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  1. Titanium has sunglasses holder in roof console, that too rattles
  2. Mine is the same (door cards).
  3. Hi, Has anyone got the 1.5 Ecoblue Diesel 120PS in the 8 speed automatic? I have the 6 speed manual version and am thinking of swapping for the auto and would like to know how well the gearbox works and what kind of MPG your are getting. I'm starting to enjoy my car a bit more now, but have had enough of manual gearboxes.
  4. If you get exactly the same level BCM form the donor car or higher then it will be just plug and play. You will only need to have the remote keys reprogrammed
  5. Don't expect much more than 29-30 MPG unless you're doing long runs
  6. I thought ST170 lights were just standard MK1.5 Lights? What's the difference?
  7. You need to check for power at the wiper motors. BCM is the Body Control Module that controls most of the electrical systems on the car. The wiper switch just sends a signal to the BCM to operate, the BCM does the work. That's why I mentioned to wash the screen, if the wipers don't come on when you wash it's not the switch that's at fault. You do need to start with checking for power at the wiper motors, even if you just use a bulb. If there's no power its the BCM at fault
  8. It has to be either a BCM issue or a switch issue. Check every fuse not just wipers as something else could be knocking it out. It can't be a motor issue as MK3 Focus has two motors so you would expect only one to go down at a time. If the front wipers don't work when you wash the front screen then it's definitely the BCM or a fuse. If they do work when you wash it's the switch Check for power at the wiper motors
  9. Most MK4 1.0 versions are struggling to get over 42 MPG. I would recommend the 1.5 preferably in ST-Line X version which pushes to 182 PS
  10. Hi, Try turning "AF" off in the radio menu first. Then check for corrosion on the earth point for the antennae (behind the front courtesy lamp) After that the FM has gone down on your radio
  11. Mark the fixings and mounting points with a pencil before you remove headlamp, then you make sure it goes back in the same place.
  12. Good Morning all. Can anyone confirm, does the MK2.5 1.6 TDCi had a dual mass flywheel or normal? I'm convinced it's a normal one as it's IB5 gearbox. Many Thanks in advance
  13. Just get them to show you the same spec car with the same problem. If none of them have the problem they have to fix it, or reject the car
  14. MK4 Focus with auto hold keeps the brake lights on. The new norm I'm afraid