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  1. Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    Lol true that why i do everything myself since i was 18 years of age i have only used a garage a handful of times and every time they ripped me off and did a substandard job. It got so bad i nearly ended up assaulting the manager when i had to return my Opel Manta GT/J four times and it still wasnt fixed and he poo poo;d me and tried to lie his way out of having replaced just about every electrical circuit and part to fix a fault that cost my poor old mum more than the car was worth!!! She went down and paid the bill secretly because she was so worried I was gonna do the guy in! Another local independant who used to be a really good garage until he got too big for his boots even crushed the valance on my dutton phaeton s3 by driving it up a steep ramp and expected me not to notice the 10 inch crack and all the paint missing. Actually told me it was there already - disgraceful! Took my Lotus to the main Glasgow Lotus dealership and they gave up and said they couldnt find the fault - took it to my mate John and he fixed it within the week! Unless its Gearbox i would do every other job myself but then my old man made it that way as we have our own 4 car garage with inspection pit and ramps and more tools than a main dealership - Even got a pc on one of the workbenches networked up to the house! My dad was a great man he built his first garage when he was 17 and he didnt even have a car at the time.
  2. Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    Yes England seems to have very high prices for everything i presume you live in the South? £525 for a reconditioned box that probably isnt reconditioned the problem is there are so many dishonest garages out there thats why most of the guys on here do their own work as they can be sure the work is done right - even garages like Evans Halshaw and Arnold Clark are dire - my mate works for Arnold Clarke and the things they get up to with customers cars is a complete disgrace - Ive told him to take one of my hidden spycams and film for a day it would be a sensation on youtube if customers actually see what they get up to from putting cheap oil in the cars that dont ven match the xx/xxw spec to not changing it all during servicing - thats why you shoukld always do the old tippex test! Clutches etc you can buy yourself and have delivered to the garage so they cant rip you off on the parts remember! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-MK6-FORD-FIESTA-ST-1999cc-Petrol-5-Speed-Manual-Gearbox/253507256078?epid=1909854001&hash=item3b0635bf0e:g:tWYAAOSwz7Nad0OD I guess its all about how much you want to save money but if you are minted like you say you are then people will just pay it and not bother about the cost. When you are skint or like most folks i know you will try and save any penny!
  3. Dash cam recommendations

    F800 has parking mode and I think it has low voltage cutoff. Problem with parking mode is it drains your battery if you want to leave it at the airport while you go on holiday etc and if you have a dudd battery on its way out its even worse. My mate uses his connected to a spare battery under the passenger seat. Did you consider smartphone or Cheap sj4000? - night time vision can be excellent , parking mode would be a doddle and best of all it can be free or cheap as £3 plus a screen mount? In Scotland we like it free lol so I can apprecaite your needs vs costs lol A second hand cheap 16 megapixel smartphone with a lens addon to give a wider field width and mount can be way better than any dashcam on the market in terms of night vision, resolution and capacity with sdcards up to 128gb and best of all the draw from your usb is very very small compared to dashcams - you can also take it out of your car if you have a crash to video potholes and damage and evidence from the other driver - it can also be plugged into your pc to download the footage easier - there are so many more advantages to a smartphone as it has gps positioning can measure your speed and you can also use it as an OBD diagnostics live with Torque and an obd module plugged in while you drive - no dashcam can do what your smartphone can.
  4. https://topscantool.com/understand-diagnostics-car.html https://topscantool.com/how-to-use-a-obd2-scanner.html
  5. https://topscantool.com/modify-mscan-elm327-using-forscan.html https://yuchormanski.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/how-to-access-ms-can-bus-using-forscan-v2-and-modified-elm327/
  6. My current problem🙄

    PS If you are good with electronics then why pay £16 I made my own using a £3 elm327 but then I am a bight of a tight-ar$e! https://topscantool.com/modify-mscan-elm327-using-forscan.html
  7. My current problem🙄

    Yeah but its always out of stock Luke! It also presumes the user has a laptop or Tablet or smartphone that can run OTG although I have never tried it on either so no idea if it would work! You also need to install Silicon labs drivers - for newbies this can be a bit of a palaver and can get a bit hairy thats why a handheld is just plug and not pray! lol http://scantoolcenter.com/obd2-scanners/vgate-scan-tool-maxiscan-vs890-obd2-code-reader-diagnostic-tool-review/
  8. Anyone else had this problem

    Nope sounds like you need to try another garage who know what customer service is thats shocking! I dont take prisosoners when it comes to customer service - Brits are so polite. Why didnt you say "well in that case as a customer of yours for the last 10 years you will receive no more of my business and i will tell all of my friends , family and customers never to use your services again and i am going to post this disgraceful level of service on twiter, facebook and youtube and with over 5000 followers your garage is going to get some seriously bad customer feedback" then say what they say. Manipulation dude its what you need to get good customer service these days! If they tell you to bog off then you know never to use em again! I believe in England they call it nouse or being crafty - in Scotland we call it being canny! lol
  9. Dash cam recommendations

    I use my GOPRO and an Android phone running dashcam software and Windows phone - cheap and cheerful. One of the tastiest ones is the Thinkware F800 pro! Just check the threads out on here most of the questions people post have already been answered by some of the real experts like Iantt, Stef123, tdci-peter and others who some of are actual real working mechanics or retired.
  10. My current problem🙄

