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  1. Love black on black. They look good :)
  2. Yeah definitely give it ago and see how you get on. You probably won’t end up with black hands for a week like I did either [emoji23]
  3. My rubber door seal on the passenger side did exactly the same thing. I noticed whilst in the garage viewing the car and I was told it would be fixed when I picked it up. Their way of fixing’ it was to use double sided sticky tabs. Which obviously didn’t work as it came loose again a few days later. I just used tiger seal so it won’t come away from the door anymore.
  4. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to start one for ages but hadn’t got round to it. I’ve seen your thread before I think, but I’ve looked at so many I can’t remember who’s is who’s! I’m doing mine in an automatic because I’m a wimp! I made the mistake of buying a cheap corsa 2 years ago and letting my partner teach me. I didn’t listen, I got angry, we argued [emoji23] It knocked my confidence though so I decided to try an automatic first with a proper instructor. Glad I made that decision because it’s at least got me on the road! Did you pass first time? I’m nervous as hell which is silly because I drive everyday in my fiesta and do fine! Perhaps even a little complacent [emoji85]
  5. Hi Guys Thought I’d start some kind of build thread as I have a few things planned for my new baby! I bought her a few months ago and have done some small bits already. These photos were taken a few days after I got her. I think the only thing I’d added here was the steering wheel cover. I’m still wearing L Plates unfortunately! I suffer from panic attacks and put off driving for 10 years. Last year my younger 18 year old sister passed her test so I knew it was time to bite the bullet! I’m so glad I found an amazing instructor who understands and helps anxiety. I’ve now found that driving has actually helped my mental health and confidence loads! I’ve been ready for my test since January but kept putting it off until now. I’m booked in for the middle of next month... nervous! My partner has been taking me to Ford shows for years and watching him put lots of hours into his own Ford made me interested in car mods. I’ll update this as and when anything new goes onto/into the car. Any any ideas and suggestions for small mods at this stage would be great! Chloé :)
  6. Looks better every time I see new photos! Good work Hun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi. I have the same current set up as you. I went into Halfords and they told me everything I needed to upgrade my stereo. Wires, facia etc. I’m sure a lot of people on here would know what’s needed but I couldn’t find what I was looking for online so I just popped in and spoke to someone. They actually have a bundle deal on at the moment including fitting so I decided to go with that to save me messing it up! If nobody replies on here I’d suggest going in and asking :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Really interesting seeing everything you’ve done to this beaut over time. You’ve given me mod envy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, like @TomsFocus said it must be a titanium feature to have all three.
  10. I have the 12 plate fiesta and I only had the red lighting strip across the glove box.
  11. Yes, definitely! I’m excited to learn new things and have a go at bits myself. I’m impatient and he’s a busy guy 😂 His escort takes up most of his free time so he’s gonna have to share his time equally now 🙈 He only has himself to blame for taking me to the ford shows and introducing me to mods! I agree with you on the gold lettering. In love with all the little bits @zagobir has done. I can see this becoming addictive...
  12. I especially like how your rear lights look tinted. Neeeed! 😂 Will have to enquire next time I’m near the garage. My fella sprayed his and they don’t look too bad so I could go with that as the cheaper option if needs be.
  13. I may need to get out tomorrow and take some photos of my new baby in that case! Thanks for advice hun. Quick question.. was it expensive when you had the lights tinted? Trying to decide on what bits to do first within my current price range.
  14. Youre more than welcome :) is the build thread a common thing? Still trying to navigate my way around here 🙈
  15. She’s so pretty!! 😍 Only just joined this site and already got loads of inspo from you.