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  1. Hi Guys Any advice or thoughts please? Regards
  2. Hi All I need some advice. Since I repaired the clutch on my Ford Focus 2 months ago everytime I push the clutch in the revs will shoot up to around 3000. When I free down a hill the revs will remain high untill I let it out again and then go back to normal. When I come to a stop the car will rev high for a few seconds and then drop down to 1000. Can anyone please advise me what the cause could be? I took of the idle regulator and cleaned it throughly with break cleaner and it didn't maike a difference. I also tried to check if there might be a air leak somewhere but couldn't find one. Another issue that I have is that I think the injectors might be dirty because the car misses a bit and then goes. Can I take the injectors off and clean them? Regards
  3. Hi All I recently replaced the gearbox on my ford. Yesterday morning while driving to work the shifter suddenly stopped working. I parked in the parking lot and took out the battery and then opened the box in which the cables go into - hoping that one might have popped off. No such luck - the cable was broken and I'm stuck in second gear. I went to the parts store and ordered the part. It got here today and picking it up after work. I already undid the stuff around the gear leaver and loosened the cables. I started pulling them towards me but then stopped. Can I attach the new cable to the old cable and then pull them trough like that? Thanks for your advice! Regards
  4. The key problem was that the original key is very worn. I tried the spare key and works 100%. For the revving problem I bought EGR valve cleaner in a spray bottle and injection cleaner that goes into the tank as well. Guy said to only add it when tank has quater left and I filled up the car yesterday morning since it is a well known and generally accepted fact that car runs better when their tanks are full.
  5. Hi All Well. This happened. I bought a new car - A renault Espace, 2'nd hand. I tried again to fix the Ford but no luck. Then last week Monday on the way to work the Timing belt on the Espace broke. A mate borrowed me his car for the week so I had to get one car running before today ;). I searched around for a new gearbow and found one at the scrapyard for €150. I then started the reassembly job on Friday afternoon. EVERYTHING that could go wrong did go wrong. I struggled my butt off getting the gearbox back on. 4th time that I did it. And that back screw on the engine mount is my personal demon. I have very big hands they are cut to ribbons. The last time my hands looked like this is way back when when crayfish season opened. I managed to get everything back on to be able to test the clutch and bled it and tried. AND it worked - the wheel thingies turned!!! I was sooooo happy. The it took me almost another day to put back everything. Like I said - almost everything went wrong. When I tried to put back the screw that keep the brakes on the thread was gone and I had to recut the thread and the one tire bolt stripped as well. I bled it again and bled the brakes as well and took it for a test drive and it drove! Champagne all around! I then changed the oil and added powersteering fluid etc. I still have a issue or two. The battery was dead so I changed that this morning and changed two tires as well. What happens now is you drive and all is well and when you stop and put the clutch in the revs would go up to around 3000 and stay there for a few seconds and the go down to 1000. Don't know why that is. Also the key won't turn in the ignition each time. You have to wiggle it around and then suddenly it turns. But that takes around 2 or 3 minutes. Will check on te formum if there is any advice for this. But it drives and now I have to learn how to change the timing belt on a Renault Espace... Wish me luck - and that nothing is broken inside...
  6. Even if I'm in Neutral and let go of the clutch it is as if it is in gear and wants to stall.
  7. Hi All Spent the whole of yesterday trying to fix it. Got clutch out in no time and put it in the right way round. The struggled myself silly trying to get the transmission back in. Put everything back and then bled the clutch. Still no luck. The wheels won't even turn when I release the clutch. I am out of ideas and don't know what to do anymore! Any advice will be appreciated!!!! Regards
  8. Thanks isetta - Yeah it would have been ideal to have someone more expierienced to help but unfortunatly that wasn't possible. At least I have some expierience now and will tackle the job tomorrow morning early and should hopefully have it done in a few hours... At least I have some more tools to help now ;) Do you think I would have done dammage to the clutch in the brief time that I had it on or should it be OK? Also I already refilled the transmission oil - can I drain it and reuse the oil or should I go buy some more? Regards
  9. Crap... Then I installed it the wrong way round... Well
  10. Hi Thanks for teh advice. It is SACHS Brand. The gearbox is in the engine isn't it? I installed it facing away fro the transmission housing. Regards
  11. Hi Tom Thanks for the response - The clutch plate was only marked on one side - it said gearbox side and I installed it with that side facing the engine. Did I install it the wrong way round? Regards
  12. Hi All Recently the clutch on my Ford Focus started slipping etc. Went to the garage and the guy told me that it would be a load of money that I don't have right now. On the way home there was a noise but I kept driving because I was in 5'th. When I slowed down and wanted to get into a lower gear it was impossible. Carried on in 5'th until it was safe to stop and switched off the car and tried the gears. It went into second and I thought it would be OK. It moved about m and then got stuck completely. I towed to to my house and decided to do the clutch myself after seeing a video on Youtube. I replaced the clutch plate and disk but not the slave cylinder because it wasn't in the kit like I though it would be. I used a clutch alignment tool that I ordered from Amazon and torqued the screws like showed in video. I completed the job on Sunday and struggled to get the transmission back on but managed after a while. Today I finished the job - I put in the transmission oil and bled the clucth like it was shown in internet. I then replaced the gear selectors and everything and then decided to test it to see if everything is OK. I wasn't. I struggled to start it after a while it was OK. I then tried switching gears and it goes in fine but when I try to release the clutch the car start to die. I even tried it in neutral but as soon as I let go of the clutch it starts to die. I tried it for about 2 min and switched off the car. When I got to the bonnet there was smoke coming from the clutch area and it stank of burned clutch. Can you please advise since I'm well and truly stuck here and desperate. Did I install the clucth wrong? Do I need to change the slave cylinder as well? Might it be that the gearbox is screwed? Regards