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  1. Wooders

    2014 zetec s td.....noise

    Just an update for anyone searching. Gearbox bearings and 6th gear where shot, recon gearbox fitted , seemingly the boxes in these are weak.
  2. Wooders

    2014 zetec s td.....noise

    Just checked the paperwork. The 37.5k mile (?) service was carried out at 23k miles last may, so its only done under 5k miles since then!
  3. Wooders

    2014 zetec s td.....noise

    The oil has been changed at yearly intervals (Don't know what mileage is recommended) , next dealer service is due in May, but worth £20 to drop the oil for peace of mind! Ps, any particular oil recommended for these engines? Or will any spec viscosity ,iso diesel dpf friendly oil do the job?
  4. Wooders

    Tyre time.

    Found uniroyal rainsport's to be good for 'summer' (?) tyres and the Vredestein winter extremes for, urm, winter.
  5. I like diesels as a daily, the 1.6 td I've got atm is just shy of 200 ft/lb , (which is a bit rubbish tbh, my last car a 2ltr S40 had double 😕), but power is were you can use it @2500-3000 rpm. Saying that, there's something about reving a petrol to the redline 😁
  6. Wooders

    2014 zetec s td.....noise

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if this has been done to death. My 27k mile, 2014 Focus zetec s 1.6td estate (phew!) has started making a noise when accelerating in 2nd and 3rd, like someone has snuck in a straight cut box while I've been asleep. A bit of history, i got it for the wife,from motorpoint in 2014 with 4k on the clock, and always serviced etc. My car went on the blink, so traded it in, she got a bigger car for the kids and I got the focus as a daily. So she's getting driven ( the focus! 🙄) a bit more now, and maybe a bit more, spirited.....🤔 Oil level is higher than I'd like @ just over full, (when I do my own, i go for 80% to allow for a bit of diesel regen), so that's on my list of jobs this week. Is this common ? Worrying? Or just turn the radio up 🙉