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  1. Can do, send me a pm I’m not sure what you mean? The footwell lights have nothing to do with swapping in a new sync unit
  2. I agree, I wasn’t to worried about the adaptive part I just wanted the main beams to work, I split the light and dismantled it and it’s only a stepper Motor driving the flap so was trying find where the high beam signal comes from as presumably that would activate the flap and then return when not in use. I have found a way to make it work but it involves sacrificing my existing Xenons which I’m not prepared to do as that would be a good bulk of the resale profits gone.
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for some wiring diagrams for the facelift mk3, specifically I'm after some for the xenon headlights. Im looking at doing a facelift conversion and don't want to downgrade my lights to do so. When you plug in the lights everything works apart from main beam, I've got the headlight apart and its down to electronics so I want to see if there is a way I can adapt my wiring or modules or whether I will have to make them work by sacrificing my existing lights.
  4. I found that out the hard way 😂 thanks for the tip though, I’ve only ever known to fill until it dribbles out! I’ve drained the fluid as I’ve been doing an engine replacement so driveshafts out and drain plug out, so I should be good to just refill with 1.7 litres then?
  5. As above really! The Haynes manual says to refill till it flows out of the hole and then remove just over half a litre? Is this right? It sounds a bit odd to me.
  6. Again could be coding but I believe it could also be something to do with the steering wheel buttons
  7. I’m assuming that the issue is going to be in that then, hopefully some coding can sort it out! How was the upgrade from non sync?
  8. In this scenario you can either find another pair of ms-can wires or just run a pair of wires Up to the gpsm module and tap into it there
  9. You’d be amazed at how resilient these cars are, When I was working this all out there was a lot of trial and error, especially with the coding side of things. It’s actually quite hard to break it permanently! I think everyone should try doing things at least once, you might surprise yourself!