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  1. Hi, Couple of niggles with my B-Max, and probably coming to the end of this one as it is seasonal. If the window is iced over and put the heated window on, there are a couple of elements on the left hand side working fine, a few in the middle, but apart from that, it's almost completely reliant on the blowers. In my S-Max, I can drive off in 30 seconds. Is the most likely cause the electrics or faulty elements requiring a windscreen to be replaced, which seems like a waste of money if it isn't as much as scratched. TIA Martin
  2. 35, and the MPG sold it for me as a second car. Compared to driving the S-Max, its like driving a go-cart, and I love driving my S-Max. Choice was either this or a Fiat 500L
  3. Forgot my login details, but it got gradually worse and stopped altogether. Ford replaced it, but had to drive to Holland with it working out 50% of the time. Now to see if anyone can help with my B-Max.....