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  1. hard wire a dash cam on a 2012 focus

    thanks peoples. have ordered myself a hard wire kit. just fed up plugging and unplugging the adaptor and knocking it.
  2. hard wire a dash cam on a 2012 focus

    That sounds like a better choice. I've seen threads where fuse 86 is used but thats air bags and i don't want to go near them as a rule
  3. Hello friends. Which fuse would be best to piggy pack on to hard wire a dash cam so is only on when the car is on ?? thanks guys (2012 focus)
  4. Trip computer settings.

    Hi everyone, i have a mk3 focus. I like my trip computer set to the display that shows the 4 windows. my question is.....can you select what windows you see or are they factory set. i currently have ave speed, ave mpg, instant mpg and dist to empty. I would ideally like to swap the ave speed for the trip odometer.
  5. hi

    Hi everyone in Gray from the wilds of Essex with a Focus Titanium x 62 reg