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  1. Hi, I recently brought a 16 plate st-3 and ive noticed some of the new roads near where i live are missing on the map ......Im at version 5.8 is this the latest or?
  2. Hi, I brought some autobeam halos and I have wired them up correctly ( from what I can understand)... when I turn the side lights on they are fine, but when I start the engine and the lights turn on (Auto lights) they constantly stay orange instead of white. I've asked autobeam but they haven't replied and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem ?
  3. is it easy to fit ? (is it a section replace ) or do i have to cut and weld it ?
  4. Hi I have a Ford fiesta mk7 1.6 metal... is it worth de res'ing my exhaust ?
  5. Hi I have a Ford fiesta mk7 1.6 metal, and I wanted to upgrade my exhaust from the stock one, does anyone have any suggestions ? Also I was looking at a cobra system, but what's the difference between a flex system and a non flex system ? Cheers
  6. I'm looking to do some bits to my mk7 metal, Any suggestions what I should do ?
  7. Does anyone know what these rectangles are ? I came into a multistorey car park and realised I had these that just appeared on my roof, it looks like condensation but I'm not to sure... what do you guys think?
  8. Right o has anyone got a fitting guide?
  9. I have a fiesta mk7 metal, would i be able to fit a st diffuser on my car ? If i can would it be hard to do so ?
  10. Ok brilliant I will try and do that 👍 thanks for the help.
  11. Hi , yeah one like this.. but I'm not sure if the 2012> model fits my car... I think it's so thing to do with the radio plugs being different ?
  12. Right o, will have to keep an eye out.
  13. Hi, Ive got a Mk7 61 plate Ford Fiesta Metal. Ive noticed that other metals have the oem Sony radio installed, is there a way to replace my radio with the sony one, Or does anyone know where i can find one ? Cheers (The pic attached is the one im looking for )