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  1. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Fiesta mk7 St-3 (St180)

    Sounds like moisture is either inside the headlight, or getting in. I have seen a few fiestas getting this, but no where near as bad as this. My current ones have no more than a small (2p size) section at the indicators when it gets really cold. I also made my own headlights that have it slightly worse. It could be worth using a heatgun and popping open the seals to try and evaporate as much as you can. Or at least double check they're fully pushed in.
  2. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    2016 MK 7.5 Blower Not Working at Any Speed

    Was this the Heater resistor? Mine only works on 4 (As I assume it then bypasses the faulty resistor) So I've ordered a new part (£4) from ebay, hoping it solves my issue.
  3. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Taking the 1.0 over 180 Bhp

    Agree with everyone else, Not only are you just saying "How do I turn my car into a less reliable ST?" You're probably spending more, and also going to have trouble selling it later anyway. Not fully sure on prices, but the cost towards those mods and the car itself is probably the cost of a Mk7 ST. Again repeating the others, the challenge could be fun, but you can also push the ST to 250~bhp for a fraction of the cost.
  4. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Fiesta mk7 St-3 (St180)

    You mention Custom rear LED lights, I'd get the headlights to match. I made my own pair earlier this year and haven't found the time yet to change the rears. Also made my own diffusers for the rear bumper, which I think fits really well.
  5. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Stage 2

    Just a word of warning, decatting your car will fail an M.o.T. Mine was decatted and passed emissions tests (So you can get it passed at places like Halfords), but just letting you know. I bought an ST-2 that turned out to have a stage2 remap, without the intake or exhaust (But left the decat, thanks for that previous owner, you pleb). And because the decat was a different size to the stock exhaust, my car would resonate at red lights, sounding like it was constantly slightly revving? So from that experience, I'd recommend either getting the overall system, or just making sure that the decat isn't bigger than the stock.
  6. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Fast Fiestas - Which is your favourite?

    As you say, I'm sure the Mk8 has many improvements, the noise, power, comfort. But I would say it is seriously lacking in aesthetics. Not a fan of the generic "We slapped a tablet ontop of the dashboard without actually making it look like it should be there" The one thing that turns me off most cars now a days, such a horrible sight and after thought. The back looks like my auntie's 7-seater. Where's the spoiler gone, what happened to the dials, and the front just looks like a broken fish. I acknowledge everyone has different tastes, but if I could have the function of the Mk8 in the looks of a Mk7, I'd be happy.
  7. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    mountune vs peron

    Bought an ST-2 and later found out it went through Revo Stage 2 remapping, however I didn't have the Induction kit or exhaust, just their intercooler (Which looks stock) Took it on a dyno and pulled 213.8 bhp, but the guy said he could quickly push it to 220-230 as the revo wasn't that great of a map. About to book him in to do a custom remap. I think your biggest issue is that each car reacts differently, so there isn't really a best option, but I will say when I was running 210+bhp, the car was so fun to drive, and that's all that matters.
  8. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Wheel spacers

    When typing a reply, above the "Submit reply" there's "Insert other media" for a link, or on the left you can select "Choose Files" In my personal experience the forums are more of a Stock car discussion, and Modding discussions only ever get picked up by a few people. Half the time you have to do the mod yourself, and then post about in the hopes that people get interested.
  9. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Revo Dealer refuses re-remap after Recall

