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  1. literally just repinned the plugs on the back of the heater module.
  2. All works exactly as it should 👍🏻
  3. Ive also done the console upgrade, its a fully worth while job as it makes the interior feel much nicer.
  4. Sorry haven’t been around for a while! I must remember to come and check regularly! Now downloading the 20021 update to give that a whirl 👍🏻
  5. Hey guys I used the AE file as for me the AD that comes in the base package didn’t have radio 1 or 2 in it? That was resolved in the AE file. Just installed it as a stand-alone update
  6. That’s one way of doing it!, the other is to follow this guide -
  7. I went to sync 3 about a week after sync 2, maps and software updates are easy enough to do manually 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. You need to update the firmware for enhanced dab and calm screen to stay. the Dropbox files are the correct ones to do the firmware update. I think the installation in progress message is more related to the firmware as it went after I force reapplied the firmware update. I have since gone back to sync 3.3 and still don’t get the installation message
  9. Yes you need to click write to write the loaded data to the module. I think you need to make the changes in focccus ( can also be done in forscan now ) for Bluetooth to work and also fully test everything else.
  10. Glad your going for it! have you studied the wiring diagrams for the 2 systems?
  11. Depends how much you have been offered them for, if they are cheap enough it’s worth the gamble. Dive in at the deep end!
  12. The problem with using a dash loom from a facelift car is that although the stereo wiring will be pretty much sorted the a/c wiring is vastly different and as you have heated seats as well that wont help matters. However if thats whats available you can go down the route of unpicking the sync wiring from the facelift loom and adapting it to work with your existing loom. If you break down to the bare basics the system has power, ground, speakers, mic, hs-can, mm-can and ms-can. All of which shouldn't be to hard to tap into if they aren't already connected. Everything on the inside of the car runs back to the bcm in the passenger footwell so again not too many issues there. This is a perfectly viable project that likely wont be much work to get up and running if bt/vc systems can be upgraded to sync 1 then they can be further upgraded to work with sync 2/3. Another thing to consider is changing the steering wheel as i believe your current wheel ( with radio controls in between the spokes ) may not be compatible. Behind your a/c controls is your bt/vc module, this is where you find the 54pin plug however I believe although visually similar the plug is actually a different shape to the sync one.
  13. Hi James, I think you may have misunderstood but sadly I haven’t been involved in any upgrades from a non sync system to sync 3 I am just aware that it has been done. What this will boil down to will be time, money and how far you are prepared to go. The easiest course to take will be installing a complete dash loom from a sync equipped car. And then making the changes outlined in the guide. As you have reverse camera and sat nav already there will be some modifications likely required to keep everything else working as it should. It’s a big task and one i would be happy to assist you with 👍🏻