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  1. Nikstryker

    Single Garage and working on the car....

    Hmm my dads garage has an inspection pit and gas lift and more tools than you can shake a stick at - 50 years of collecting! He even had a man cave up on the second floor for his Manta parts and golf club repair business!
  2. Nikstryker

    I did my first Mod to my new Fiesta yesterday!

    I dont mean to be nasty but I kinda think modding a Fiesta is a bit like polishing a (Alex Polizzi said it on Hotel Inspector so I reckon its an acceptable expression these days). If you want to do that then why not buy a proper Boy racers car! Not that a Fiesta is a its just a very basic car - no offence to anyone meant but you ken what I mean!
  3. Fuse number 22 - 20amp - looks like its behind the glove compartment on a Fiesta 2010 Do you not have your users manual? There should be a diagram next to the fusebox when you remove the glove box with fuse numbers and ratings! PS. Hope it wanst an Iphoney!
  4. Nikstryker

    I did my first Mod to my new Fiesta yesterday!

    Naw bummer but then I live in a plush posh neighbourhood! If it was London i would be worried!
  5. Nikstryker

    Keyless security

    That sounds like a professional recommendation doggs lol Its easier and quicker with a litre of liquid nitrogen and a hammer - 30 secs and its off! Being tights as a gnats I just use my unfeasibly large bicycle chain and paddy since i saw your post above!
  6. Zetec but an armrest is useful!
  7. Nikstryker

    boot leak fiesta 2009

    Yes the old toilet paper trick - the big wide stuff is good or you can use newspaper - its important to find where its actually coming in. Once its rained (or use the garden hose) you can see on the paper where its wet where its coming from or just lock yourself in the boot (done that been there). On my other cars it was always the light cluster and inside the car it was always the seals around the windows or sunroof! Get yer Andrex out and stick it especially where they said it was coming from - then take a picture and stick it to em - ye always need proof when you deal with ripoff garages.
  8. Nikstryker

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Have you tried the local scrappie? When I wur a lad and built my first kit car i was never out of Paisley car breakers - you can buy ramps, lifts and loads more for cheap in some! Some of them will even sell you their grandmother! Sometimes you can find a goldmine in the boots of scrapped cars - full toolsets, wheel braces, car jacks heck i even found a ***** once (yukkk) - no joke! I have to admit i used to nick light bulbs, relays, wheel brace etc and small stuff along with the big stuff i paid for. Very naughty but everyone does it. Even tax discs -Apparently they are quite collectable now believe it or not especially the last ones issued before they were scrapped. Strange how everything becomes valuable one day!
  9. What the feminist nutbag brigade forget is that these girls probably dont have much up top (in the noodle area of course) and its going to lose a lot of women a job? Personally Ive never seen much need for it - I prefer to go see the cars - sticking a bit of fluff on a stick on top of the car obscures my view and doesnt enhance my photies! A lot of the time the girls seem embarrassed and uncomfortable with all the sleazy guys pawing them as well so hmmm tricky one!
  10. Nikstryker

    Things you miss from the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

    Its actually 113grams I never knew that! So there you go we were getting ripped off even in the "GOOD OLD DAYS" If you ask for a quarter now in the sweetie shop down the coast in Largs like I do every time I go on a Strathycruise (lol) its 250grams. Nothing better than a day down the coast followed by a Special Fish supper, some Irn Bru and topping it off with a quarter of Irn Bru Chocolate lol
  11. Nikstryker

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    I actual admire your motivation Doggs - To do all that on the lawn outside in the street is real determination to do with what you have got. The last time and only times i have hoisted the engine out of my cars i always use the cummel attached to the rafters in my dads garage. Have you actually taken the engine out or just dropped it down - still a mighty feat to do on yer own! You should have made a youtube video ive not seen anything quite like that on a driveway lol You could have made a few quid - I reckon a million views in 5 mins lol @Albert27 Thanfully i have all my dads tools he saved over 50 years they may be old but i find the older stuff lasts longer than new Silverline and other cheap brands - sometimes its better to spend a bit - Have you ever bought those mole grips in Poundland? - bent on first use and snips with no edge on em, screwdrivers that snap off the plastic handle lol I must take a picture of my dads ramps he must have nicked them from a professional garage no idea where he got them but they look like monsters compared to anything on sale and in those pics - It literally needs two people to lift one of them.
  12. Nikstryker

    Connecting up heated seats.

    So is mine - i didnt check it mea culpa! Pardon my ignorance but whats a MK7.5 I have a 2014 but its a MK7? I havent had this Fiesta for long - my other car is a Bugatti Veyron.
  13. Nikstryker

    Connecting up heated seats.

    Did you checlk other forums - its apparently a bit of a pain cos the plug you are looking for aint there - you have to jerry rig it yourself! Nice seats but not as buckety as the Streetka's you slip into them like a glove!
  14. Nikstryker

    Keyless security

    No thats good info - I know its been around a while there was one featured on that tv prog CRMINALS CAUGHT ON CAMERA nicking some rich blokes Bling top of the range Beemer that apparently couldntbe hacked lol Whoever thought one of these would be the ultimate in car security! lol Although i prefer the clamp!