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  1. if you can get access to IDS you can do it, might be worth starting a database of members who for some beer tokens would be able to help people out (local of course)
  2. my zetec has the auto light section but because it doesn't have the sensor on the windscreen all this does is leave the lights on all the time (and has them as coming home lights when parking up) auto switching them off after about 30seconds
  3. On the DRL cars the DRL's are also classed as your sidelights im sure, then you just have dipped and main after that
  4. i might enable the drl's on my standard lamps, it may just bring on the sidelights but it would then stand to reason your correct.
  5. basically it looked like the small led style rear used a wiring tap from the loom that feeds the upper dual filament bulb on the zetecs
  6. i know from personal experience, the rear lights from the zetec s are a straight swap(they have the nice style rear tail light)... ive got a mate with the newer drl style im just trying to pin him down so i can steal a headlight for testing as its something i want to do aswell.
  7. My new work horse, its a sheep in wolfs clothing 1.5tdci
  8. ah, i read about the UCDS program but also that it takes ages to come and is abit pricey. i may try and wangle the ford dealer near me to turn it on as a good will gesture for my busted heated screen!
  9. ah, i best get the laptop charged again and have another root around in the PCM module then?
  10. i enabled cruise and ASL through the BCM, i heard you had to initialize the abs afterwards so i tried that as well, but no dice. im going to pull the airbag again and check the squib connection to see if its missing any pins, seems as though ford have gone back to the old school way of having different looms for cars to stop people just upgrading themselves
  11. Ive managed to snag a cruise steering wheel (fitted already) all lights up and ive been in to forscan to enable "with cruise control" and "with ASL". Only issue is the controls still dont repsond, the rest of the steering wheel controls work (volume, voice etc) i just cant seem to get the CC to activate Anyone had any issue's and found out what caused it? Cheers
  12. On sidelights just the LED strip and the top bit becomes your brake light
  13. Azz899


    If you have sync 3 you can change the boot screen, ive set mine to the ST ford performance one pretty simple to do
  14. Just to close this out, the rear lights with the "LED" strip are plug and play. Went out on a whim and bought them today
  15. plug and play or did you require wiring? cheers