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  1. eddiek

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    Cheers for info. Have downloaded files, unzipped and transferred to usb stick. Will do update at weekend. No problems downloading from Ford site this time.
  2. eddiek


    Looks like yours has started dismantling by itself H. Mines goes in to dealer tomorrow for AC Clutch/Pulley recall.
  3. eddiek


    Mines was waiting when i got home at lunch time today. 😏
  4. eddiek


    Mine says 230 PS on ETIS too, It`s going in to dealer to get AC Pulley on Wednesday. I didn`t get letter but picked it up on ETIS site and informed the dealer last year. Been waiting on parts up till now.
  5. eddiek

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    From memory the maps were on stick one . Download from here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UlkJ_InwZWUPpiJfjHxkF3TuXza6NzIo
  6. eddiek

    Whooshing Sound from Rear N/S?

    Mines has heated rear seat but no noise, Only noise I hear from rear is the fans in heater vents to the rear. I was under the impression it is only the front seats that have the fans for the cooling , climate control. controlled from the two blue seat switches, next to the red (heated seats ) switches. Not used this feature tho so don`t know what happens when you flick those blue ones.
  7. eddiek

    Ford Recall

    Still waiting on dealer phoning re parts . Good job were not off the road.
  8. eddiek

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Yes it would be a pain but only done it as an experiment. Think now i`ll line the same box, including the lid with the tin foil and see what that does to the radio signal.
  9. eddiek

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Update to above, I gave it a try and the metal box on its own didn`t shield the radio signal. Step 2, wrapped key in tin foil and then placed in metal box, Result. Walked right up to car and it couldn`t detect key.
  10. eddiek

    Ford Recall

    I noticed there was one for mine for AC pulley while I was checking something on Ford Etis site. Phoned my dealer who confirmed and said he would order parts and phone with a date for fitting. Nothing so far...
  11. eddiek

    Towing (and a small issue)

    The old style ball couplings were normally greased. But keep it covered when not in use.
  12. eddiek

    Ebay LED

    See here
  13. eddiek

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Mines fine no flashing oncoming light. Auto dip feature is working fine. Sometimes think I need a bit more long range but might just be me. Alltogether tho a much whiter light and very happy ..😎😀
  14. eddiek

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Aye a metal box is fine, and don't forget about your spare key fobs.
  15. eddiek

    Two new very minor snags

    Have a look here re speed cameras.