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    Battery Poles Reversed --> Car Dead

    Thanks for the inputs. I will try that.
  2. Hi, (excuse English mistakes as it is not my native language) I am looking for help, before I decide to probably scrap my car. I have a 2005 Ford Mondeo TDCI. Battery was dead and the auto shop did not have the exact battery, but close to it (in size and power). Dumb me did not realize that the poles were reversed from what I need and I hooked it up with the wrong polarity. The alternator started smoking quite badly before I realized what was going on (it was dark). Now car appears to be dead, even with correct battery. Fuses appear to be good, but the only light I get on the dashboard is the yellow airbag light + the little red light in the clock is blinking. No dome lights or anything will come on. 1. What could be the issues ? ECU/ Alternator ...? 2. Cost to fix? I asked a mechanic here and he basically told me to scrap it, if you count mechanics cost against cars worth. Thanks for your help - Dynamo