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  1. Yeah that’ll be down to the programming, make sure you set the values in forscan to both the bcm and ipc
  2. Did you try the one out of your dads?
  3. And what happens when you put the nav card in?
  4. I only did it with ones that are already nav enabled so I really couldnt say, how have you checked the reader is working? As for the buttons I’d re check everything as that should be all you need to do to get them to work
  5. That will be issues with the wiring, make sure you’ve looked at the wiring diagram thoroughly, you need to add a wire to the button panel plug and cut one of the others then connect them to the mm-can lines. All that is detailed in the original post. As for the sd card that is down to the fact the unit is not a nav unit
  6. Sorry to tell you mate but if you have the compass and it says information in the top corner then it means that it isn’t a sat nav unit
  7. The 2 gpsm wires don’t link directly to the unit, they are on the can network, you need to tap into the can somewhere, I used the blue connector behind the a/c panel
  8. That’s fine then, it’s a gpsm module. When you scan with forscan it will pick it up on the ms-can side
  9. What does it look like? If it look like the one in the picture then you already have a gpsm module
  10. Have you done the power for the usb hub? It’s a powered unit so won’t work until it’s all been connected
  11. You only use one of them for this conversion, on the facelift it has an extra usb in the dash and that’s where it goes but as we don’t have that we leave it disconnected
  12. Luke_Anderson

    Mk3.5 steering wheel in mk3 help!!

    Yeah the other buttons worked fine it was just the cruise. If you wanted to swap and don’t have cruise you’d also need to swap the insert on the airbag 👍🏻
  13. Luke_Anderson

    Mk3.5 steering wheel in mk3 help!!

    All done 🎉🎊 changed the slip ring for one from a facelift and now everything works perfectly. So for anyone else wanting to do this ( the facelift wheel is so much nicer ) if you have cruise control you need to change the slip ring, if you don’t have cruise then you don’t 👍🏻👍🏻
  14. Luke_Anderson

    Mk3.5 steering wheel in mk3 help!!

    What I meant was the window demister and ignition doesn’t put it into test mode