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  1. eddiek

    Headlight bulbs

    Have a read at Hamsters post on here.
  2. eddiek

    Edge ST Line or Vignale

    Don`t forget about the higher road fund licence on Vignale.
  3. eddiek

    Sync 3 update

    Wouldn`t it make life much easier if it would update over our home WIFI connection. Has that issue ever been fixed in update? I have not tried WIFI update again since the system update. I should check and hopefully does work now. ??
  4. eddiek

    Tailgate will not open warm weather

    Hmm ! noticed mines is the same, (tighter gap at o/side) not had it stick yet. What ever happened to quality control ? For a £40,000 + car it`s not good enough. My Last Kuga was same tailgate and o/side rear door not aligned properly.
  5. eddiek

    Sync 3 update

    Mines was formatted exFat and 16Gb stick. First time I left it for at least an hour, it said updating system but never got to the final screen. At that point i had to reset to factory settings to clear the updating message. Second attempt it went black after ten minutes but didn't update. Third time i got your system is updated banner. Phew !
  6. eddiek

    Sync 3 update

    Build date 19-01-2017. It updated on 3rd attempt in about ten minutes. Cant see much difference so far?? Maps still same version.
  7. eddiek

    Sync 3 update

    here Just entered my VIN into above site and it found an update available for my sync 3. Downloaded it and will try install over the weekend.
  8. eddiek

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    I`ve replaced the full set of halogen bulbs to LED and all working fine. Is your bulb holder connector lining up ok and fully connected when turning LED in all the way ? Found one of mine a bit tight .
  9. eddiek

    Pre-Collision without Active Cruise Control

    Mines listed the same as yours ..... Engine: 2.0L DOHC CR DSL 230PS MID ??
  10. Hi,  I`m new to the Edge Sport as i`ve just upgraded from Kuga Tit X Sport i`ve run for 3.5 years.  Great car.  My question is as i`m upgrading existing lighting to LED bulbs and read your post a few times  you say that the fog lights just pull out from front ? Any tips on getting them started as i hate it when you break a clip or fixing.  Thanks 


  11. eddiek

    Rear seats

    Just collecting mine tomorrow. I had a trial run in it and noticed if you press and hold button the seat will fold forward.