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  1. They're RHD (providing your camera isn't on mirror😄). The high points are on the left hand side of the beam. The left hand beam is too high, it needs adjusting. The right hand beam is way, way too high. Get them adjusted and they'll be OK
  2. Hi, you need to go into the settings and reset the tyre pressures
  3. Lots of people, for some reason, have started to believe that modern MHEV or PHEV vehicles are as efficient as Diesels and are swapping to Petrol because they believe the hype over Diesel gate. They're not. You'll be lucky to see mid 40's on a run once it's run in or mid 30's round town
  4. Are you still in warranty? If so, you're covered. If not, Pay the dealer for diagnostic to find what's wrong and "IF" you do have full Ford service history from new, as you say, then contact Ford CRC and raise a case. You may get full or 50% warranty support
  5. Yes, follow instructions on Ford UK website and update using a flash pen
  6. Check the connections under the seat, they may have been disturbed. Ideally you need to plug in and read the codes to see which bag is throwing the light on.
  7. It "CAN" be done, but it'll be a fair bit of work. Obviously, you will need to change the steering wheel for a heated one (and these are rare) You will need to change the steering column switchgear to accommodate the heater circuits. Then you will need to overlay the additional wiring required to make it work. You don't "really" need to change the A/C panel as you can configure a soft button for HSW along with Heated Seats on the Sync 3 screen (only if you have Sync 3) but I've just noticed you have a 2015 so you need an A/C control panel too (which are also rare) EDI
  8. Hi, I was under the impression that cylinder deactivation has been switched off on MHEVs?? Can anyone confirm?
  9. Most petrol DPS6 (Powershift Petrol) vehicles have an automatic upgrade to the warranty because of the known issues and lawsuits regarding this gearbox. My first port of call would be to phone Ford CRC (NOT A DEALER) with your VIN and see what is covered or how far they are prepared to help you. If the clutch pack was shot then I would imagine you would not get drive or be suffering from juddering, this sounds more like software or the TCM is faulty or the harness is damaged (The wires in the transmission harness can break, you may need to perform a bell out test) A software upd
  10. Yes, EGR, don't block it, replace it. Blocking EGR on this engine can cause turbo issues
  11. only buy genuine 2032s preferably panasonic or energiser with the longest best before date possible. Don't touch the battery with your fingers
  12. Have they even tried updating the software? I had a few issues similar to this when my 2019 was new, software updates sorted it. Apparently 2.0 Ecoblues are suffering with injector faults, have they checked these are working correctly. Some faults clear themselves immediately. Get yourself a cheap bluetooth (if you're android) or wifi (if you're IOS) ELM327 dongle and the torque pro app, when the fault comes on immediately read and save the codes to show Ford when you take it in. Recording is also a good idea. PM me your VIN and I'll see what updates are available for
  13. Hi, Either: Fuel/Air Filter blocked Boost hose split/loose EGR faulty DPF clogged/full Injector fault Instrument cluster fault
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