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  1. Wipers not working properly

    Yes and hopefully it may help another person with the same problem:-) regards Andy
  2. Wipers not working properly

    Update. I checked the fuse box and wiring, nothing obvious and everything dry. All fuses ok. Removed the wipers and stripped the trim off to get to the wiper motor. Checked motor all appeared in order and loom seemed ok. Checked the pins for voltage while operating the wipers. All seemed in order and power at pin 2. Squirted some electrical cleaner into DIN plug and connector on the wiper motor. Reconnected and wipers started working as expected. Not sure how exactly this fixed it and whether it will last, but at least it sorts it for now! regards Andy
  3. Wipers not working properly

    Cheers for the info. My 2nd bout as well and I have had an ear infection, pretty much falling apart! Not going to look till Saturday as need to get better as working outside :-(
  4. Wipers not working properly

    Update. I have tested all the fuses and they are OK, as it seems the wipers are fused to positions 1 and 5 in the glovebox. I have connected the new wiper stalk and no difference. I am going to look at the wiper motor next, is access easy and how will I identify pin 2? I have found a similar problem with a Focus and it shows corroded pins in the GEM module. Is this the same as the BCM in a Fiesta and if it is, how easy is it to access the BCM in my Fiesta? sorry for slow update but been ill with manflu regards Andy
  5. Wipers not working properly

    I have purchased a replacement wiper stalk to fit next Saturday, once i check the supply at pin 2 as i assume I won’t get a reading, otherwise the wipers would work! I have disconnected the battery for 1 hour but no difference. If the wiper stalk doesn’t sort it then it looks like the BCM. I will update next week Andy
  6. Wipers not working properly

    Cheers i will try this and post my results. I am hoping it is something simple like a poor connection. Weird how there is some functionality though!
  7. Wipers not working properly

    Is this possibly an ECU issue and it gas become confused by the auto wipers being turned on? if I disconnect the battery would it effectively reboot the car? Any advice welcome. Thanks Andy
  8. Hi, I would appreciate some advice as having searched the forum archive I cannot find the same issue I have. I have a 2014 Fiesta Titanium with rain sensing wipers. The operating stalk if flicked down should cause the wipers to operate once. Except they don’t. If you move the stalk to intermittent they work fine. If you move to normal the wipers don’t work, but they will work on max speed. If you press the end of the stalk the wipers will wipe the screen a few times then stop. I have turned the auto wipe function off, as i thought this may be the problem but no difference. On or off my normal wiper function doesn’t work. Any ideas please? thanks Andy
  9. Hello

    Hi, just wanted to say hello before I ask a few questions to get the best from my Fiesta. I have had Escorts, Mondeo and Fiestas over the years, with my Fiesta Titanium the nicest to date. Looking to keep for a frw years, so good idea to join the club! All the best. Andy