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  1. Part-Ex is just the same as selling it to WBAC😄 someone's still gunna buy it Just cut your losses and get rid of it, quickly If you want to give it a bit of longevity and piece of mind for yourself, drop the sump and clean the strainer, then sell it But I would get rid of it ASAP, all 1.0s are going to bomb in value soon anyway, once word gets around how unreliable they are and how much the belt change at 10 years costs Take the £4,400 and run
  2. Seriously, just remap it, with a good remap and it will be much better
  3. Basically search everything you want to do, even experienced mechanics don't know how to do everything. They'll be a video showing what you want to do. An S-Max is mechanically (Powertrain, Transmission, Chassis and Brakes etc) similar to a Mondeo, so if you can't find S-Max, search Mondeo (same year obviously)
  4. Which is the same as the ST Only the RS had a different lid on the airbox, same airbox and filter Diesels don't work like that, remapping will get the best. CAT and DPF will help a little bit, but the remap will be better Gearbox is weak on 1.5 TDCi, be careful
  5. ST airbox is same as the 1.5 tdci Nothing, diesels don't work like that
  6. Hi, Turn on ignition, do not start engine Disconnect battery negative lead for at least 10 minutes Reconnect and see if it comes back
  7. Yes Service intervals are irrelevant on DCT250 (Petrol) powershifts as the clutches are dry so the fluid does not get contaminated I would not recommend buying this car, there are much better, more reliable automatics out there
  8. If the low pressure warning light is not on when you sell it to them, it is no longer your responsibility. Part of their pre-purchase checks is to ensure no warning lights are illuminated. You can just say, if they ever were to come back to you, which they won't, it was fine when you checked it. The car will spend weeks sitting around or been dropped off at different distribution areas waiting to be auctioned off. Just say nothing, hand over the keys and walk away
  9. Pipercross Air Filter, don't waste your money on induction kits on a Diesel. K&Ns aren't as good as Pipercross Cetane boosting additive for fuel Remap, not a tuning box
  10. Very quickly, very, very quickly: If the oil pressure light is NOT on at idle, cut your losses and sell it to we buy any car dot com ASAP Buy another car without the 1.0 Ecoboost engine Don't dilly-dally, get rid ASAP
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