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  1. Yes, that's where it is. I tried it but it doesn't work for normal operation (obviously only works in remote turn on which I've not tried).
  2. Not yet. Will try it over the weekend and let you know!
  3. I noticed a setting in the vehicle settings today that you can either have your air con on 'auto' or 'remember last setting.' Mine switches itself off randomly and the setting was on 'auto.'
  4. I always go with standard Ford (genuine parts) as that is what the car has been designed for.
  5. It has got a petrol engine!! 😉
  6. Could be head gasket gone between the cylinders. If you take off the oil filler cap, is there a light brown sludge on the underside of the cap?
  7. My car was still at the factory when they put the stop sale on them so I didn't already have it. I had a letter saying they'd give me a £500 card as an apology for the delay in delivery but two cards have come through and both are definitely for £500! 🙄
  8. If it's got an electronic handbrake there is a safety procedure to follow to isolate it. Have a look on You Tube as there are probably videos of how to do it. The pistons in the calipers usually need winding in on the rears rather than pushing them in as you do on the fronts.
  9. As I said above, my £500 fuel card arrived yesterday...and today....another one arrived!! 🤣 Has anyone else had two turn up?
  10. My card came through this morning which is 6 weeks from when I took delivery of the car. I presume it's a £500 card as it doesn't say anywhere on the letter or card how much is on it!
  11. How are you determining your fuel consumption? If you're using the onboard computer it can take time to settle after resetting it. By far the best way to work out how many miles to the gallon you're doing is to fill the tank and note your mileage. Then when the tank is nearing empty, fill up again and note how much you fill up with and how many miles you've travelled since the last fill up. If you do that two or three times it is a much more accurate way of doing things.
  12. Quofan

    New here

    Air con 'conditions' the air coming into the car so it can be used for both hot and cold air. I leave mine on all year round as it keeps all the components working smoothly. These days it doesn't have as much impact on fuel economy as it had years ago.
  13. Who knows? It just says software update which could, of course, also remove a few bugs. Saying that, I've never noticed any bugs in the system anyway.
  14. Did mine yesterday. Took about 10 minutes! All worked smoothly although can't see any differences from before.
  15. Not had this problem and not heard of it as a common issue. The sump plug is plastic and should be replaced each time it is removed. Did Ford definitely put a new one in?
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