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  1. Dave Holland

    Mondeo Mk4.5 2.2 TDCI Limp Mode.

    Interesting to see such a strong correlation between them, it would at least easily pinpoint any anomaly with fuel delivery. The logging of live data like this should help. The car has only done 75k miles so I'm hoping the fuel pump isn't the culprit, although in a way, I'm hoping for a logged fault code because I can then at least look into that further. The detail regarding the pump itself is gratefully received, I was unaware there was no lift pump, it would explain why fuel flow could easily become severely restricted if the high pressure pump is having to draw it from the tank. I have done around 60 miles today since the fuel filter change and it hasn't missed a beat, despite me thrashing it and trying to mimic the conditions that starved it before. On the day the issue occurred I couldn't drive more than 4-5 miles without an engine malfunction. I'm not 100% certain this has fixed the issue and the fresh filter could be temporarily masking an issue with another component. However for the moment it does appear to have solved it. I'll update again shortly, but thanks again for the excellent information. Dave
  2. Dave Holland

    Mondeo Mk4.5 2.2 TDCI Limp Mode.

    That's a very thorough answer Peter, thank you. I've done the fuel filter this evening (turns out these are an absolute pig to get going again after swapping it out, have to clamp of the fuel lines properly next time!). Cut the old one open out of interest and the filter itself was good and black, with a load of discoloured fuel around it. However no thick gunge and no visible obstructions. I've changed plenty of filters on other vehicles in the past but never thought to check inside them, so I'm not sure if this is indicative of a heavily contaminated filter. The fault often occurs at around 2000-2500 rpm on full throttle so an educated guess suggests very temporary fuel starvation? (Did originally think a boost issue/leak until the car actually cut out completely) If so, would fuel pressure dipping at the rail suggest HPFP rather than something along the lines of an injector fault? I'm assuming the lift pump would be working at a constant flow? Thanks very much again, will hopefully get to the bottom of it over the weekend! Dave
  3. Dave Holland

    Mondeo Mk4.5 2.2 TDCI Limp Mode.

    So I've used a copy of Forscan (a neighbour with a Fiesta ST had one luckily) with a genuine lead, and there's absolutely nothing stored. I've been using another car the last few days so haven't had it out for a spin yet. I'll be able to borrow his equipment again, is the next stage to have it plugged in during a run and see if any codes show up when the fault does? Thanks Dave
  4. Dave Holland

    Mondeo Mk4.5 2.2 TDCI Limp Mode.

    It's a fair point, a mate's just reiterated that too. Up to now I've been using one with basic OBD2 functionality, but I've got access to a Snap On one which I'll use tomorrow and hopefully be able to shed some further light on it. Thanks very much for the reply.
  5. Hello all, Bit of a strange fault here, not something I've known from previous cars. Mondeo 2.2 TDCi 200. First manifested when filling up with a different brand of diesel, within 2 miles car went in to limp mode (engine malfunction readout and beep but no EML), having otherwise been fine. Switched off and switched back on again, no faults for a further 450 miles, filled up with fuel again yesterday and drove a mile back home. This morning, less than a mile later engine malfunction flashes up again, and car now cuts out, and requires 4-5 seconds of cranking to restart. After restarting it would then drive fine but suddenly go in to limp mode (but keep running thankfully). It's now undriveable as whilst I can risk limp mode, I can't risk it cutting out at motorway speeds. I have read the codes and nothing is showing and no EML is illuminated. I've heard about some Ford models (seems to be common amongst Kugas?) being fitted with very fine fuel filters which can clog and restrict fuel flow but surely this would not be sufficient to cause this issue? Although possible it seems very unlikely the issue is with the type of diesel being used and this is likely to be purely a coincidence? I will change the fuel filter as precaution but it was only changed around 1 year ago, prior to my ownership. In the absence of any codes, can anybody recommend any next steps please? Thanks Dave
  6. Dave Holland

    Mondeo 2.2 TDCI Titanium X Sport - Minor Mods

    Thanks Damian - helpful advice Dave
  7. Hello All Just bought a 2012 Titanium X Sport 2.2 TDCI after spending a while looking for the right one. Other than an EML pointing to a few DPF related issues (differential pressure sensor, soot build up etc.) in the first week which the dealer sorted, I've got nothing but praise for the car. I had a few questions about potential light modifications to the car which I'm hoping someone will be able to help with: 1. Replacing the halogen rear number plate lights for LEDs (car has LED DRLs and xenons at the front, the yellowy tinge from the number plate lights spoils it in my eyes). Is there a factory fit/OEM module to replace the halogen bulb carrier/housing, or is just better to replace the bulb with an LED one? I know from past experience if the resistance of the new bulb/diode isn't correct I'll get a bulb out warning. 2. Retrofitting a genuine Ford Nav unit - I've done this before with VAG cars, not sure how easy this is to do with a Ford? I do not have access to any Ford specific diagnostic software and I'm assuming this will definitely be required? Sourcing the unit, adding in the extra loom etc. won't be an issue (unless it's prohibitively complex to do for the DIY mechanic) One other minor fix which is required is that the driver's side xenon washer sticks in the up position and can sometimes take up to a minute to come down, after popping up to wash the headlights. Is this a vacuum system or is it mechanical? Thanks very much in advance for any help. Dave