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  1. First port of call would be to check the battery is up to the job
  2. Lots. Electrical problems ECU problems Clutch engagement problems Shift quality problems If you don't want to spend a lot of money and buy and older auto, buy a VAG or a BMW
  3. If you are a regular NEW Ford customer and the car is not too much out of warranty, has a full service history or the mileage not too far over, they will , sometimes cover the cost. More often they will offer to pay 50%. You don't get without asking Ford CRC should always be your first port of call. My father-in-law had a 2007 MK3 Focus and the ABS module went down at 39 Months and 15000 miles. Ford footed the bill
  4. As I remember the 1.6 N/A in the early MK3s was woefully flat. My mother had a 2012 Titanium manual. As ScaniaPBman said, it's vital that the car is serviced correctly, using the correct parts. Filter brands don't really matter, but it's important that the Spark Plugs are good AND Ford Ford recommended oil only. Use good quality fuel, keep weight down in the vehicle and tyre pressures up. Check for no brake binding etc. The Powershift gearbox is quite hungry for power so ensure the battery is also in good condition and clean the paint from the body where the earth straps sit and apply grease to prevent rusting. The main one is on top of the LH front shock tower, then there's two underneath the air cleaner box behind the LH headlamp. Clean the MAF sensor Clean the throttle body
  5. While you have the pan off, it won't hurt to clean and flush the solenoids see video. If you're still getting shift issues after the fluid change, you may need to get the solenoids tested and replace any dodgy ones.
  6. If the fluid is old you will get poor shift quality. Once you have changed the fluid you can reset the adaptive shift learning memory and start again. Are you able to use Forscan?
  7. 8-Speed still available on 1.5 Ecoblue Diesel and ST (With 2nd gear deactivated). It looks like 2.0 Diesel has been dropped
  8. They don't. You only get the lights symbol when they're on
  9. Ok, and it seems to be working OK, so forget that then
  10. Have you got temperature display on the cluster?
  11. Phone Ford CRC first, you may have extended transmission warranty. Don't spend money on TCM before you have paid an auto electrician to check for broken wires in the TCM harness.
  12. A 1.6 Petrol auto would be a dry clutch powershift. Steer clear. Spend a little more money and get a Mk3.5 (2015on) 1.5 petrol as that had the 6F35 6-speed torque converter auto. Or, even better, a MK3.5 1.5 120PS Diesel has the wet clutch powershift, better fuel economy than the manual and free road tax (Pre 04/2017)
  13. Shouldn't do. As long as you are in Park, obviously. Auto parking won't be fully autonomous though, as it won't be able to select gears.
  14. Yes, very important to change the fluids at the correct intervals with wet clutch
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