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  1. Probably just as simple to remove the front bumper completely
  2. I thought the 1.4s had a robotised 5 speed? Or was that the shape before? If it's a conventional 4 speed torque converter then you need to make sure it has enough fluid in or that it doesn't need changing. If it's the robotised manual it could be the throttle body is dirty and sticking as it automatically goes off and on when changing gear or the mechanisms may need adjusting or lubricating on the gearbox. Or even the clutch is going, depending on how many miles it's done, it's just a conventional clutch after all.
  3. I would get the modified ELM327, yes, so you can switch CAN modes
  4. What is the engine and gearbox spec?
  5. Heater unit from the leaf screen outside due to poor pollen filter fitment It's probably leaked onto the BCM (fuse box) under the glovebox as well so make sure that is OK too as the car will start to break down
  6. You have it as standard. Titaniums and Ghias with x4 electric windows have global open/close feature. Press the lock button twice (to double lock car) on your remote, then press and hold the lock button for three seconds and any open window or sunroof will close. And the opposite to open.
  7. If the auto transmission oil is no longer pink then change it
  8. Search "ford sync updates uk" , enter your VIN and install any updates for your car. Follow the instructions on the Ford site to update. Once updated, turn off "automatic updates" and Wi-Fi on your system and it'll be OK. The dealer will say there's no updates available, I guarantee it
  9. I wouldn't be worrying about the dealer performing any updates, you normally have to put a gun to their heads to get them to do it.
  10. I believe you can configure the lights as daytime running lights using forscan. This should keep dipped beam and rear tail lights on in the day then normal lights at night (I believe number plate lights aren't on in DRL mode)
  11. Hi, did you get any joy activating the autolocking? Forscan with the free extended license will do it.
  12. It's only when the doors are double locked they won't open.
  13. The software has a glitch where it doesn't ALWAYS unlock the doors on impact and Ford are scared of being sued, if you've locked them your self it's your fault
  14. Hi Chris. Windows Laptop, download Forscan for Windows Purchase an ELM327 modified cable (with the toggle switch) Enable Forscan free extended license (2 months) follow instructions on Forscan Install cable, you may need to follow guides on Forscan Forum to set up drivers, it's all there Connect to vehicle with ignition on but not running, select configuration and programming , select BCM (not BCM asbuilt), change the drop down on automatic locking to enable, click write. Job done