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  1. How are you fiding the Kuga compared to the Edge? Ride & Comfort, room?
  2. Got mine changed at the weekend. All working as should again.
  3. If there is a problem with the AWD it come up with 'AWD Off' on dash.
  4. Sometimes in fast mode mine can tip the near side pillar, as above will get the garage to check it out at next service which is coming round fast.
  5. Just book it in for a safety check not a service, and that should give you the 12 months roadside assitance.
  6. How does it work or what does it do?
  7. Thanks, This is the key fob we have, 2017 Edge with remote start.
  8. If the battery runs completly flat away from home can yo use the key inside the fob to get the car running?
  9. I suppose you could answer a lot of questions on the forum with that reply!
  10. Key fob is showing low battery on dash board. Is it easy to change or is it a dealer job? What type of battery is it?
  11. What was the trade like for your old one? Mine is 3 years in May 2020 and has now 50,000 on the clock. I do wonder wether to trade now for a new one or wait a couple of years and buy a low milage 2nd hand one.
  12. Fergieman

    Rear discs

    Just fitted new pads all round on my Edge. 41,000miles on original pads and the discs are still oK.
  13. Fergieman

    RIP Edge

    What is the problem? Lack of sales?
  14. Havn't seen a new Edge in the flesh yet, but the price has shot up! Titanium is only 2wd, all the others are AWD but over £40,000 which puts them in the higher tax band. All auto boxes now with a 10 speed auto box.
  15. Just had my 36,000 mile service and they say there is still 3,000 miles left on them. All still original.