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  1. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    So the tapping noise doesn't actually come from the VCT unit itself but is the cause of the noisy tappet, rather than the tappet itself being worn?
  2. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    Ok, well the odd thing about mine is that it is one 'tick' rather than many. Also it is only noticeable when the engine is warm. While I have your attention what are the symptoms of a failing VCT actuator. Would it throw up any codes or engine malfunctions? One other thing, I'm not totally 100 per cent sure but it does seem to vary in intensity. Thanks
  3. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    Yes, I understand. I was hoping to pick up some tips, but I can't find anyone that's done the job. I seem to be unlucky in that my car is one of very few that needs the clearances checked? Either that or most owners just grin and bare it?
  4. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, my concern is that you appear to need to lock the camshafts in place with a special tool while changing the cambelt. But, as you know, the camshafts have to be removed to be able to access the tappets. So, assuming that the crankshaft is locked by the flywheel locking tool, how do I refit the camshafts to then be able to fit the cambelt. Do the camshafts have a indication to show TDC (assuming I don't have to remove the 'actuators' from the camshafts themselves). Hope this makes sense PS: do you know, as a rough guide how much the tappets are 'each'?
  5. I am looking at checking the valve clearances on my upcoming cam belt change. It has became 'tappety' so I'm expecting a few to need doing (it's on 99k). Has anybody actually done this job or be able to offer any tips. I understand I need to measure the valve clearances with the camshafts removed. If I 'lock the engine' at the flywheel will I be able to reset the camshafts when they are refitted, bearing in mind they 'should' have the locking tool in place to change the cambelt? Many thanks
  6. Fuel filler cap

    The fuel filler cap is not opening when I operate the lever on the floor. Possible broken cable. Has anyone ever changed one. It is a Mk2 1.8 verona Cheers
  7. Hi I am desperate. I had to change the alternator and battery on my 1.8 mondeo verona. When connected up the car starts and runs fine. Except the alarm is on (inicator flashing, horn going and immobiliser light on). The central locking locks the car but you cannot unlock any door from the key. Any ideas?