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  1. how did you order one with sync 2.5 they all come with sync 3 standard?
  2. was just wondering if anyone has tried the nighteye LED h1 in there mk8 fiesta? only reason i ask is because it says its a 80W bulb and the fiesta is 50W so was wondering if it would be okay to use. link here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOVSIGHT-H1-1600LM-LED-Fog-Light-Bulbs-Replacemen-High-Power-6500K-Cool-White/264397110594?epid=2239519071&hash=item3d8f4bbd42:g:WB8AAOSwJqBdKg4~ any help is much appreciated.
  3. its a pain to get out and even more of a pain to get back in as i have tried when fitting LED bulbs. if your fitting LED ones its a headlight out job sadly not enough room for the fan/heatsink to get it in.
  4. if only they made the mk8 headlights come out as easy as other headlights and the mk7/7.5
  5. yeh sadly if their workshop was closer to be i would have them fit them but its 4-5 hours away so sadly its a no and its a lease car so i dont want to spend a fortune on it for it being temp but the bulbs are very good build quality and i did . plug them in out of the projector and extremely bright. also there rubber caps are a bit smaller and better than autobeam. but you could cut a hole in the back that you can squeeze over the fan that will do the job.
  6. sadly its a headlight out job and i know the mk8 headlights are a pain to get in and out so i returned them sadly.
  7. they have been tested for 6 months so they dont mess with beam pattern it will be same as halogen bulbs just much brighter. yes they fit but there fitting center is in Leeds so depends if its close enough to you.
  8. i am getting a set to test tomorrow so will update you with pictures ect
  9. sadly not plug and play as i asked my dealer, i had the autobeam ones but all they are is there normal h7 led bulb with a poorly 3D printed version on the bulb holder not good at all where as the CEUK one is a completely brand new built bulb make specificlly for the MK8 that works with the OEM bulb holder
  10. Just to update this page the bulbs are now avalible for pre order here https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/collections/x-ceuk-lighting-dipped-beam/products/mk8-fiesta-enhanced-edition-led-h7 CEUK have kindly send me an exclusive pair before they come out to test so should have them tomorrow/monday.
  11. don't think its possible as i believe you need all the auto leveling sensors so be fitted and all the wiring and software changed. if it is possible it wont be cheap at all. the best bet is to order these NEW from CEUK specially made brand new for the mk8 fiesta projector https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/collections/x-ceuk-lighting-dipped-beam/products/mk8-fiesta-enhanced-edition-led-h7
  12. it was quite a while ago but from what i remember on the mk8 theres no clips behind mirror just comes off slowly, although your car is under warranty so they should be replacing it for you bro
  13. the whole plastic cover needs to come off i had to have mine done by ford i watched you just need to use trim removal tools and do it gently and it will pop off
  14. yeh i only done front because the back is a nightmare to get into and my car is a lease care so cant be bothered with the effort tbh! i shall update you all when i get the CEUK h7 dipped LEDS
  15. sorry i ment the MK* h7 LED bulbs are not very good there indicator bulbs are very good, yeh luckliy my fiesta has the led signature and led brake lights already so dont need to upgrade them just the dipped beam.
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