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  1. 👏👏👏 Good work there pal! A really well written and comprehensive guide, if you can’t do it after following this then there really is no hope 😂
  2. The hardware is constantly being revised throughout a cars life, the later pre facelifts were starting to use some parts that were ready for for the facelift so they are able to just be reflashed. It is just a straight plug in job
  3. By the looks of it the bcm cannot be upgraded to facelift spec. What year is the car?
  4. I don’t think Ford will agree to do it, officially it’s not supported by them so highly doubt they will touch it. Did your existing firmware match mine?
  5. You do get dtcs for them but they don’t cause any problems 👍🏻 Not that I’m aware of, if you use forscan it does come up with a list of files that it recommends to flash
  6. I did mine a while ago and used focccus but I believe that with the new version of forscan that firmware flashing is supported. My only advise is to use a decent cable, the elm27 cable i used originally nearly bricked my bcm as it was so unreliable. I switched to an els27 cable and it is so much more reliable and stable so I would advise using that.
  7. Honestly I don’t know, but that’s the way it was advised to do it and it’s worked perfectly ever since. the handbrake on the facelift had a longer cable so you will need to change that, just the front section though that goes to the balancer under the car. gaitor wise the plastic is also different and that clips into the surround so your best off finding one separately
  8. Yeah the plugs themselves are the same. I’m not to sure why the wiring is that way but I think it’s to do with the way it’s controlled from the bcm. You simply cut the wire and then both of the ends go to the climate module. And yes, all the powers get joined and go to pin one on the black connector. As far as the seats go essentially you have 5-3-1 settings from your old controls.
  9. Right, I have gathered as much info as I have to hand regarding this. Firstly - BCM This is what I started with I can only comment on my experience so my advise is that if your software / hardware varies from mine then I do not know if it will work. These are the files that I flashed GV6T-14C097-AA.vbf GV6T-14C094-AE.vbf GV6T-14C095-AE.vbf GV6T-14C403-AD.vbf I currently do not have links for these files. This is how it looked after - The reason behind needing this is because of the way the climate control sends its commands
  10. Hi all! Sorry i’ve been a bit quiet lately, you can indeed swap over to the 3.5 centre console, I have a titanium x and have everything working as it should. There is a lot of wiring changes that need to be made to get it all to work properly. The most important thing however is that you need to have a 3.5 level bcm in order for the front and rear window demisters to work. I was lucky in that my car was new enough to just be firmware updated. If you can’t firmware update the bcm then you have 2 choices. You can either fit a facelift bcm and have it coded to your car or you can retain the origi
  11. literally just repinned the plugs on the back of the heater module.
  12. Ive also done the console upgrade, its a fully worth while job as it makes the interior feel much nicer.
  13. Sorry haven’t been around for a while! I must remember to come and check regularly! Now downloading the 20021 update to give that a whirl 👍🏻
  14. Hey guys I used the AE file as for me the AD that comes in the base package didn’t have radio 1 or 2 in it? That was resolved in the AE file. Just installed it as a stand-alone update
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