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  1. My Mk2 Kuga Sync1 screen has packed up as well!, I believe there are options coded into the screen and Nav/ none Nave screens as well; ours is a BM5T. I gave up trying to find a replacement and am taking the lot out and going with an Android based system. Our Ford screen only managed 4 1/2 years. Will see how it goes..
  2. Mk1's had a problem with the windscreens leaking water into the fusebox area iirc?, worth a good look around to see if there's water damage to the wiring or any dampness.
  3. I've decided to cut my losses and go for one of these instead of trying to source a replacement screen and hope it has all the relevant bits coded in!. Should brighten the interior up if nothing else. Shame really as I had no problems at all with the Sync1 but 4 1/2 years for a screen unit life is not the best..
  4. First post in here so hello everyone!. I have a 2013 Mk2 Kuga TitaniumX Powershift and it's been an excellent car. Unfortunately about a month back the Nav centre screen started flickering and now it is completely white for around 10 mins before it comes on and looks washed out when it does. I have Sony Sync 1 with Satnav / reversing camera etc and have been looking for a replacement screen but they seem hard to find!. I've put a picture up of my part numbers and was wondering how close the numbers have to be to make it a working replacement?, seen a few that look identical but have slightly differing numbers and don't want buy a screen that doesn't work. Is this just a screen or doest it have other functions (is it the satnav computer as well?) Any input appreciated!. Cheers, Keith.