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  1. Fergieman

    AWD turns off

    I have this also. It says on the dash 'AWD is off' or 'AWD disenaged' Not happened since last winter.
  2. Fergieman

    My Car Impression After 25 Months Of Ownership/Use

    Good write up. Had our edge 18 months and it has done 32,000 miles and the only problem we have encountered is AWD is off light on dash and Awd stops working. Only happens when you really need it and dosn't happen all the time. Garage hasn't been able to explain or fix as yet. Other than that great car, very comfy and loads of room for all passengers. Does eat tyres though, but this is maybe the same for all SUV's due to the extra weight.
  3. Fergieman


    Just put a set of 4 General Grabber GT on my edge.
  4. Fergieman

    Do I buy Edge

    20,000 miles in 12 months in ours and none of the problems listed above. Great car.
  5. Fergieman


    I once went through a long section of roadworks on the A1M heading south, reset the counter at the start and set cruise control to 50mph and at the end of the roadworks it was showing 74mpg.
  6. Fergieman

    Edge sales figures?

    Any official figures as to how the Edge sales are going? There seems to be a few more runnng around our local area now which is good to see.
  7. Fergieman

    Got my new Edge

    Just had the 18,000 miles service and its going very well and still impressed with it.
  8. Fergieman

    first time towing in the edge

  9. Fergieman

    Change oil soon plus check oil low warning..

    The change oil soon light is on ours now but it has 17,500 miles on it, never had the low oil light (and I do check oil but has never used any!)
  10. Fergieman

    Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    Dealer fitted towbar on my Edge and as above they said it was an easy fit. 13pin plug is also low down and hidden underneath.
  11. Fergieman

    AWD is Off

    Had it twice on the Left hand dash saying AWD is off Press OK. Saturday past was in the snow so wasn't the best driving home in 2WD. What causes this and how do you stop it or reset it. Stopped the car and restarted but was the same. After sitting at home for a while its OK again.
  12. Fergieman

    Tailgate malfunction

    My Edge has started periodicly not closing the tailgate properly which leaves the interior light on and you can end up with a flat battery. It is worse if not parked on dead level ground. Going into dealers for 2nd time on Monday. 1st time worked all OK in their garage and they adjusted some stops.