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  5. :(

    A simple miss type of an 8 rather than a 7 can soon kick up a fuss. i was told it was a mk 7 but who knows? And my car is sorted now Thanks. Decided to get the fogs, grille and diffuser sprayed black and i personally think it looks great. I will put up some pics of it crashed and how it looks now, may take a couple of days as i can not find my phone usb cable. =)
  6. :(

    Crashed my white mk 8 into a lamp post today, not good at all. Ford say £1500 to fix i was lucky as it had only smashed my front bumper and grill but still its something you do not need at this time of year. No one to blame but my self though, apart from the f*****g ice :@
  7. foam lance

    OK thanks my local dealer is dropping my car off in an hour, just had the spoiler fitted, last of the kit 2 go on. hopefully they have done a better job than they did on the skirts :/
  8. Whar are Ford doing about this?

    i had a 58 plate mk 6 fiesta zetec blue and it has the same noise in reverse, it was mainly when i started the car and put it in reverse, when i spoke to ford about it they said once u start the car, wait, then put it in gear, do not try and rush it. So now i get in and start it then do my seatbelt and shizz then put it in reverse and its fine. However i still get the odd time when it slips out and that get the cringing grinding noise and everyone turns and looks. ha
  9. metal pedals

    Think its 150 with ford, i got them free with the deal :) however i had a mk6 fiesta and it cost me £200 for all 4 windows, back at 90% and front at 30% and that was alot darker than fords privacy glass, just so you know it is illegal to have tints in the front with our licence.. not 100% sure but i think fords privacy glass is not a stick on film.
  10. foam lance

    I use Dodo Juice Light Fantastic- Only used it the once as i only got it the other day but i have the full kit now foam lance - on its way snow foam- on its way red mist light fantastic uber blue drying towel foam mitts and other mitts and shizz So with this wax your saying its best to reapply every three weeks, but before doing so wash with Megs All Purpose Cleaner?
  11. foam lance

    its on its way along with snow foam 5l will washing the car not take the wax off? will i need a speical product for this?
  12. foam lance

    If anyone has the snow foam lance could they please tell me what they use to get the best out come
  13. Changes to the fez

    im 18 and have a white zetec i have the full dress up kit, changed the lights inside, scuff plates, tints, and black and red overlay looks dashing :)
  14. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    thanks, ill put up some pictures when I'm done
  15. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Can anyone help? i only got my zetec last Monday but when i cleaned my 58 plate zetec i use to wash it then dry with a leather and that was it never really bothered with it but now i have the mk7 zetec in white I'm trying to put the effort in i have just ordered the dodo juice diamond white and born 2 be mild and a drying towel But as i have never waxed a car before I'm just looking for some tips, do you polish as well do i need this lime lite you seem to talk about? please help:D