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  1. Hey all, Does anyone know if a steering angle sensor would cause limp mode if faulty? Car keeps randomly going into limp mode and code for steering angle sensor circuit failure is being shown. Thanks, Andy.
  2. I have a Ford Focus 2008 2.0 TDCI. I have been having problems with the car going into limp mode every other day and the engine management light coming on. I have had various past fault codes relating to my DPF which I have had removed and deleted from the ECU and also for glow plugs which I have had changed. I have also had Steering Angle Sensor Circuit Failure come up for a while. Limp mode clears after I restart the engine but the engine light is still on. If I drive without going over 3000rpm or going over 50mph I can drive it but as soon as i go up to or over 3000rpm it goes into limpmode. Or it will just randomly happen from time to time. Would the Steering angle sensor cause the car too go into limp mode and should I replace the sensor? I have had a Ford Diagnostics and they could only told me what I already knew and did not come up with a solution. Thanks Andy.