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  1. hiya all i hav a 1.3 petrol escort van h rej mk4 thing is i have replaced ,master cylinder , brake servo , pads discs , shoes, had van moted then van was fine for ages then the brake pedal started sinking to the floor this is why everything was replacedmaster cylinder etc , i had some help of this site were i was told the rear load sencer could be at fault but i freed this up as sugested and stil same prob its gettin on my !Removed! now any sujestions dont really want to get rid becuz she is so clean help plz!!dom
  2. stil bad brakes

    when i come up to a juntion i pump the brake the 1st pump is strait to the floor 2nd pump more of a pedal 3rd perfect brake then if i hold my foot on there it just goes down slowly back to the floor wen engine is switched off it seems to have a hard pedal 1.3 ovh engine if that helps many thanks 4 help dom
  3. stil bad brakes

    any chance yu could tel me wat that rear cylinder is called above the axl ??? ta dom
  4. stil bad brakes

    hello m8 changed servo and stil same problim ??? pumping brakes to stop!! master cylinder is brand new and no leaks?? nowere any ideas ta dom
  5. stil bad brakes

    hi there bud well at mot the mechanic who done it said the rea shoes need adjustin to pass so he done them there so i would say ok but i aint had a look in rear hubs since doing the shoes but this has bin going on a while and all round the back plate is dry pedal seems to go hard wen engine is switched off many cheers for any help dom
  6. stil bad brakes

    hi i have a 1.3 escort van mk4 petrol my problem is i have changed discs pads rear shoes moted the van and recently the brake pedal just sinks softly to the floor this will stop the van JUST hardly nothing i have removed the resovar cap wen freeing pistons on calipers i thought this prob was master cylinder but i replaced that with brand new 1 there is no leaks and i have bled system ok but same thing could this be servo?????
  7. brake problems

    hi every1 i own a mk4 escort van 1.3 petrol i have replaced front discs pads rear shoes etc but my brake pedal has hardly any pressure and barely stops van it sinks to the floor there is no leaks from rear hubs so i think the rear cylinders are ok could this be master cylinder????? much apreciate any help oh yea if i pump pedal it builds pressure but then soft again
  8. on here 4 a m8 he has st24 mondeo on a p but his clutch keeps on coming then going is clutch gone or the slave were stuck any help many thanxx lads
  9. esky van

    i have recently come into ownership of a really clean 1.3 petrol white escort van prob is dunno wot to do with it to keep it and try turbo it oh yea its the mk4 how would i lower the rear??plz help im a vw man not ford but the van is always been a little star