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  1. If you're holding the car on a hill or in traffic, knock it into neutral
  2. Got to get with the times I'm afraid, I love them. Correct that you only get them on Adaptive LED Headlamps (Standard on ST Models) basic LED Headlamps (Standard Vignale) retain indicator bulbs
  3. That's why you should always buy a bluefin so you can take it back off as easily as put it back on. Ask the people who remapped it for you if they can come and put it back to standard whilst you have the warranty work done. On engine fails, the first thing they look for is remapped ECUs
  4. Tell us the exact spec of your car and we'll tell you
  5. Have you got Nav? Models without nav got the lower spec cluster I believe
  6. Yes, you need to reset the warning lights (after reading what the codes were for) then if the light comes back on again you still have a fault somewhere else
  7. DaveT70


    It's tension, that's why it's recommended to change by both mileage or age. If it was rotations, they would just recommend mileage
  8. DaveT70


    It doesn't matter how many times the engine rotates over the 10yr period, it's still under the same tension. Get it changed
  9. DaveT70


    Is it a Diesel? Sounds like you switched off whilst the car was running DPF regen
  10. My first port of call would be back to the dealer to get it changed again, as the issue occurred whilst you were under warranty it may still be covered. If the dealer says no, before you commit to buying a new horn again, contact Ford customer services and see if they will give you any support.
  11. Not my Titanium, no. Mine is a 2019 built in 2018
  12. I am planning to go to Ford and find out what these LED H7s are that are in the current Fiesta and now (it seems) Focus and find out if they are backwards compatible. If they are I shall order a couple of sets. It should simply be a matter of changing the bulbs (I hope)
  13. So it looks like Ford has done to the Focus what it has done to the Fiesta, that is to replace the Halogen H7 in the dipped headlights with an LED H7. That means you should easily be able to upgrade to a decent H7 LED without having to buy Chinese junk that flashes or blinds people.
  14. On MK3.5 Titaniums up to 2017MY (Sync 2 models) you only got LED DRLs if you ordered the car with the appearance pack, which gave you LED DRLs, LED Tail Lamps, Rear Privacy Glass and 17" Alloys. From 2017 MY (Sync 3 Models) you gained the LED DRLs and Rear Lamps plus keyless entry
  15. Why not go for the Titanium X?