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  1. So you’ve upgraded to facelift xenons from a prefacelift with xenons?
  2. Patient and obsessive usually 😂 I just keep an eye out for things and check super regularly. If you aren’t in a rush it’s worth playing the long game 👍🏻
  3. The only problem with that is that the preface lift st is spirit blue so won’t match your existing paint. I found that one out when I got the spoiler 😂 facelift st is deep impact blue so matches just fine 👍🏻
  4. Best thing to do is keep an eye out and don’t underestimate the value of your existing parts. The pre facelift xenon lights sell for good money. I collected all my parts over about 6 months and bought them in the right colour, by the time I sold everything that came off I was actually up financially 👍🏻
  5. You need to add a wire, change the hcm module and change the central config. But all this will only work if you have the software updated bcm which I believe you have?
  6. Oh I see! that’s way to far gone to be a before 😂 not really, it’s the main love of my life believe it or not 😂
  7. Yeah I’m not a fan of the st badge either but I do much prefer the bumper! There is some electrics involved but to what degree depends on what you are starting with and what you want to go to! Not sure I get you?
  8. 👏👏👏 Good work there pal! A really well written and comprehensive guide, if you can’t do it after following this then there really is no hope 😂
  9. The hardware is constantly being revised throughout a cars life, the later pre facelifts were starting to use some parts that were ready for for the facelift so they are able to just be reflashed. It is just a straight plug in job
  10. By the looks of it the bcm cannot be upgraded to facelift spec. What year is the car?
  11. I don’t think Ford will agree to do it, officially it’s not supported by them so highly doubt they will touch it. Did your existing firmware match mine?
  12. You do get dtcs for them but they don’t cause any problems 👍🏻 Not that I’m aware of, if you use forscan it does come up with a list of files that it recommends to flash
  13. I did mine a while ago and used focccus but I believe that with the new version of forscan that firmware flashing is supported. My only advise is to use a decent cable, the elm27 cable i used originally nearly bricked my bcm as it was so unreliable. I switched to an els27 cable and it is so much more reliable and stable so I would advise using that.
  14. Honestly I don’t know, but that’s the way it was advised to do it and it’s worked perfectly ever since. the handbrake on the facelift had a longer cable so you will need to change that, just the front section though that goes to the balancer under the car. gaitor wise the plastic is also different and that clips into the surround so your best off finding one separately
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