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  1. Have you bought the all new Kuga?
  2. Is there any way to see which station is broadcasting a traffic report when it comes on through the 'traffic announcement' setting. Most radios indicate the station giving the report but sync 3 seems to give no info. I find it very frustrating. Thanks
  3. OK - got it to run ok and after about 40 mins I got the message that installation failed - error 002. Seems that I am destined not to get an update!! What could that be? Regards
  4. Yep done the upgrade fine for the Sync. One of the files in the stick folder is named JR3T-14G421-BC (with no tar.gz on the end) and the other is JR3T-14G424-BC_110777.tar (with no .gz on the end). I have tried renaming to put the .gz on the end of the filename but to no avail. I must be doing something totally wrong - or could still have a usb stick problem. I have formatted the stick to exfat and also tried with a couple of mp3's which the car recognises straight away. Spent all day on this and got nowhere - hopefully you may have a bit of inspiration before I become suicidal. Thanks for your support
  5. Have tried with a couple of usb sticks but the car didn't accept them - so I bought a new 32gb sandisc usb 2.0 and tried again. The stick is recognised but I get the message LST_ERR05. Anybody any ideas please - Thanks
  6. Thanks Ian - much appreciated In my Syncmyride folder I have 2 files - JR3T-14G421 and JR3T-14G424. Outside the folder I have 2 files - autoinstall.lst and Dontindx.msa Is this correct? Regards
  7. Sorry for being thick - but do I need to unzip the files first before using - thanks
  8. Alienburt

    Sat Nav

    Also listen out for the place names when the satnav is talking - pronunciations are hilarious.
  9. Alienburt

    Sat Nav

    Just got back from 2 months in France. The Satnav covers ALL roads (even the small back roads) - you will have no problem. Bon route
  10. Thanks for the replies. It seemed more than 5 degrees and had braked while waiting at the top of the slope. Released the brake and she started rolling back. I had an S-Max before with powershift and I'm sure that didn't happen
  11. Got to the top of a slight incline and the car started rolling backwards - powershift box set to D. Obviously it held with the brakes but thought auto gearbox should hold it or hill start assist should kick-in. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Thanks
  12. Just use normal diesel probably mostly from supermarkets. Always fill with the cheaper derv and not the more expensive alternatives. What would anybody recommend?
  13. I get a low level rattling/rasping sound from the engine when I am accelerating - as soon as I take my foot off the accelerator it stops. Is this normal?
  14. It seemed to happen when the sensors detected rain and the wipers started. Though it could have been a coincidence and 'read' a motorway speed advisory sign at the same time. I'd like to think it was the former though