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  1. mdhurley

    Heated front windscreen

    Hi, Couple of niggles with my B-Max, and probably coming to the end of this one as it is seasonal. If the window is iced over and put the heated window on, there are a couple of elements on the left hand side working fine, a few in the middle, but apart from that, it's almost completely reliant on the blowers. In my S-Max, I can drive off in 30 seconds. Is the most likely cause the electrics or faulty elements requiring a windscreen to be replaced, which seems like a waste of money if it isn't as much as scratched. TIA Martin
  2. mdhurley

    Whats The Average Age Of B Max Drivers?

    35, and the MPG sold it for me as a second car. Compared to driving the S-Max, its like driving a go-cart, and I love driving my S-Max. Choice was either this or a Fiat 500L
  3. mdhurley

    Cruise Conrol Issue

    Forgot my login details, but it got gradually worse and stopped altogether. Ford replaced it, but had to drive to Holland with it working out 50% of the time. Now to see if anyone can help with my B-Max.....