    Best to buy a handheld and a bluetooth version and use Torque app with a Error Code lookup table its the best on the market and only £2.49. Everyone should have an obd reader in their glovebox! OBD800 handheld unit is pretty good! The smartphone bluetooth versions are harder for beginners to use - even setting up the bluetooth can be a nightmare! I can highly recommend the new one the VS890 https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Universal-All-Car-Fault-Reader-Code-Scanner-Diagnostic-Tool-Obd2-Can-Reset-Tools/17014014187?iid=182484585045&_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D43781%26meid%3Dd12a1def7aa04143a065a03ad515ee04%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D142564543028%26itm%3D182484585045&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  11. Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    The thing is this - when anyone garages etc give you a cost of £1000 that just makes me laugh - now if they had given you a bill of £975.53 that sounds feasible but when mr con man picks a nice round figure out of the air thats not professional nor does it reflect well on the person who is giving you the quote - "yeah mate a nice round grand". Nah not having it! I have to admit the only work ive ever done on gearboxes was my Dutton Phaeton s3 kit car - i could get the engine and gearbox out in my sleep 15 mins tops with my dads help and thatS the only time i ever worked on a gearbox 1600xflow engines are lovely so simple no electronics just a big metal lump so i am no expert on gearboxes but i know for fact i could get a Fiesta gearbox for £250 and have my mate John in East Kilbride fit it for max £300 and he is very expensive but is probably the only Garage i have found in 40 years that does a proper job for the money - Barrack street up in the Barras would probably charge £200 to fit so max £450 - £1000 is mad dude, did you not google first - doesnt matter what i buy or repair these days i always use google and youtube etc for hints and tips - no one is an expert there are so many things to learn but the one thing I have learned over 40 years car mechanics - I started with my dad removing a wheel when I wur 7 years old lol and thats 99% OF GARAGES AND MOST TRADESMAN SADLY ARE A COMPLETE RIPOFF IN THIS COUNTRY!!! I feel for ya dude its maddening to know they ripped you off after the fact - THE LESSON HAS BEEN LEARNED I THINK - TRUST-NO1.
  12. Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    The gearstick linkage connector snapped when you were midway between 3rd and 4th leaving the car in neutral - just a guess! Probably got ripped off to the tune of £950 - Trust no garages is my motto!
  13. 01. Put your car key. (do not turn the ignition) 02. Hold the trip meter reset button. 03. Turn the key to the "On" position. 04. After 10-15 seconds the display will show TEST mode then the gauges will do a full sweep. 05. Start the engine after you release the trip meter button. 06. Then you can check one by one the status by pressing the button. Code Meanings:- gAgE – gauge test (needle sweep) LCD segments test LEd – indicator tests (all on, individual on) r – instrument cluster firmware version details Er – instrument cluster firmware version details E – instrument cluster firmware version details r – instrument cluster firmware version details dt, none – DTC codes SP MPH – vehicle speed in MPH SP MPH – vehicle speed in km/h 590028 tA – engine speed t90020 od – odometer roll count F – fuel level sensor signal F9 FL – fuel level sensor signal in HEX FP 15 C – probably ambient temperature bt – battery voltage dtE – distance to empty fuel tank rAF – probably average fuel consumption A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 – readouts from analog sensors P01, P02, P03, P04, P05, P10, P11, P13, P19, P20
  14. Brakes - a few questions

    Getting the wheels off first will be your biggest hurdle lol Mine were stuck tight but i found a good tip on youtube - if you put a large wooden door wedge under the tyre then drop the ramp it bends the wheel and pops it off! Discs and pads are probably the easiest job you can do and was probably one of the first I ever learned to do with my dad and probably the first any beginner should try. I got a new set of front pads on amazon for my Fiesta mk7 - £11.25 and fitted em myself - Halfrauds or Kwik-Ripoff will want £150. Copper grease. Car jack. Wheelbrace. Socket set. Hanger straps for holding the caliper out of the way. Bleeding kit (piece of rubber pipe and a 500ml Dr Pepper plastic bottle (my preference lol)) Bleed screw removal tool (or pair of mole grips). Caliper piston wind in tool (i use an old pair of woodworking clamps with plastic end pieces £1.99 on Amazon). Just use your hands to feel if there are any grooves in the disc and measure the width with a vernier caliper if you need to - once the wheel is off you will soon notice if the discs are nasty. Rotating them and watching for wobble will also tell you if they are heat warped! Most stuff you can do for free and with improvised tools as i used to do with my dad when we were skint (part of the reason we learned how to fix our own cars) but a good socket set is essential! There is a good vid of the whole thing on Youtube - Youtuibe is deffo your friend for all manner of repairs> Checkout CHRISFIX, ERICTHECARGUY OR SCOTTY KILMER they are my faves on Youtube!
  15. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Well it did for me it even identified which lambda sensor of the two it was - besides I am an electronics and computer engineer so can test all these things as I have oscilloscopes, tdr's and all sorts of gizmos in my workshop - even got a pc in my garage lol and the handheld device and bluetooth gave extra info that allowed me to be 99% sure it was the lambda p1. If you check out my pictures (they show the lambda p1 fault) the giveaway is the O2S 11 and Shrtft 11 live outputs! Stick a handheld oscilloscope (you can get em off amazon for £50 now) and you can check the lambda output waveform and its obvious then! I know what yer saying though for beginners it might not give the exact problem but what im saying is it arms you with info should you want to take it to a garage. If a woman comes into your garage and says she has used her obd tester and thinks its the primary exhaust manifold lambda sensor I am sure most mechanics would be shocked and would be less likely to try and hoodwink the lady - I know my girlfriend has used my advice on many occasions and avoided being treated like the "silly young female".