    I'll do a quick bit of backstory to get you up to speed, but I called a revo dealer today hoping to get my Stage 1 Remap put back onto the car after the recall for coolant removed it. For reference I have a 2014 Fiesta ST which just fell into the recall bracket, meaning sensors for the coolant and a reset to the software, wiping the map. Nov 2017 - Purchase seemingly "stock" car as I had no prior experience with the ST. Jan 2018 - P006A error and notice a receipt in the car for a Stage 1 Revo remap Jan 2018 - Remove universal cone filter and replace with airbox to remove error Jul 2018 - Give the car a service and garage notifies me it's been decatted. Bit of back and fourth and dealer agrees to pay for cat, I pay for manhours. Aug 2018 - Dyno the car and Dynoguy says the intercooler doesn't look stock, and I had suspected it wasn't Sept 2018 - Recall for the car and notice a power loss, look into getting map back Sept 2018 - Contact Revo briefly and they say an approved dealer can put it back on as I have the receipt. So now today I've called a Revo dealer that also do Fords (Seemingly rare in the southwest) and they found my car on the system - Turns out in 2016 it had a Stage 2 remap which explains the other bits (But I suspect the previous owner changed the exhaust back and put a bad cone filter on to get more £££) And as I've changed the filter and Exhaust, it would cost the full amount for a stage 2. Now I can understand that, so I said I've got the receipt for stage 1 which is just software. I can pay for the manhours (All of 5 minutes work, but charged by the hour) to put it back on because as it's software, surely that's been paid for? But again...because I've modified the car, I'd have to pay the full amount again. Now please correct me if I'm in the wrong here, but the only people buying these remaps are surely the only ones that change bits in their car....and you're going to refuse ANY sort of help afterwards if they change it? What a joke. I acknowledge that if I had changed the car to wipe the map, then I am at fault, but the map is only missing because of a Ford recall, and they still expect me to pay FULL price for software that's already been bought. Imagine if you had to pay for MS Word again because your laptop updated. Any thoughts?
  10. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Fiesta ST180 intake

    Have you done this to your car? How's it holding up?
  11. I'mAnExpertTrustMe


    Don't forget as you bought it from a dealer you are protected through the Consumer Rights Act 2015 where the product sold to you has to be fit for purpose. https://www.theaa.com/car-buying/legal-rights Found out mine had been decatted by the previous owner and wouldn't pass first M.O.T (Even though it passed emissions tests 3 times). Obviously wasn't too happy that I was sold a relatively new car with this problem, and came to an agreement with the dealer where they paid for the cat and I paid for service (£45). However as you've discovered the issue on the same day, I'd like to think you can get this resolved without any fuss from the dealer. I don't think it explains all the issues, but I know MAF Sensors directly after the air filter can play a role going into limp mode. Hope this helps.
  12. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Facelift model DLR lights?

    This is the best image I have of them on, but only in the daytime. The main difference between yours and these is the DRLs just sit in a little raised platform where they clip into. The connector can be fairly easy to remove as you just want to push a tiny clip into itself so you hear a tiny "click" and then you can just pull it back to see the connections. As for tint, you can buy bulbs that have a blue tint. Hope the photo is what you meant.
  13. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Facelift model DLR lights?

    Recently made my own headlights to mess around a bit (Bought spare ones and took them apart, sprayed black, added some extras). For my Fiesta ST, the codes for the headlights with DRL are C1BB-13W030-DG and C1BB-13W029-DG The only thing I don't know is if your car would be able to power them, I reckon they'd fit (At a guess? 2015 Fiesta? Probably?) But the electrical connection might not support DRL. I had to do some of the wiring myself, so I've made a very crude diagram below for you to consider. If you don't have those bottom 2 pins, I assume your car won't support it.
  14. I'mAnExpertTrustMe


    Recently bought myself a matte black one on Ebay for £3, spray the windscreen with (soapy? maybe) water, and the back of the sunstrip, and then you can slide it into position and start to apply. I did it randomly and miss the wipers by about 2-3mm. Been on there for a few months and shows no sign of wear. Love it. Just had to very carefully cut it around the 3 sides to fit it in.
  15. I'mAnExpertTrustMe

    Fiesta ST Insurance - 21 year old

    I recently just changed from DirectLine to AdrianFlux and saved over £400. So I would certainly recommend giving them a call.....It did take quite a while, and I hate how AdrianFlux's website *Constantly* redirects you to "Oh give us a call it's cheaper" when all you want to do is just get a quick quote online, get rid of that bs.....But I did save a lot of money, so I guess I have to thank them for that.