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  1. Sounds to me like we all need to be packing all the connectors, wires and gaps around BCMs with silicone grease to prevent water ingress.
  2. Sorry, just seen replies. It must be UCDS then??
  3. Hi, If it's not in your setting menu on your cluster then it will probably need configuring in the BCM using a program like Forscan and a suitable cable connected to you OBD port
  4. Yes, forgot about that. I was quoting 21 MY. No LED Headlamps or Htd Steering wheel on TIT-X Prior to 21MY Fixed LED Headlamps ILO Adaptive on Vignale prior to 21MY
  5. Works on the daughter's 2018 OK
  6. Some people will flash you just because they are bright, to be akward.
  7. Titanium X Std Spec: Htd Seats & St. Wheel Power Fold Mirrors LED (Fixed) Headlamps Halogen (appallingly bad) Frt Fogs 1/2 Leather seats 17" Alloys Chrome Grille No bodykit Privacy Glass Vignale over TIT X Std Head Up Display - Optional on TIT X Full Leather B&O - Optional on TIT X Convenience Pack - Auto Park, RR Camera, Plastic things on doors that fall off - Optional on TIT X 18" Alloys Body Colour Skirts Unique Frt & RR Bumper & Grille LED Frt Fogs Adaptive LED Headlamps -
  8. Yep, Forscan and a suitable lead program IPC (For Menu) and BCM for funtionality
  9. In a Mk7.5 the 100 and the 125 are identical engines/boxes EXCEPT for the turbo. Variable turbo on 125, fixed on 100. The 140 has the same turbo as the 125 but a different cylinder head and gearbox final drive ratio. The best way to get the most out of a 100 in a 7.5 is to remap, you will get about 130+ if you want any more then you will need to change the turbo. Please bear in mind the gearbox is weak and cannot really cope with much more than 200 NM of torque, 140 gearboxes fail quite often if ragged, especially in 1st gear On a MK8 all three engines are the same, it's just a
  10. Forscan and a suitable cable will be able to do that for you
  11. Has Fiesta got cylinder deactivation?
  12. Just an idea but MK2/2.5 Focus suffers with solder issues on the board of the instrument cluster causing CAN comms issues. Could the same be happening on Fiestas? Does the transmission have a separate TCM? Have you checked the connections on that? Ford were (still are) stingy and didn't fit a very good engine earth to vehicles around this time (I had a 2006 ST) and fitting an earth strap to the cylinder head and gearbox casing to the body cured the lag with that vehicle (poor starting, bad throttle response) Also, a flat/faulty battery and/or a faulty alternator used t
  13. Drive in Sport mode, cylinder deactivation cuts off in Sport mode
  14. Just to note, you're still under warranty. Get Ford to sort it👍
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