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  1. Maybe you were looking at an Ecosport. Not an Edge ?
  2. Have you restarted the system eg locked car wait till dash goes completely off then unlock , enter car and check after boot up.
  3. It should come up on screen that its updated successfully and say safe to remove USB.
  4. Anyone on here got the new Ford Edge. Was just wondering if there is any modification to the rear door / rear wheel arch seal. The amount of road grit and dirt along the inside of door bottoms and the actual seal where it fits onto arch is unreal and a very poor design by Ford. Anyone ?
  5. My dealer said he couldn't get the clutch off so had to remove complete AC pump and do it on bench. No way that one was falling off !
  6. Anyone like to share their rear reversing camera view on here. Recently mines is showing a large section of the tailgate( the white section along bottom of screen). Pretty certain that wasn't there previously. Thanks in advance.
  7. So is this update not Fords attempt to give us the GB5T-14G386-AB.TAR.GZ on a separate download so as we can generate the log file to upload back to Ford site. ?
  8. Thanks for reply but still does not answer my question on what I need to do with my download files to get it to update and create a log file. Sorry if i`m being a bit slow today but just need a wee hand.. Thanks.
  9. Simon I`m getting the same error when i try to install update . On my Stick is the Sync my Ride Folder containing one cab file and one GZ file. Also on my stick is huge install LST file like yours.. Can you clarify what i need to do to get this to run,
  10. Yes I updated to F8 version a few weeks back and on checking today it says my maps are updated to latest version. It appears it just takes time to update the site.
  11. Yes we are already on Maps F8 Read this . Here
  12. Couldn`t agree more Simon. These are £40,000 + vehicles and we shouldn`t need to mess about like this getting so called updates.
  13. Tried the update and same here Simon. No log file either again and update went so quick could hardly see what happened. ??
  14. Simon i`m in exactly same position with mine. No log file last time either. Went on Ford site today and was needing another update same as yours . This time its only 1 file JR3T-14G423-AB.tar in Sync My Ride folder and an autoinstall LST file that appears after unzipping. No DONTINDX.MSA file this time. Gonna try updating anyway and see what happens. I have been checking for updates over wifi but it never seems to get anywhere but maybe it has.
  15. Can't say i've heard any fans running on mine and yes they do run permanently as soon as you turn the lights on.