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  1. Hi all. Looking for help on an issue. Car seems to start and not start when it decides. Key in ignition turn key to stsrt and it clicks. It will start on a bump start. Its choosing as and when to stsrt though. Will it be the starter motor? I know it hasnt been changed. I've changed the battery 2 year ago? Any help is a big help.
  2. Didn't capture the code. I will keep you so updated. Yeh auto correct juddering gone haha. I've took it on a 150 mile journey it did juddering for 3 miles estimate but it went. No issue since. Thanks for the help people
  3. Update for all. Firstly thankyou for your help people. Went euro car parts. Purchased streetwize obd scanner. Plugged in 1 error code... erased code. Started car..... and bingo.... limb mode gone! Jumped on motorway. No issues apart from... slight juddering. Then murdering gone. Could this be job done?
  4. Only got the car in January. With 3.month warranty from a dealer. Very smooth car but now this problem. Not sure about DPF will habe to dig paperwork out. There is no smoke at all from the car. Could it be a MAF issue?
  5. Ok so garage took.it out of limb mode it went back in limb mode. Any ideas I'm coming to end of my whits with it now. Dpf was changed in 2016. I do short journeys more than long. Trouble is I'm tied into a 4 year finance deal. Worse mistake I ever made
  6. Hi sorry. Garage did it but I don't know the codes specifics. It's still in limb mode, I've been told change the air box get some dpf cleaning fluid and talent for a constant drive for 30 mins to one hour. To try burn the build up out. Question is will I be best doing the motorway drive first then clear codes or clear codes then go for the drive?
  7. Guys and girls. I need your help! Car is in limb mode so no power what so ever. It's horrible. Had recent intercooler turn hose replaced, found a crack in air box also found now. Going to replace this. Had it plugged in its coming up with dpf fault. Dpf was changed in 2016. Asking dpf regen. Tried the motorway manual regen had no look. Will this be due to the air box hole? I need get this sorted asap, I have a family to be able to get about but can't with this ISSUE. Please help guys.
  8. Mine had split bought one of ebay but it's not fit for the job. I need one but ford are asking for 110 pound! It's ridiculous for a hose. Does the one below fit? This isn't the one I bought
  9. Guys and girls. I need your help! 😪😪😪😪 See pictures attached of a required new hose. Can someone put a name to this or find me the right one to buy. Dealer asking for £110!!! I purchased the one attached off eBay however is thicker than original that was on. Had to change it to help the car a little. Also attached one that says it will fit but I need to be guaranteed? Car is in limb mode so no power what so ever. It's horrible I need get this sorted asap, I have a family to be able to get about but can't with this ISSUE. Please help
  10. 4 months ago. This has been my first long journey. Didn't do it on way back from holiday today either.
  11. Noticed in motorway on Friday heading 9n holiday with family. Car started to struggle after about 1h30mins. Was 60mph and car seemed to struggle for acceleration and it felt like it was gasping for fuel or air. Anyone got thoughts on what this could be
  12. Try fuel filter and fuel injector seals. This is what mine was on my 09 1.6tdci. I had sudden power loss around 2k. Murdering. Car sometimes cutting out. Been fine since fuel filter changed at 2 of the seals.
  13. Solution found for me!!! Passenger side football. 2 x wire components one green one orange. The orange was out of socket a little. Finally been able blame Mrs for something All central locking working and boot catch
  14. Just pulled up as asda. Luggage comp open message on screen. Now central locking won't work! I've sprayed the lock at boot but still nothing won't open by hand. Habe to habe key really close to boot press boot button on key their works but still can't lock the car Any ideas people. Urgent!! Ford focus 1.6tdci 2009 plate
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