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  1. I have a really annoing creack from the dashboard on the drivers side (lhd). After a 10 minutes drive it creaks when going on an off throttle. The dealer looked (had a rattle when accelerating in the dashboard from 1700-2500 rpm) at it and it was over for a couple of weeks. Now it is back again. Anyone an idea?
  2. Just use a Fuse Piggyback. Plug in into the fuseboard under the steering wheel (LHD){ifdyn:dyn}{ifpla:pla}{ifdbm:DBM&albch=DID}&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=494-037-6276&isdl=y&albcp=664365076&albag=32654332494&slnk=&trgt=68684682745&plac=&crea=nl32651680620&netw=g&device=c&mtctp=&gclid=CjwKCAjw-6bWBRBiEiwA_K1ZDamOJv2nTgExWtknVAYQG1WkrljhrM0yUg34dMxWK_R_R8pBLlUK0RoCQ5oQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. And just look under your car, you can see it on the gearbox.
  4. Mine Mk8 had a off centre steering wheel also....
  5. Most of the times the manufacturer builds these gearboxes with a safety margin of about 1.3. So technically it can hande 1.3 x 215 = 279,5 Nm. But there is a improvement, because the older 5 speeds were rated at 170 Nm. This gearbox is much better than the old ones. And if you don't rev it like a maniac in 1st and 2nd gear i don't seem to be worried.
  6. 215 Nm. Gearbox is a Getrag 6MTT215.
  7. My Mk8 100HP also has one.
  8. You need kind of force to get them out. The correct way is to loosen the bolts and the plastic clip. Then apply force in a angle towards the bumper, so it clicks out of this thing:
  9. Did someone already a conversion to LED or Xenon in the new Fiesta Mk8? I bought a LED set from Nighteye like in the review, but it doesn't fit due to the weird system for H7...... I have the lighting package with projectors but i can't stand the yellowish halogen light along with the LED DRL. I want to change the Halogen bulb to LED or Xenon or a "Xenon" look halogen. Any tips?
  10. Well, a company in my country sells splitters for the Mk8. Maybe something for you? Also if you want a sporty trim, get a ST-line ;)