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  1. LED DRLs at front only during daylight. Headlamps (Low Beam), dimmed DRLs at front and rear lamps at night
  2. Swich off wi-fi altogether and update the system following the directions on the Ford UK site
  3. Contact Ford customer relations and reject the car, not fit for purpose
  4. Plus most Focus 4s give no access to the APIM on Forscan for you to activate it yourself. So even after you've hard wired it, you won't be able to activate it easily. Just search for one that has all the optional extras you really want (there's loads about) otherwise you'll be disappointed.
  5. Just a quick note. I think it's time to change the photo on the threads because loads of people are going to be coming on with the new Puma soon. Including me, possibly
  6. The handbook should tell you then
  7. That just sounds like they're cheap rubbish bulbs (faulty)
  8. Is it a 1.5 or a 2.0 Ecoblue? 1.5 does not have adblue
  9. It doesn't show you on the selector what you have selected like the old autos (sliding red bar) but the selector should be lit up Shows what you have selected in the instrument cluster
  10. As above, just keep the fluid clean and it'll go forever
  11. It will only lock the window lift buttons on the rear doors, the driver's control will still work. These are just reflectors, no bulbs
  12. You'll be very surprised what an engine earth strap does to the responsiveness of the engine and easing of start up. When I owned these cars from new, I noticed there was no earth strap fitted to the engines, anywhere. I don't know where the engine get's it's earth from to run, but it's just enough. Just. Obviously Ford's TVM dept. had costed them out. On each of these cars I owned (MK1 & 2 Focus's and 2x MK6 Fiesta STs) I fitted an earth strap from the engine lifting eye bolt on the rear of the cylinder head to the body. Start up speed and throttle responsiveness is much improved once fitted.
  13. Is it a MK3 or MK4? MK3 doesn't have auto high beam. MK4 only has it if you have driver's assistance pack
  14. The only true way to work out MPG is to fill the tank to the brim, drive around as normal for about 100 miles, fill the tank back to the brim and calculate Fuel computers are very inaccurate
  15. Search for Forscan and download latest software (Only the windows version will perform these tasks) Create an account on the Forscan Forums Follow the instructions of how to activate software on Forscan site Then you will need to purchase an ELM327 switchable lead (about £15-20) You can then run a self test or reset the module and even return the module to "asbuilt" condition