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  1. Sooo... The rear is now working fine and the front just spitting out under no real pressure. I’ve had the pipe to the front jets off and it’s just spitting out of there. So is the feed from the motor split into two pipes? Will try another soak tomorrow to see if that helps.
  2. We’ll steradent hasn’t done anything so looks like vinegar it is. How long is best to leave it in??
  3. No easy way to get to the bottom of the tank so I’ve siphoned out the tank and refilled with hot water a few times and seem to be getting this black slime coming out. So siphoned it clean and got the hose pipe in about 12 inches and let it run for 5 mins but still no joy. Will a steradent tablet work to dissolve all the slime? Might try that next.
  4. Ordered a syphon that’s due next week. Not really in a hurry at the minute so will try to drain it next week, and refill with hot water to see if it clears. If not will try bicarb to see if that helps at all.
  5. Is there an easy way to flush the system? Not sure how to remove the washer bottle and pump.
  6. Hi any advice on why my washer jets have stopped working. I was driving along and used them fine, got a few mins along the road, tried again and they dribbled and stopped. I’ve tried the rear one and that’s stopped spraying too. I’ve checked fluid level is ok and pump is running.
  7. Mine updated ok and shows as version F7, but I didn't get the xml file either.
  8. I've noticed a strange thing happen with the MPG on my ST-Line X 140. According to the trip I get around 53 MPG from full to about half tank, then all of a sudden it will drop to low 40's until the tank reaches about 1/4 full, then it returns to around 53. This repeats with every tank full, doing the same journey every day.
  9. Well I finally got a response, but as expected they are taking no blame. I have received a copy of the process documentation, which they are now adhering too and are not touching anyones cars. I have spoken to my ford dealer who has said it should be ok as is the camera unit itself is sealed.
  10. Calmed down a bit now over the matter but will definitely raising it with the security contractor and also my employer who has the contract with them on Monday. I know it's his word against mine and I'll end up having to sort it but I'll not take it lying down, as suggesting in a phone call that the damage was caused by vibration by driving is ludicrous. We are subject to random searches on leaving the secure car park, some guys ask if they can open boot, some just open it, others ask you to do it, so there doesn't seem to be a set policy. I'll be asking to see what they are contracted to do and what the process is, as if they are supposed to ask or get us to open it, then he had no business man-handling my boot. I also need to speak to my colleague who was pulled in behind me and probably seen the whole event, to hear his story. I'll update on Monday. Thanks for the help.
  11. View of it back in but doesn't seem to fit centrally and I think it's pointing too far down. Anyone else care to take a pic of there's for comparison please.
  12. Hi was leaving work today when I was stopped for a car Search, security guy fought with boot but couldn't figure out how to open it. I had to get out to open it for him. Wasn't till I got home and selected reverse that I spotted my reversing camera was pointing funny. Having looked at it appears to be pushed out of alignment. I've tried to pop it back into place but it doesn't seem to get seated correctly. Is it supposed to be a sealed unit as would hate to get water into it and cause damage. Already called and been fobbed off that it could have vibrated out! I'll be taking the fight up on Monday morning...not a happy bunny at the minute!
  13. Just had my car back from being SiRamik coated. Got to say it now looks far better than when it left the showroom a month ago!
  14. Those who have it installed...what do you think about it? I have it in mine, but feel it lacks bass. It’s very clear even at very high volumes but seems to lack bass even with the bass set to max and the treble and mid set low. Not sure if I have an issue with mine that warrants a trip back to dealer as never heard it in another car to compare it too. Is there any easy checks or a manual anyone knows about?