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  1. Mk 7 Automatic Car Wash Alert !

    Have a look at your paint work under a bright light. There will will hundreds of swirll marks on it. Car washes are the devil I tell ya. Use the 2 bucket method for car washing only.
  2. Sweet New Skins For The Forums!

    It looks 10 times better and doesn't hurt my eyes anymore :).
  3. Mpg For A 1800 Zetec

    A lot is down to driving style and the type of driving your doing. If the car is well serviced and mechanically ok then it should be doing near 40mpg.
  4. Please Help

    The car could be hydrolocked as a result of driving through water that deep! If that is what's happened here it will mean a new engine.
  5. Information About Focus Mkiii?

    It's all there: http://www.ford.co.u...sSpecifications 5-seat mode (with mini spare) 316Ltr 5-seat mode (with full-size spare) 277Ltr 5-seat mode (laden to package tray) (with mini spare) 316Ltr 2-seat mode (with mini spare) 1101Ltr 2-seat mode (with full-size spare) 1062Ltr 2-seat mode (laden to roof) (with mini spare) 1101Ltr 2-seat mode (laden to roof) (with full-size spare) 1062Ltr
  6. Broken Locking Wheel Nut

    Some garages might be able to weld a nut on to the lock nut and then remove it. It's not a mcgaurd lock nut is it?
  7. Focus Doesn't Start

    Have you checked the spark plugs and leads? any corrosion around the battery etc?
  8. Focus Doesn't Start

    Have you another car you can try jumping it off?
  9. IMG 1566

  10. Your Focus

    Mine, recently purchased. I've a few plans in store for here, she's completely stock at the moment. I just fitted climair wind deflectors the other day and some LED bulbs. 1.6i 2003 (130k miles).
  11. Focus Passenger Headlight Blown

    Here you go. http://benjol.blogspot.com/2008/08/ford-focus-headlamp-bulb-change.html
  12. I've attached a 'how to' guide that I nicked from another ford forum. I had planned doing this myself but never got around to it. I need to source the parts needed. Hope this helps. Twin reverse lights.pdf
  13. I got them installed yesterday on mine and my dad's focus. I got to say the look great with lots of light to see what's behind me. I think I'll order the other bits and the climate control dials next. :)
  14. Will these fit the mk1 facelift version?
  15. At that price I was hoping they were the right ones. Thanks for checking. :)