuck in limp mode then. Fortunately we were only 30 minutes away from where we were staying. Even more fortunate was that there was a garage next door to our hotel and they cleared the error the next day. It happened again today, after sitting in heavy traffic for a good 30-40 minutes. At one point the error changed to "Transmission Overheat - Stop safely" (Or words to that effect). Managed to get parked up where we were going and the car was OK afterwards, although against stuck in limp mode. We were local so was OK driving it home and I cleared again with ForScan. I've done a bit of Googling and found this which looks very similar to my issue. I have clearly noticed that both times this happened it's when been sat in heavy traffic so basically lots of "creeping" for want of a better word. So, I guess what I'm asking is... Should I be concerned? Is it a replace TCM type of an issue? I've had the car over 5 years now and I've sat in plenty traffic in it so surely it should have happened lots of times by now? I'm going away next month on holiday (in the UK) so I don't want it to keep happening if we hit traffic etc. Any advice please? I've also seen there's an extended warranty from Ford on these autos? 100k miles / 10 year... This is a 13 plate with 66K on the clock, but I haven't see whether this warranty is extended in the UK? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I did, the full thing mate. It'll be having a good couple of runs in the next 2 days so see how it goes.
  3. Just an update: I went through the adaptive learning etc and also cleared the code. It's not complaining now! Took it for a drive and it's still waiting until quite high RPM before changing up to 4th / 5th. I'm going to do it again as I'm not sure the car was as warm as should be. How long does it normally take to complete the learning? Is it over a number of days / miles? Think I'll do it again later and just drive slowly! Thanks for your help though!
  4. Thanks Unofix. It's exactly that, the car battery had died when my wife was using it. She had to get a jump start then headed straight for Halfords for a new battery. I've found the exact same scenario on the B-Max owners site too so I know it's not just me. I'd read some articles about FORScan earlier so I think that's the approach I need to take, cheaper than taking it to Ford I reckon - it's not the TCM module being defective, the battery change has certainly caused this. Ordered some stuff and will get FORScan on the case. Thanks for confirming :)
  5. Hi all, hope you can help? I have a Focus Mk3 2013 plate 1.6 Automatic. Today I had to have a new battery and since then I'm getting "Transmission Malfunction Service Now". It drives, but it doesn't feel right - like it goes from 1st to 2nd OK, possibly 2nd to 3rd but after that it doesn't seem to go to 4th... It has only started this straight after the new battery being put it. Is this something I can clear or reset myself? Would Forscan help me here? Any help you can offer would be brilliant, thank you!
  6. Cheers, I am booked in at a bodyshop to do the work, less than £100 is a bonus for me! Be nice to get this issue resolved!
  7. Hi guys, I have a very similar sounding problem. (13 Plate Focus 1.6 Automatic) I noticed a few months ago that the passenger foot well (front and back) carpets were soaked. Car misting up all the time, even struggling to demist with the aircon (which seems to last only 12 months compared to my C-Max which lasted years) I have a dog crate in the boot so never look underneath the tray, but I did one day and there was water by the spare wheel. Evans Halshaw (spit) have quoted £650 just to do a water test and then obviously there's any further work needed to resolve it. Without scrolling through the entire thread which woiuld take some time, what should I be looking for? The carpets are dry at the moment, I'll check the boot later as the crate isn't in. Pull out the grommets and see if water comes out? If so, it's a bumper issue? I'm trying to get a local garage that I trust to give me a price for doing the work but obviously I need to tell them exactly what it is. Is anyone able to help me as I'm not partcularly mechanically minded, but by 'eck I'm not giving Evans Halshaw best part of a bag of sand! Thanks :)
  8. Thanks for your help, very useful. Much obliged :)
  9. Ah right, and looking at my screenshot above mine is AM5T. Thanks for that! Is there a newer version of 1 than I already have do you know?
  10. I thought it was, what can I check on the car itself?
  11. Hi, I have a 13 plate Focus 1.6 Automatic which I believe has Sync 1.1. I've been looking all over for an update to it but only stumbled across the Indian site which no longer seems to accept UK VIN's. Is anybody able to help me get my Focus to the latest version of 1.1 please? I'd be really grateful. Many thanks!
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