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  1. Hi there ! Well its general driving, potholes (plenty!), road bumps, the usual stuff on a daily commute on Britain's well maintained roads...There seems no particular way of making it worse or better. They checked top mounts and even replaced the drop links as a matter of course almost. That's what makes this an odd one, they put car on MOT ramp and joggled, pushed and generally did all they could and came up with nothing. They're good guys too, not a back street bodge shop. Shocks have been mentioned but I've never heard a set of shocks make this noise ! lol ..
  2. The cars got a quite hefty clunk or knock from front end. Its just had a new clutch so whilst in the garage I asked them to fix the noise. They can't find it ! They've tried all the bushes, linkages, etc, everything seems to be order but yet I still have this heavy clunky noise. My gut feeling is that its not directly connected suspension, could be wrong ! So what else could it be ??
  3. Sorry if this is an old question.... Both headlights seems to be stuck pointing down and adjuster roller in car does nothing. I'm assuming that its not the headlamp motors themselves as its both, does the roller switch have a common problem ?? Thanks :¬)