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  1. So a little update, the finish was rubbish so I've sanded it back and started again, got a good bed of colour on it now, it's just hardening off before I apply the lacquer Learning all the time but getting there....
  2. Well I think it's going to need a bit of polishing to get the surface smooth, but I'll let it harden off for a few days then break out the buffer
  3. Well my new wing arrived, found a supplier of paint so the last couple of days I've primed and now painted, just in the middle.of the lacquering process, the pic is with no lacquer on, will post a follow up!
  4. Thanks for that Vid, i've taken the plunge and ordered a replacement wing from the net, the one issue i am having is trying to find a supplier of Race Red Spray Paint... I thought things might be a bit tricky given the current circumstances but i cannot find it anywhere... can find plenty of touch up kits, anyone got any reliable suppliers they use?
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the responses!! I have considered the donor wing approach but to be honest I am unsure how to remove the current one and refit as to be honest that approach would probably work better, anyone got the knowhow on removing the old and replacing? I have a sizable shed with heaters so spraying a replacement one in there with our climate would probably be the best way forward!
  6. Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping safe? I usually drive about 500 miles a week for work but that's been knocked on the head for the foreseeable.. so thought it might be a good time to attempt to do a few jobs on my focus, now I firmly believe my car has been involved in a front end impact of some sort at some time. I bought it second hand and had the dealer respray the front bumper after 6 months as the clear coat started peeling off, it was believed it had been badly repaired, I have also now found that the front drivers side wing appears to be bubbling near the arch and in the clear coat I can see little bubbles, prob from moisture getting under a previous repair... So to cut a long story short (believe it or not) I am looking for a guide of some kind on how and what to use to sand down the area, prime and re-spray, the car is race red so a solid colour... There are alot of videos etc out there but everyone has their own ways of doing things and what they use, so need a little clarity Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
  7. Well replacing the switch has resolved my issue and boot is now opening, this is how I did it... Removed the two handle covers on the back of the boot lit and unscrewed the two Philips screws behind each one... I found there are 6 nuts holding the outer boot handle on the car so you need to remove these but be careful not to lose them behind the metal... Back on the outside of the boot the plastic should now just pull away, you should then be able to push our the button, pull the cable and swap... I gave it all a little clean behind there, I tested it worked and then reassembled in reverse order, tested a few more times and all is well again!
  8. Hi Everyone - Driving home the other night (in the dark) i noticed something out of the corner of my eye - when i eventually caught it i found that the 1-9 number panel - specifically under the 5 and 8 was flickering - Has anyone else had this issue/resolved it? It looks to be a loose wire but i dont want to take the dash apart for no reason - i was hoping someone on here had previous experience of this? Can you get replacement panels?
  9. Exactly the same issue on my 64 Plate Focus, i searched e-bay but found the same thing as yourself and didnt want to pay for dodgey copies. I went to the ford dealer near me and he told me that the switch going is a common thing which then made me question buying the 2nd hand ones from scrap yards... so i have just stumped up the dosh to replace the switch - which i didn't want to do - but plan on having the car quite a while yet! Probably get it fitted this evening so can take some pics as i muddle through the process and report back!
  10. Hi everyone, strange problem has literally just started on my 2014 Focus, the boot will open just fine from the fob but press the handle and nothing... Now if I open the boot and press the handle I can hear a mechanical movement so there is power etc... Is this just a simple case of a new boot handle button? I just don't want to buy one for not reason. Cheers
  11. Well, I got my 64 Plate Ford Focus from a main dealer in Feb this year - 23k on the clock and did not seem in too bad condition but I have had many issues which have now been rectified - some without question and some involving meetings with managers etc In these 5 months of ownership I have had to have the following repaired/replaced... Bonnet - Re-Sprayed due to Paint beginning to "craze" Air-conditioning - Re-Gassed after A/C became non-existent Door Check Strap - Door Making Strange creaking noise when door opened - they recommended this and replaced it but it still happens... Rear Parking Sensors - Argument over this - put the car into reverse - noise would not stop - a few arguments but long story short they replaced them with Ford X-Vision ones Front Bumper - Lacquer Coat started peeling off in sheets - Argument over this one of course, meeting with the garage manager - once he saw the extent of the damage, bumper re-sprayed! Air Conditioning Again - Air Con became non-existent again - taken in and mentioned I had reported it when I first got the car - found to be a knackard A/C Condenser - replaced Before I picked it up it had a new Dashboard Bezel fitted too as some weird crazing/cracking had occurred just in front of the screen. Also, nothing to do with the dealer but I had an Alloy Re-Sprayed, looked amazing, took it to Kwik Fit to get a new Tyre put on it and they Destroyed It! Ended up having to have it re-sprayed again with Kwik Fit footing the bill... So after 5 months of persistence and going back and forward I finally now seem *touch wood* to have the car I wanted originally! 😊 Victory!!
  12. Just reread your comment in the air con, they just regassed mine too and said it had no leaks but I am concerned it might not last too long, doesn't seem as cold as it did when I first got it back so tempted to to another garage...the courtesy fiesta I got while mine was in had much cooler air con! On another note... All done[emoji4] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  13. Well it escalated! I came back from 2 weeks holiday, washed the car and it got a whole lot worse. A quote for a re-spray from a garage near my work quoted 400 quid, so i sent an e-mail to the garage i bought it from both the site manager and the sales man and also the group head office... i got a reply shortly afterward asking me to go for a meeting with the manager and the result... they are re-spraying the bumper now :-) Happy Days!
  14. In the end i did a combination of both kits - the colour accuracy of the ford kit and the blending/brushes supplied with the chipex kit
  15. Hi everyone, well I have had my 64 focus a couple of months now and having had to have the bonnet resprayed (due to cracking paint), the air con fixed, the rear parking sensors replaced and a door check strap replaced I can't say I'm loving it and now it has handed me a new challenge, the front bumper has decided to shed it's lacquer... I have been back to ford and they don't want to know so has anyone got any ideas on how I can repair this and it not look rubbish?! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk