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  1. That one does have the hub! I can’t answer the question about the gpsm wires already being there, your just going to have to have a look and see, if they aren’t then just tap into the ms-can as per the guide. As for the acm connectors quite simply, the bigger of the 2 is the main one.
  2. @simrad this is on eBay currently, don’t forget you need all the brackets and the fascia as well. £215 delivered for everything bar the SD card is pretty good.
  3. I also did this for a friend on his mk3.5 it’s the same process as the Prefacelift, the hub and wiring still need to be changed and the wiring for the apim is the same as the Prefacelift
  4. I have a double usb hub on my sync 3, believe it came from a c-max but that works well without issues 👍🏻
  5. I know I shouldn’t rise to it as there will always be idiots out there, but it infuriates me so much! I should have just been completely honest and told him that if he had to ask which was the top and which was the bottom of the plug then he was beyond any hope of doing this himself! 😂
  6. All depends if you want sync 2 or 3 and what is out there for sale. Some people ask silly money for systems and some people find absolute bargains.
  7. Cub and baba? And you think I’m the one that needs to grow up 😂 you see petal, the problem with people like you is that you expect things to be done for you, you don’t want to invest the time or effort into working things out for yourself. I have answered hundreds of questions on this topic since doing it and I feel that everything has pretty much been covered to a level where there is enough information to be able to do this without any more of my input. I have a job, I have kids, I have a life. Instead of bitching about people not telling you how to do something why don’t you just go and try it, work through the issues yourself. The information is all there, you just have to look for it.
  8. What would you like me to do? Would you like me to pop over and do it for you? Take my car apart and take a picture of every connection or change that was made? Come and hold your hand and tell you that it’s all going to be okay? If you can’t figure out what to do from the information provided then you most certainly shouldn’t be playing with your own car.
  9. I put my original post up on doing this mod To assist people to do this, its not a 100% fool proof idiots guide to doing it. There is a certain level of common sense and electrical knowledge that is also needed. Plenty of people have done this using the guide including the pdf that I originally made. Feel free to work it out yourself like I did and plenty of other people have done and make your own guide if you like!
  10. Apim is the module attached to the rear of the screen ( accessory protocol interface module ) and the acm is the bit the cd goes into ( audio control module )
  11. Then your life just got easier! You have sync 1 👍🏻 It will work fine with manual a/c. And yes it does. Definitely go to sync 2 or 3, it would be pointless going to sync 1 first. You would need a mic on top of the list already and it would be worth looking at what wires you have going into the apim and acm currently to see what else might be missing. However as Tezza has pointed out, it would be very unusual to have a 2013 without any form of Bluetooth. Sort of, it’s a much better solution that my original method, however the loom does still need repinning and wires brought in from other parts of the car. They should have little tabs on them, gentle lift them up and the pins slight right out 👍🏻 To be fair in sync 3 you only need power as well, just a different plug shape. And yes that is the one!
  12. By the sounds of it you have the bt/vc system instead of sync 1, this makes it a little more difficult but not impossible. I’d also be looking at getting the steering wheel with controls, the clock spring assembly and as much of the dash wiring loom as possible. As for programming you will still need to do the As build data and the changes to the bcm and ipc in focccus.
  13. Only real way is to dismantle the headlight and take a look
  14. I had factory original xenons before this and I always found them pretty decent. A bulb upgrade is always a good idea however I imagine yours are the visteon made ones, these suffered badly with the chrome on the plastic xenon bowl burning and becoming much less effective. If you look on the Russian forums this issue is covered quite a lot, they take the bowl from the new focus headlights as these are made of metal and don’t suffer the same issues, the difference is literally night and day 😂