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  1. hjf12345

    Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Ok thanks. So ALL 1.4 automatic Fiestas built between 09-12 have the torque converter gearbox? And this gearbox is known to be ok?
  2. hjf12345

    Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Thanks Trewithy. Looking on Autotrader there are lots of 1.4 autos from 2009-2011 in my price range, but none describe the type of gearbox. How would I know which have the torque converter type?
  3. hjf12345

    Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Thanks for your help everyone. A bit concerned about the first reply re problems. Does anyone have any experience to back this up?
  4. Hi, first-time poster here. I'm researching what car to buy my mum, who is now in her mid-70s. She's been driving a 2.0L automatic Focus for the past 10 years but it's constantly in the garage as has done 100k+ miles. It's also far too punchy for her. She does some town driving, as well as motorways once or twice a week. After looking at other options - Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Skoda Fabia, etc - I've decided to go for a Fiesta. My criteria is: > Automatic gearbox > Engine size: 1.4L or less > Budget: £6k Is there anything in particular I should look out for with Fiesta automatic gearboxes? Are there any particular models/years/trims to go for, or avoid? Thanks in advance