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  1. Update: Put the old repaired AG9R-7002-MCC back. All good now. If anyone is interested the mechanic said the AG9R-7002-KA had one additional tooth in the 2nd gear compared to AG9R-7002-MCC.
  2. I thought it would be a simple cause for this but it turns out it is not. So full story: Last winter i sometimes i could hear the DMF when starting from still. So I decided last month to change the DMF + clutch. Went to a local shop and they replaced them. After this all was good until i started to fill knocking in the clutch pedal and oil dripping under the gearbox. Took it back to the shop and recovered it after 3 days. They said they had to REPLACE THE GEARBOX!!! So they replaced the gearbox on their expense (which was nice...) but I don't know what really led to this fault. My suspicion is that this "new" (actually a used) gearbox has a different ratio in 2nd gear but they assured me they took the "new" gearbox by code. Today I took the car to a Ford dealership. They could not find anything wrong that could cause this fault (accelerating by itself in 2nd gear every 3 seconds). But we did manage to read the "new" gear box part code: AG9R-7002-KA 63 The Ford dealership said this is not the proper part for my car. It should be: AG9R-7002-MCC For AG9R-7002-MCC i know the ratio in 2nd gear is: 0.94 Does anybody know what ratio has AG9R-7002-KA 63 in 2nd gear?
  3. It is not RPM dependent. It happens from idle rpm to 4000 rmp... Only in 2nd gear. One other thing I tried: running whit let's say 40 km/h , put it in neutral and press the acceleration pedal to a steady ~2000rpm -----> the rpm shows increase of revs every 4-5 seconds. So it is reproducing also in this scenario. Could a bad abs speed sensor cause this? Thx!
  4. Hello, I have the following problem with my Mondeo: ONLY and ONLY in 2nd gear when driving at constant speed the car accelerates by itself for 1 or 2 seconds every 3 or 4 seconds. So it is absolutely impossible to drive it with constant speed in the second gear. The car has absolutely no problem in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th gear. If anyone has any idea what could be the cause of it it would help me a lot. Thank you!
  5. So sorry for this late reply! Every time this noise happened there was also a DPF regeneration. So I stopped warring about it as It also happens quite rare.
  6. Hello. Does anyone know if this clicking noise is normal or is the wheel bearing going to fail? Thank you for your input!
  7. Hello guys, I bought my mondeo 8 months ago with 149000Km (162000km now) . It is generally a good car and i am happy with it. The thing is, on 3 occasions, i heard a noise coming from the engine(video below - the sound is a little bit low, sorry for this). On all 3 occasions the car was driven on highway at high speed and/or in high temperature outside - the front cooling fan was running. I noticed the noise when i arrived home before shutting down the engine . Does anyone has any idea where is this coming from? Thank you very much for your help! Video & sound: