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  1. You wouldn't "drop" a years salary on a new Focus because: 1: You never pay for a new car in cash, unless you're daft 2: Finance gives you marketing support (deposit allowances etc) so you end up with about 30-40% off (if you know what you're doing) 3: At the end of the agreement you can have another new one for less per month sometimes 4: The £10,000 used car could've been on it's roof I never look at the list price or even final purchase price when I buy a new car, just the monthly payment
  2. Is anybody having issues with Carplay on their MK4? Mine is disconnecting itself after 2-5 minutes. I purchased a new lead, checked for a "fluffy hole" on the iPhone and even tried the Mrs' iPhone in and it's still doing it.
  3. Years of old grease and gunk can seize them up. Spray some cleaner in the latch and work it a few times and them some WD40 and see if it works
  4. Then you can also switch on cross traffic alert as well, as this uses the BLIS sensors.
  5. BLIS may require the circuits overlaying into the cabin harness and the door harnesses (for the mirror illumination). The cabin harness may have the connections present and taped back depending on how high a level vehicle you ordered. (rear camera and B&O play etc) if you remove the rear bumper they will be below the tail lights on corner of the rear quarters. Same as above for door harnesses. You can change the entire mirror unit for BLIS ones or add the wiring for the warning illumination and buy new Mirror glasses. You will need to purchase 2x rear sensors that go underneath the bumper. Then it's a matter of getting it switched on in Forscan.
  6. I know, but MK4 is through instrument cluster
  7. Re-set oil life is done in the instrument cluster settings menu.
  8. As your car is heavily out of warranty, I would say that the original engine went bang and that one is probably second hand from a write off
  9. AFAIK ALL Estates have multi-link rear end. Sound proofing HAS been costed out Diesels (especially the 1.5) are noisey, Petrols are quite quiet
  10. Doesn't work I'm afraid, tried it
  11. Sounds like a CAN issue to me, probably not in the instrument cluster though, maybe the BCM. These cars a renowned for leaking water from the HVAC onto the BCM, corroding the circuits. Our 10 plate Focus died over the same reason. Take the BCM out and check for any corrosion around any of the pins before you start spending any more money, disconnect battery first