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  1. Hi, Obviously you need to get the car back in to check the keyless system. My experience of MK4s is that they are not updating all the modules at PDI and MK4s are tending to suffer with software glitches (typical Ford) You may have some sort of current drain going on, though again it could be software related. You can update the SYNC3 system yourself by following the instructions on the Ford website (search Ford Sync 3 update UK). Get the dealer to update every module that requires it and your problems should disappear. Are you driving in Sport mode? Stop/Start deactivates in sport mode
  2. If it's a powershift you might want to get the adaptive learning software reset as the gearbox adapts to the driver's style. Ford can do this for you or you can do it yourself with Forscan software.
  3. Yes the old 1.5 TDCi was a brilliant car, but the MK4 is the new Ecoblue, worse in every aspect: NVH Performance MPG I would not recommend the 1.5 Diesel in the MK4
  4. There's no ADBLUE on the 1.5 Ecoblue, I'm not sure about the 2.0 though. Yes, I was also very dissapointed that the service intervals have dropped to 10,000
  5. You can tell when it goes into "regen" mode as the engine gets noisier, a little bit more responsive because its pushing more fuel through to heat up the DPF, the fans kick in on full power and (if you come to a stop) stop/start will deactivate and the engine idle will raise to about 950RPM. Plus the temperature guage goes up, slightly. My MK3.5 used to regen every 1000-1250 miles The MK4 regens every 400 or so. If you get into the habit of running on good quality diesel (BP) and giving it a bit of a blow out now and again it negates the need to regen so often. The PCM has to show full operating temperature (normally 20 minutes into a journey) to go into regen mode. Try and get into the habit of letting 2nd and 3rd gear rev to about 4,000 RPM if you're attempting to get to motorway speeds instead of changing up early, that blows all the muck out for you. And if you do sense that it has gone into regen mode, try to hold a lower gear than normal for about 5 minutes so as the revs stay at about 2,500-3,500 rpm
  6. You can get a nearly new 120D for Focus money, easy peasy
  7. It's got quite tall gearing TBH and the gap between 1st & 2nd is very long.
  8. As the title, I thought I'd just give you all an impression of how I'm getting on with my new Focus MK4 1.5 TDCi Ecoblue Diesel Titanium Manual. Previous model: 2016 MK3.5 Sync 2 Titanium Nav 1.5 TDCi Manual I have now covered nearly 4,000 miles since purchase in March. Good Points: Rear space (but I don't sit in the back😶), my eldest is 6 foot though and he says it's better. Steering is much improved over MK3.5 Brakes are excellent, probably the best car for brakes I've ever had. Sync 3, obviously, over Sync 2 Now get keyless entry, power fold mirrors, DRLs, HTD seats and LED rear lights standard over MK3.5 spec. Seats are much more comfortable than MK3.5 Rear end road noise is much improved over MK3.5 Now for the bad points. Build quality is nowhere near as good as MK3.5! Both front door casings creak when you touch them (probably the rears do too) and rattle when playing music Sound quality is nowhere near as good as on the MK3.5 The clutch pedal creaks every time you push down and lift off (driving me up the wall !!!) I really don't like the dash board compared to the MK 3.5, can't stand the afterthought touch screen position Headlamp performance is still poor The Engine! If you're going to do a clean sheet redesign of the engine then you would expect it to be an improvement over the version it replaces (wouldn't you?), otherwise why waste £billions of investment on it? Performance: In Eco Mode, forget it, flat as flatulence, quite scaringly so. In normal mode, not much better, loads and loads of lag still though. You have to really work to get it to pull off without stalling. In sport mode, a bit better, still some lag up to about 1,800 RPM but a lot more responsive after that, but no more, really, than the MK3.5, but it drinks fuel like it's going out of fashion in sport mode. Fuel economy: I drive the car in exactly the same style, at the same speeds on the same journeys as the old one. The old one used to average 56-58 MPG This one is struggling to break 50 MPG! NOT IMPRESSED. It's very, very noisy. It's noisier than my old 1.6 TDCi MK2.5! about as noisy as an old 1.8 TDCi, unbelievable! The engine BOOMS through the cabin, it's worse in round town driving Also, it clatters like mad (as if the idler shaft bearings are shot) So, that's about it, really. Not very impressed I'm afraid so when it gets to first service time I'm afraid I'll be ditching it. Sorry Ford but BMW beckons. My friend at work, who I lift share with, has a BMW X1 120D automatic and that is getting 55MPG which for a 2.0 automatic is pretty damn good and it's faster. Hope this helps anyone who is thinking of purchasing the 1.5 Ecoblue Diesel Looking forward to your comments.
  9. It's the cluster. Dry connection on the multi plug joints. You won't fix the problem until you have the board re soldered
  10. I might have a K&N sat in the garage for one of these, I'll have a look and let you know
  11. If its an auto just let it get on with it it'll be fine
  12. Yes, my Titanium is the same. I have tried re-setting it with Forscan but no difference Have to use the remote I'm afraid
  13. Yes, Windows is best version with a USB preferably ELM327 (modified is even better to switch between CAN networks but not important if you only want to activate auto locking) If you were close to me (Black Country) I'd offer you to pop round and I'd do it for you.
  14. If you use forscan or focccus software (which is free) and buy yourself an elm327 OBD connector you can activate it yourself. Plenty of how to guides out there on youtube etc. It's simply a matter of connecting to the car, selecting BCM (Body Control Module) select config/programming, select auto locking by speed, change dropdown to enable and save