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  1. That's what's known as bambi mode. There are codes out there to configure it in the BCM with Forscan but they don't work (as yet) on Focus 4 (I've tried). Maybe soon someone will sort it out. I don't think I'd be messing around with the wiring on a brand new car, Ford love to not pay out if they don't have to
  2. Speak to Superchips, I'm sure the 150PS 1.5 gets the same improvement as the 180PS version, a bit like the current Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost, they all go to 157BHP
  3. I wouldn't know. You may be able to do it with Forscan but you would need to know the correct code for PCM
  4. You should be able to change a setting to enable this,but it is only permanent manual change in Sport mode. If you select a gear when you are in D it automatically switches back to auto after 3 seconds.
  5. Hi, Check for damage on any hoses, not just at the joints. Ensure the air cleaner is clean, breathers clean and the air box lid is sealed. Check for pin hole (stone chip) damage to the intercooler. Failing that, it could be the bearings are wearing, Also, the inlet manifold gasket could be leaking Has the car been re-mapped? If so, you could be over boosting
  6. Yes and there's another further update that I installed this weekend. It now only shows SYNC 3 on the version, not 3.3, I think they'll go off the build info from now on. Follow the instructions on the website and make sure the USB is formatted to EX FAT beforehand
  7. I have updated my MK4 twice now. No issues
  8. Plenty of these are getting broke up now, you should be able to get one no problem. If you search for one from a Titanium you will benefit form the roof console and illuminated mirrors as well.
  9. Everyone I know who has a MK4, including myself, has this issue. I would imagine it's to stop the cheap door casings from rattling over a certain volume.
  10. You need to update Sync 3 yourself to solve the freezing issue, also, turn wifi off as this seems to clash with the Ford pass connect system. The transmission has an adaptive learning system that adapts to your driving style, but it's also tried to adapt to the people who drove it before you started driving it, if possible reset this and start the learning process again, this may help. If you are unable to do this yourself using forscan and an adapted ELM connector just ask the dealer to reset the adaptive learning system in the TCM
  11. The standard michelins are perfectly ok. You can switch on traffic sign recognition and lane keep etc etc but it won't work without the cameras or wiring. If the clip was missing I'd say it's had a screen in at some point
  12. If you look at superchips bluefin figures you will notice that all three have the same standard torque figure. Also bluefin improves ALL three to the same torque AND BHP figure, therefore, don't waste your money on a 125 or 140 just buy a 100 (which is also cheaper to insure) and bluefin it
  13. You will notice lag The gearing is ***** awful on these Fiesta Ecoboosts. You have to change your driving habits to keep the car above 2,250 RPM otherwise it's lag central The current Fiesta on the other hand is dramatically improved, if you can afford to stretch to a MK8 I'd go for it
  14. Yep, and no Diesel auto this time :-( Looks like my next Focus will be the Vignale 2.0 Ecoblue Auto