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  1. It does indeed! To be truthful I use it every now and again if it’s a bit tight I let the car do the work. To no honest the upgrade alone is worth it just for the front sensors!
  2. Well done! enjoy the next couple of weeks of novelty before you never use it again 😂😂
  3. Is this for the Rear sensors for auto park? If so I had one go down on me, this replacement has so far worked fine. It arrived black so instantly thought I was wrong but popped it in and it works fine 👍🏻
  4. Yeah that is a bargain! Don’t suppose you have the seller details do you? update files can be downloaded from Ucds 👍🏻
  5. I guess I’ll just get the console then see if I can work it all out 👍🏻 buying a facelift bcm won’t work as it’s part of the immobiliser system so you would need to get the key recoded to the car if you email forscan they will send you the download link for the beta version. If you follow the procedure correctly and have a good quality cable there is no reason why you would brick it. ford will absolutely not do it 😂
  6. @Nathan Buffery how was the swapping of the center console? I’ve been thinking about it but not sure how the heated seats are gonna work
  7. No it’s a windows based beta and actually very stable, I just think they aren’t ready to release it yet as they know lots of people are going to brick their cars with it 😂 firmware would be for the bcm, I know it works on late PFL’s
  8. @Nathan Buffery well I’m afraid I can’t be held responsible for operator clumsiness 😂😂 In answer to your questions- I can only draw from my own experience but after updating the bcm there was no change and no problems with how the other modules worked only difference was that it communicated properly with my facelift hcm module. firmware was sent to me by a chap from the russian forums however if you know what ones to get then it’s easy enough to download them from ford It can be done through forscan but only if you have the 2.4 beta version and an els27 cable men have nipples because otherwise we would only be around 50% as attractive when naked 😂
  9. @Nathan Buffery the backlash I got was minimal compared to the love 😂 I’m gonna throw something into the mix here, you can update a preface bcm to facelift spec with a firmware upgrade. I did it when I facelifted the front end as I needed to do it to get the adaptive xenons to work.....
  10. I am! I haven’t had it once since I started from scratch. It’s hard to say what fixed it really!
  11. The els27 is a auto switching cable that is much more stable. You’ll be glad you did!
  12. Yeah I have managed it with an elm27 before but I was really hit and miss. Els27 is a much better cable
  13. I’m using an els27 cable, I take it your using a elm27?
  14. Maybe try programming the files that tezza listed?