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  1. Yes Alex...if you do a reset then the first 100 miles or so produces low/high results which then settle after many miles.
  2. No. I reset it about two weeks after buying the car in December, so the 'long term' average is (I think) correct. Also doing a calculation of the petrol used I think it's correct. I found that the the first few weeks of driving (in December) in average MPG displayed some silly figures (like 10 mpg, going up to 60 mpg!...but then settled down to around 40 mpg). The longer journeys for the last few months have shown stability with small incremental increases so looks like the mpg figure is right.
  3. I originally wanted an Auto myself Alex, but was told there was a 18 week wait and the deal I got on my car included scrappage money for the old Ford. I achieved 56 mpg keeping speeds at a maximum (most of time) to around 60 mph. It's settled now at 56.1, but after each 60 mile round trip it still goes up .1 of a mpg 😉
  4. Recently I have been doing twice weekly 60 mile round trips and I have seen the MPG increase to the figure below. Best I have had in any car. Also Stop/Start is actually working all the time, which I found during shorter journeys rarey worked.
  5. Just to be crystal clear. How do you view all the multiplexes? I think I touched 'Sources' & only saw Ensemble+ & Ensemble-
  6. How odd I only have two living near London. Is there a way of doing a 'scan' for all available networks like on a DAB radio? Maybe the antenna is faulty?
  7. Thanks - I have Ensemble + and - showing. Only one has stations, but only around 20.
  8. Thanks, but cannot find anyway to scan for stations like an ordinary DAB radio. Nothing in settings and using the Forward scan button does not find new stations. Perhaps someone who has SYNC 3 can help?
  9. I live in London and my portable DAB radio has over 76 stations, but the Ford DAB radio only has around 20! Is there anyway to 'force' a scan of DAB stations available so that it finds the missing stations - or is it simply only selecting the very strong signals? Many Thanks for any ideas.
  10. The bluetooth works fine in the car. Android apps work as well and sync 3 picks up the phones bluetooth immediately.
  11. Hi Jonsey. Android...and I have driven the car many times since FordPass stopped syncing. I have always had the prompt about syncing to my phone come up and I always touch 'ok' to clear it. I haven't changed anything. So it's a complete mystery why it stopped on the 22nd March?!
  12. According to Google Play the last FordPass update was 1st April I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it (having to reenter the VIN) - but it's stilll refuses to synch after 22nd March.
  13. The above may explain my FordPass app stopping syncing with the car on 22nd March 2020 (I bought the car on 18th December 2019) - again exactly 3 months gap. FordPass is rubbish anyway.
  14. I agree...just that I don't like giving up trying to fix things