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  1. I have a 2014 Titanium Nav, 1.0 125 (Mk3 pre face-lift). I do 35 miles each way - 4 miles in London then M1, M25, A41. Car reports between 44 and 45 mpg. Mine was built with the replacement degas hose, still had problems which I just caught in time. Thread on here somewhere about it.
  2. Yeah it's rather limited space at the back of the tank and I couldn't get a screwdriver to free it, and least not without risking damage to the tank. There seems to be a barb on that clip. Since I can't yet get the hose off I have left it for now. Will probably look to do the tank swap in the next few weeks. I bought 3 x 1L bottles of coolant so should have enough. I found that same link saying those coolants could be mixed so have gone ahead and done that for now.
  3. I bought the parts and just installed most. I think the old cap may have been cross-threaded. I can't seem to get the old tank off, that rear clip really doesn't want to let go of it. I also don't think I have a pair of pliers wide enough to get that bottom retaining clip off the hose so I thought I would just use the new hose and cap for now. The coolant I bought (Ford Super Plus Premium) seems to be the right spec per the manual (WSS-M97B44-D), but is seems more of a yellow colour whereas what's in the tank now is more orange. Does this seem right? Does the coolant change colour at all or is it a different spec currently in the system?
  4. Actually another question - assuming I carry out the work myself to replace the hose with another Mk3 one and a new tank - how much coolant would I need to buy?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely not driving it until the hose is replaced and the coolant level back where it should be. As you can see from the pictures, the level is almost an inch below the minimum line with some still sitting in the higher section (car's on a bit of a lean where it's parked). In the 3 weeks since I last checked the coolant level I've probably done around 1k miles. I'm not sure exactly sure when it started leaking but I have hopefully caught it in time. Small split: The Ford Protect Gold warranty doesn't cover hoses or any consequential damage from them so no help there. I also don't like the look of the expansion tank so will replace that as well: I'm sure I read there is an updated tank cap as well? Is there some trick to removing the cap? It doesn't seem to want to undo even with a fair bit of force... I'm currently trying to decide whether to get it taken to the dealership and have them do the work, or to buy the hose, tank and cap and do it myself. Unfortunately I only have on-street parking so I'm reluctant to replace the lower hose as part of the Mk3.5 upgrade. Thanks again!
  6. Hi, Not sure whether this can be merged with any of the other degas hose issues, but I'm looking for some advice on a leaking degas hose I just found. I have a 2014 Titanium Navigator, bought with 25k miles in Jan 2018, now has 54k miles. Just went to top up my washer fluid and noticed my coolant tank well below minimum: The engine was still hot at this point having just done 1hr driving back from work. I then noticed what appeared to be fluid on the radiator shroud and a few other places. Looking at the hoses I seen some bubbling and the cause: I have a video, and basically putting pressure on that hose is showing a leak. Each time I wash my car, check the oil etc I have been taking a photo of the coolant tank for this exact reason. The last I checked it and took a photo was 23/08/2019, so exactly 3 weeks ago and it looked fine: I currently have a Ford Protect Gold Warranty on it for what it's worth. A few questions I could do with help on: 1) Is it possible the engine has already been damaged? 2) What is the actual coolant to top up with and anywhere to buy it? The manual states Motorcraft SuperPlus Anti-Freeze (WSS-M97B44-D), assuming that's it, where can I buy it - was hoping to use Amazon since I can't really drive to a Ford dealership and the usual is 1hr each way by bus? 3) Should I be using the warranty on this, and if so should I be attempting the repair (temporarily), topping it up and taking it to them or telling them to collect? Thanks for any advice!
  7. From the MY 2017 brochure (came before the MY 2017.5 brochure), shows as optional for the Titanium: