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  1. Answering calls with M button

    My 1.4 tdci zetec is one month old now and have no trouble at all anwering or hanging up calls with the M button so it seems they have sorted it (well on mine anyway)
  2. scuff plates

    You can get just the front ones for a five door from ford the part number is 1531353.
  3. scuff plates

    Great stuff. many thanks I will go get a set.
  4. scuff plates

    Thinking of getting some of the door scuff plates (not the fancy light up ones). Has anyone on here fitted any? How do they go on? are they just stuck on or screwed on?. I see they don't cost a great deal well worth popping on I think.
  5. Ford Y Cable

    yep, But think I have worked out what was wrong, Me songs in itunes came from my cd's and got saved as M4 thingy files, changed the buggers to mp3 and redone the playlists and now the lovely lady in the dash board does as she is asked bless her. Took me a few days to work it but got there in the end
  6. Help needed for ipod play lists

    Yep done all that in Itunes then popped em on me ipod nano. Get as far as the voice control asking for the playlist number, when I say "1" or "Ford 1" it just says not possible. Grrr It's giving me the right hump :(
  7. Ford Y Cable

    Here's one for peeps to help me with then. I have got the cable for my ipod nano and everything works fine apart from voice control to my playlist. The lovely lady in the dash gets as far as asking for the playlist number but when I answer 1 she says "not possible" I have saved the playlists in itunes as it says in the hand book i:e "Ford1" etc etc. Help. :( what am I doing wrong
  8. Hi all new member here. I have been reading about the Y cable for the ipod, anyway got one and it works fine. But it seems I need to have my play lists saved as m3u files. does anyone know how I do this from itunes on my pc