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  1. yozz3r

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi @Bannko Thanks for the info that's really helpful . I would think that there's a lot of people who would not know to look for that when buying the Kuga. Y.
  2. yozz3r

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi all, New member, currently own a Focus CMAX 2004 and am going to buy a Kuga. Concerning that Ford do not sell this as a reasonably priced aftermarket offer form a dealer or such... So, I am sort of tech-savvy and have some experience with ELM. Was wondering if anyone has tried this with an OBDLink MX and Forscan yet? I'm also wondering how i identify the 8" unit as having the sat nav capability (although locked). I have seen the pic a few pages back and just wanted to understand what to press if i'm in the car as a prospective buyer. I am right in thinking it is the Information button on the top right and the presence of an SD car slot? I would very much like the instructions please @Bannko. It will be a few months until I have bought the car, but will keep you guys updated. Regards Y.