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  1. I'm not familiar with 09 fiestas, but making a few assumptions - If your engine bay is anything like the image below, typically the cone filter will attach to the clamp circled in red, it should come with a MAF sensor housing (that little connection at the top right of my amazing drawing skills). If yours come with this tubing, it may all be detached from the clamps, but there may be a idle air control hose (??) which would also need to be unclipped before you rip the bugger out. (Highlighted Blue because that might not be right)
  2. Basically what the 2 above are saying. To simplify in terms of flow - 0 is water - 30 is honey. Both will work just fine in the ST, and a 5W30 might help if you are a little heavy footed. Some say 5W30 is used because normally it is cheaper and makes the enginer quieter (Negligible?) And supposedly it comes out of ford factories with 5W30 in it. But the issue is you will always get conflicting opinions as in the grand scheme, they aren't all that different. I believe most garages would probably go for 5W20 as that's the first choice.
  3. Glad to hear you've got it to stick down! Should stay there, but just go gentle when cleaning.
  4. No worries. Means that I can update as a year later - No error has been repeated and haven't had my engine go into limp mode since. (And I've done my fair share of abusing that engine with mods) So I can only assume the cheap kitchen-sponge of a filter the previous owner put on, wasn't actually acting as a filter. But thanks for giving more info incase anyone else is suffering.
  5. With the criteria in mind: <£5k, <50kmiles, >100bhp?, and you only doing 4k miles a year (Bicycles could be a cheap option?) At a very quick glance, you're looking at: 2010 Citroen DS3, 2010 Vauxhall corsa 1.6 turbo, or 2011 Ford Mondeo. All petrol cars, so the low mileage won't bung them up as easily, and all are looking at 150bhp (With Mondeo at 200~)
  6. I would support that. Maxton Design appear to make....good looking products, but making them fit? Nah. I got side-skirts and a front splitter for a christmas present. The splitter just about fits, but the side-skirts seem like they were copied over from Mk6. Sent them an email about fitment because it just didn't seem to marry up to my car. "Thank you for confirming and for the additional information. I have spoken with the manager and he has advised that, even with the side skirts splitters covering the jacking points slightly this will not have any issues if you do need to raise the car for any reason. The bodyshop would just need to deal with this slowly and carefully in order to not damage the splitters. If you take this to a bodyshop they should be able to fit these for you as well. The manager has also advised that, as these would need to be fitted with self tapping screws this would be easy to remove and screw back in should you need to remove these for any reason. " Can I add that "Will not have any issues to jacking points" Was a bunch of bull when I hit the god of potholes and had to take the skirt off to jack my car up. I fitted them myself, but it was definitely a bodge of a job to get them fitting well. They're now on the car and do look good, but agree with MarksST. I'm reluctant to buying anything from them. To actually try and help you - If it is a sticky pad, you could try carefully using a heatgun/hair dryer (Without melting the plastic) to warm up the adhesive, and maybe use G-clamps, or some method of weighing the trim down to the spoiler. Hopefully that helps.
  7. Oh my bad, didn't realise it had a turbo! I'd say go for it. You will love the additional boost you get, plus as long as you're reasonable, most companies are willing to help if you do get any issues after the remap, but I rarely hear any horror stories. I get what you mean about the drive, I enjoy it too unless Ol' Dorothy is sat in the 3rd lane doing 65. Not saying it'll happen to you, but just be careful when it comes to overtaking on smaller roads. I went from a 2003 clio (65~bhp on a good day) to the ST which was roughly 200~bhp at the time. To overtake in the Clio, I used to put my foot down, check blind spot, then pullout. As the time taken to speed up was a fair few seconds. First time I went to overtake in the ST I put my foot down and realised I was rapidly approaching imminent danger. I hope the jump to around 150 works out well for you.
  8. So seen this asked a fair bit recently, and while remapping cars is always a fun shout, unless you've got a turbo, you're not getting as much out of a remap (In a generalized sense). And I'm not a massive fan of the whole "Superchips" or "Ooooo Stage 1,2,3 kit" (Personal opinion). But what I do know is that although they quote those figures, it's only what you *could* get. Personally I looked locally and went for a recommended custom map, so I'm running 230bhp on an almost stock ST. I do 110~ miles a day, and it is a slog, so managing 140 must take it's toll on you too (I'm hoping it's mostly motorway, right?) you might not also get the best efficiency for the car (Of course not a major concern) but when I got mine on the dyno, I was told that the revo map it previously had was chugging down fuel when it didn't need to. (Only a loss of 4-5mpg). Just got to read reviews and decide if it's worth it for you. I would say that the 50~bhp gain is very noticeable, and I've had a ton of fun with it, so I'd like to think you would too.
  9. Can anyone recommend which fuse to piggy-back off? I was tempted to place 2 fuses in the piggy-back and just use a blank slot, but didn't know if that would work. Currently have my dashcam hidden infront of the passenger side rear-view mirror, and cables running down that column. Works very well and never notice it.
  10. I prefer the term Jesus Handles because people reach for them after going "Jesus"....as I'm sure Ian did above. I heard some models also have airbags in that position, so trying to screw one in could lead to interesting results, however I have never fact checked this.
  11. My dashcam is currently positioned to the left of the rear view mirror so that I hardly see it. Don't think the sunstrip comes close to blocking it. Another functional mod for Rhys is to block that void by the handbrake. One second you're happy, the next all your life's savings fall down into it. (Also filling in that dust-collecting box below the heat controls is satisfying) And not really a mod, but check you have a spare tyre. Previous owner of mine decided to sell anything that wasn't bolted down, but always best to have something on-hand in a worst case scenario. That being said, a first aid kit as well. Don't see it talked about much, but for peace of mind it's a great thing to have, and straps into the boot nicely.
  12. Apologies guys, should have made it more clear that middle line was a joke. Appreciate it's harder to tell with text. With any of that, I'd recommend getting quality fitting alloys that are tried and tested, high quality wheels (Especially with more performance under the bonnet) and quality springs and not ones that just have the ends grinded off. Was just a little joke at the "Here's my Ford build, my wing mirrors are black now, okay that's it guys, enjoy #builtnotbought" I made sure my sunstrip is above the wiper arms, only roughly 10-12cm~ down which I believe is within the legal limit. Driving south on the Motorway for 40 minutes in a pain everyday when I had to keep moving the visor. Sunstrip is probably my favourite mod I've done.
  13. For some semi-functional mods, I'd suggest Wind deflectors, and especially for the summer, a £4 sunstrip from ebay goes a long way for blocking the sun. Both are fairly cheap and take minutes to install. For some non-functional mods, get some cheap lowering springs, alloys that aren't standard, cheap tyres, K&N Filter, wrap the roof black and wind mirrors black. +40bhp right there. In all seriousness, as the others say, if you don't like the colour, you're much better off spending a little time to find the car with the right colour. And have a look at some of the build threads on the forums, as they might be able to give you some ideas.
  14. Hey, Been thinking over this issue for a while, my bonnet and wheel arch body have these chips all over which I can only assume goes down to primer. Bit disappointed at the amount of damage from stones for a 2014 car. I was thinking of wrapping over these, but I don't know how it would react if the wrap were to ever come off. I also costed up the price of respraying, which was looking to be £300+ Current Solutions: Wrap - Respray - Chip repair kits I believe the previous owner went over a few chips with one of those pens, but it stands out from the paintwork moreso than the white chips. Any recommendations? At the end of the day, I just want to make sure my bonnet is protected. Thanks.
  15. Apart from Haynes Breakfast Club, any other meets going on in the Somerset area?