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  1. You can actually buy the o rings seperate for these if the plug is not damaged. Here
  2. Ford Etis says 4 years or 36,000 miles.
  3. Well it looks like you replace the whole bulb unit when the bulb goes. It's a sealed unit and apart from taking a hacksaw to it it bulb holder doesn't come out of housing . Think the Mk5 Mondeo has a similar , chuck away assy. Here are some pics though.
  4. Simon, Yes wil do next time i`m in workshop. Looking at it breifely I couldnt see how the bulb holder came out from connector side. Thought it would too ??
  5. They are actually just amber 501 bulbs fitted in there. The holder is all part of a sealed assy though so don`t know how you`d get it in ? Dont know if that helps or not.
  6. Had mine in for its first MOT test a few weeks back and got an advisory on the rear brake discs. The car had only done 10,000 miles. As it was still under the three year warranty I contacted my local Ford dealer who said that they would be replaced under warranty. Luckily I had had the foresight to put it in a week or so early for its test or I would have had to fork out for the discs and pads. Here are what I priced online, see below.
  7. Check the contents of the sync my ride folder. Mine is in there.
  8. I noted that way back when i fitted mine. Always thought there was not enough range down the middle on full beam. I guess i just got used to it.
  9. That`s great Ian. Did it generate the XML file required to upload back to ford update site ?
  10. Mines started update after a few minutes of being plugged in. After about an hour I almost gave up but let it run. The engine stopped during this time but I restarted and disabled auto start/stop. Another hour gone by still never said update complete so gave up shut car off locked up and left overnight. The usb stick was left in place. On starting up the following morning the unit said system updating and almost immediately after said update complete. You can now remove usb. That was it. On checking. F9 maps installed and gracenotes showing version...also the file saved on stick to upload on Ford site to verify update. Did yours produce the update file ? Might be worth trying a key recycle with the usb in place again.
  11. Mines updated to version F9 Maps but still shows the same Gracenote ver (EU-0010) as before.
  12. Just managed to download and install map version 9 from official Ford download page. if anyone wants latest map version. Its a big file so needs time to download , unzip and install. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/
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    Just back from time away. All seems ok now.
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    PC checked and clean. Only happening on this site.