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  1. What I meant was if you'd already had Ford try and resolve the issue before your warranty ran out but they had failed, it will still be covered even after the warranty expires. Ford would have a record of when you took it in to them for the issue to be looked at.
  2. Well, an update to what I thought was fixed by Ford a few weeks ago...I was on the motorway today and guess what appeared on my dash again?...Yup, that ***** spanner again. 😞How can a brand new component fail after a couple of hundred miles? I've had Fords for years and have never had one as bad as the Edge.
  3. Could be a LHD wheel but could also be a wheel from the current face-lifted Edge. Or possibly even one from an S-Max or Mondeo? Just guessing though. I'd take photos in when speaking to Ford otherwise it would difficult to try and explain! 🙂
  4. Common fault is the high pressure oil switch. I had exactly the same issue recently and car went in to have the oil switch replaced. I've had no issues since. Mine only did it on the motorway when accelerating up to 70mph and then it went into limp mode with the spanner symbol showing on the dash. There will be a fault code shown when the garage plug in their diagnostic machine.
  5. My calipers have gone rusty and my previous car, a Focus ST, also had the same problem. With my Focus I painted them with smooth Hammerite (silver) which matched the original colour. You don't need to brush any rust off. I sold the car 3 years later and still not a sign of rust on them. I will give the ones on my Edge a paint in the Spring, once the bad weather has improved.
  6. Yes, or go for a drive around. I also downloaded the files and extracted them to a USB stick last week so am waiting for a journey that will take me longer than 30 minutes so I can do mine.
  7. I get around 28mpg around town and can touch 40mpg on a long motorway run (using cruise control). You have to remember the Edge is heavy - almost two tons, so it's never going to have the best fuel economy.
  8. If the problem started before your warranty ran out and you took it to Ford you will still be covered under warranty, even though it has now run out.
  9. I've got one for a Focus estate (mk3). I had it in my ST. It's a Travall metal one. Let me know if interested.
  10. Is it half hidden behind a palm tree on the right of the picture?
  11. How do you save the setting? The manual linked to above refers to 'memory function' but I can't find what that is.
  12. Yes, when it's heavy rain and I'm on the motorway, the water comes off the screen and onto the side windows to such an extent that I can't see out of my door mirrors. I have found that putting Rain-X on my side windows has improved that.
  13. I know, I read your previous post Kevin...a pity I didn't see it before taking my car in! I just wanted to add it to make sure people were aware in case anyone else gets fobbed off. Even if the tool was needed, surely a garage could look at their appointments for the next day or two and identify ones they can't do (for whatever reason) and then ring the customer to save a wasted journey.
  14. I rang my dealer several weeks ago after receiving the recall letter, to book the car in for the pulley recall. Went through to the call centre who booked it in for me for today. Dropped the car off at the dealer at 8:30 this morning, walked to the railway station to pick up my wife's car and drove it home. She'd gone in to work especially on the train so I could use her car to get home. I'd just got home when the dealer rang me...sorry we can't do the pulley for you today as we are waiting for the correct tool. So, I asked why it had been booked in if this was the case and was told that the call centre doesn't know which garages have the tool and which don't. I suggested that they should be told then! Not impressed at all. Why can't these dealers look the previous day at work that is due in to ensure they can actually do the work and, if they can't, ring the customer so that they don't have a wasted trip? It's not rocket science is it?
  15. Quofan


    Funnily enough I had my recall letter today and that quotes my car as having the 2.0 ltr DW 230PS engine. 😁