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  1. I was met with blank expressions when I mentioned the funny sound and it was promptly dismissed with "the seatbelt and reversing sensor sounds come out of different speakers". So there we are, clearly it's just in our imagination.
  2. Car is back from a service where I mentioned this. According to the job sheet/invoice, they carried out an update to the ABS module. But, they also told me there were no outstanding items coming up for my VIN and no fault codes. So why did they do an update for that, but not for the fuel filter at limit warning? Started the vehicle and the fuel gauge needle was pointing at half full, but the petrol warning light was on and reading that I had 15 miles to go to empty. Queried this and was told it was "normal after an update" and it'll "sort itself out". Seems like a load of nonsense. I filled the tank because I had no idea how much fuel was actually in it, needle is now on full and miles to empty is 20 and slowly increasing when driving. So they updated the ABS module and broke the fuel gauge? I don't get it. Are the two things related? I was told they couldn't find anything wrong with the fuel filter at limit warning that happens most days (despite taking it for long runs) and that I need to keep driving. Right. Like from Holyhead to Manchester and back and it did it the following week? I was then told if I thought it came on too much, to give them the car for a technician to take home for a week or two. You are having a laugh, right? Apart from the fact that for all I know they'll thrash the (fairly new) car, who pays for the courtesy car and my inconvenience? A fob off if I ever heard one: tell you that the only way to resolve an issue (maybe) is to give your car to someone you don't know for a fortnight. I don't know how the technician kept a straight face, but I have to wonder if perhaps this was the stock answer given to anyone with a difficult issue. Absolute waste of time. Still, the B&O sound system was on full blast when I got in it, so I can imagine what they've actually been doing. My car isn't clean by any means, I have a 2 year old, but the courtesy car was next level filthy inside: crisps and gunk everywhere. "We didn't have time to get it cleaned because we are so busy" she said. That's my problem why? No worries I said before I saw it. I felt like hovering above the seat like you might in a portaloo. £10 for the privilege and not as much fuel in it as she told me there was. At the end of the day, I had to call twice to find out if they were finished with the car (head office couldn't get through to the branch, twice, sent emails and still no call back. So I turned up around 5 and on arrival, they couldn't find my paperwork. Thanks Evans Halshaw Ashton, I won't be returning.
  3. Nope. What happens is the dealer can't find any fault. Waste of time booking it in and faffing around. Now I've got my car back it's says Fuel level low 15 miles to empty but the needle is at the half mark.
  4. Mine's booked in for Thursday. What is it they replace/fix so I can tell them when they tell me they've not seen this issue before
  5. Mine does it most days, even after motorway/long/varied driving/lots of revs/low gears. It's going to get booked in.
  6. Ooo! Ooo! Can I add to my list? How about showing me my reversing camera for my entire journey home and completely locking up the touch screen. 😂 then a blue screen of death. So as well as blasting down the motorway unnecessarily to clear the exhaust filter in my new economical car, it's now necessary to look like a car thief in car parks standing outside it with the door locked waiting for it to power down.
  7. No follow-ups since May? Is that because of the hot summer weather and/or the software update or have people just given up? I can only assume this thread will resume now we're in September...
  8. Mine is the 1.0L EB, yes. Particle filter message still keeps coming up on some journeys. It's not due a service until March. I might try taking it for a motorway drive to see if it helps. Building up quite a list to tell the service department! I can imagine the response now when I come to collect and pay: "Yeah they had a look but couldn't find any faults. We've not heard of this happening before..."
  9. Starting to think my car is dud in some way "Exhaust filter full drive to clean" now. I did a 2.5 hour motorway drive Sunday. Seems unlikely to be a genuine message.
  10. Hi tl;dr how do I not be that person who's alarm is going off on the ferry? 68 plate Focus. Travelled on a ferry and was that person who's alarm was going off. Annoyingly it was the only time I don't remember being promoted for full or reduced guard when I turned the ignition off (it's set to prompt). Anyway I left it on full and 10 minutes in the crossing received the notification that the alarm was triggered. Is reduced guard enough to avoid this happening again? From what I can see from the manual all that does is turn off the interior sensors, but there's an inclination sensor which it doesn't look like can be disabled. Presumably the inclination sensor would trigger? The car deck was locked, but I was able to unlock the car from the FordPass App. I was all pleased with myself until I realised that it locks and arms itself again after a short while 🙄 Cheers Jamie
  11. The strange change in warning tone sound? Odd that it fixes itself when the car is restarted.
  12. How often does that happen? So far it's only been once, but the strange alteration in the warning sounds has happened twice, both times resolved by restarting the car. And the auto stop still doesn't always remember the last setting. I'll mention it when it goes in next
  13. It's funny, I gave the dealer a call and no sooner had I mentioned "faults coming up" the lady on the phone rattled off what sounded like a well rehearsed speech about "it could have been a leaf on the sensor" (I didn't mention what the faults were at this point) and that if it hasn't come up again not to worry. I mentioned the auto hold not remembering the last setting sometimes and she basically said not to worry unless it happens more often. I guess this type of issue is happening all the time. I shall mention it when it goes in for a service next. Incidentally I took a look at the plastic rectangle underneath the number plate but couldn't see anything obvious.
  14. That seems to have been cured by turning the car off and on again.