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  1. Quofan

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    Air con 'conditions' the air coming into the car so it can be used for both hot and cold air. I leave mine on all year round as it keeps all the components working smoothly. These days it doesn't have as much impact on fuel economy as it had years ago.
  2. Who knows? It just says software update which could, of course, also remove a few bugs. Saying that, I've never noticed any bugs in the system anyway.
  3. Did mine yesterday. Took about 10 minutes! All worked smoothly although can't see any differences from before.
  4. Not had this problem and not heard of it as a common issue. The sump plug is plastic and should be replaced each time it is removed. Did Ford definitely put a new one in?
  5. Blimey, you could get an extended warranty through Ford for at least half of that. £1400 for 3 years is very expensive. Shop around. On the Ford Edge Facebook group one guy has just got a Warranty Direct policy with 3 years cover for £474. Doesn't cover everything but does cover engine, turbo and gearbox.
  6. I'm pretty certain that the Sport was phased out in favour of the ST-Line in late 2017 as I got one of the last Sports in December 2017.
  7. Check it's had the recall done for the air con pulley and if its an auto that the gearbox oil has been changed at 36,000 (4 years). This is critical for the auto box otherwise could be troublesome later on. Like all modern cars it suffers with some common problems. These seem to be to do with tailgates, high pressure oil switch (goes into limp mode), sun roof leaking or sticking plus a few others I can't remember. I've driven Fords for as long as I can remember and absolutely love the Edge even with its issues. Mine goes back next month 😥 (Kuga PHEV to replace it) and I shall miss it.
  8. Changing to LED bulbs is relatively easy. Changing headlamps from halogen to LED is much more difficult as the LED headlamps have motors that level the lights when you switch on. Plus the headlamps turn when you turn the steering wheel. I presume software changes would be required as well. All in all, not an easy task and I don't recall anyone that has done it. Far easier and cheaper to replace the existing bulbs with LED ones. One thing I specified when I got my Edge was that it had the LED headlamps as the halogens are dreadful at night whereas the LEDs are superb.
  9. Isn't it the other way round? RHT for the UK and LHT for Europe. It's not clear but the instruction seems to be for the traffic coming towards you. Most dealers set them to LHT in the UK and then people get flashed a lot. Changing them to RHT solves the problem.
  10. D900 is a non specific can communications interruption, not a real problem at all, it just means that since the last DTC read the battery has been disconnected, a jump start or a recharge has occurred. E510 (U2510) Missing or invalid security data to PCM. (Possibly a throttle position sensor fault). D147 may also be U11547 which reads Invalid or Missing Data for Vehicle Security.
  11. Stick some black electrical tape over the LEDs! You still get the dash and audio warning.
  12. It's only a dust seal so try a rubber adhesive to repair the hole with a small piece of inner tube. Or next best thing is to get a second hand caliper.
  13. No the rear wiper only lifts a small amount to allow you to clean underneath it or change the blade/arm. My Focus ST estate (mk3) was the same as well.
  14. It also means other things as well. Most common fault is the high pressure oil switch which puts the car into limp mode (i.e. virtually no acceleration). I had it and the oil pressure switch got changed under warranty and I've not had a problem since.
  15. Interesting. I presume the new shape Kuga will be slightly bigger as well so may have to go and have a look at one when they come into the showrooms. Thanks for the info Eric. I've got the rain sensing intermittent wipers and they're brilliant. Bad news is half of my steering wheel stopped heating up yesterday 😞 To be fair, I've had few problems with the Edge and will be sorry to see it go.
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