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  1. Thanks. I discovered that 11/12 was always live and fitted a 3 pin piggy back fuse there. Works great.
  2. Anyone know why the owners manual for the mk4 says "Note: Do not attempt to fold the rear seat cushion forward." ? In my previous Focus' the seat base folded forward and the backs down to create a bigger and flat load area. The mk4 doesn't appear to do that.
  3. I am looking for a permanent live so that I can have my NEXTBASE in parking mode. Are the fuses that you mention all permanent live (with the ignition off, doors locked)?
  4. I did a search, but couldn't find anything on this posted previously. Until today I hadn't even unlocked the car since 16th January, so it has sat on the drive on a battery tender since then. It wouldn't open on the fob button (either fob) so had to remove the key from the fob and unlock the drivers door manually. After I did this the system make a lot of beeping noises and a warning logo was flashing in the dash. After about 15 seconds everything returned to normal. I can now lock and unlock the car with the fob. It seems like the central locking system and everything else went into some sort of shut down to the point where it wouldn't unlock. Anyone else ever had this issue after not using the car for several weeks?
  5. A motion sensor would still be keeping the key operating while you walk away from the car having parked it. Plenty of opportunity to unlock your car and drive it away.
  6. @Bannko Updated mine yesterday and all went well. Only took 25 minutes. Today I put the latest F7 maps card in and that works fine too. One query - the screen when I unlock the car is somehow different. Any ideas?
  7. Clicking on any one of the Language packs creates a response which asks for a decryption key. Any ideas?
  8. Don't the nuts have a plastic cover on that you have to remove before using the wrench? Not tried it, but vaguely remember that from somewhere.
  9. Thanks for these posts and pictures Freddy and Clive. This enabled me to competently FIT my dash-cam. All I needed was to know what came off from where easily so that I could hide all the wiring. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for this Jamie. Any idea when F7 will be available to buy?