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  1. Drat, if I'd have seen this sooner then I would have recommended this and that I still have mine kicking about to put up on here! 😕 But to validate it, it does work and it works well!
  2. I've had this recently on a trip to and from Sheffield, same thing but on the last restart near home it kept the low power and turbo was basically off or all over the shop - Turned out to be a clogged MAF sensor. Quick n cheap to check, but that threw mine in to the same sort of limp mode with no more go.
  3. The little tic-tac box I own is the Streetwise GPS Tracker that is sold in Halfords. In fact, I've got colleagues on to it also so it's about 4 I've dealt with now I think! Being a forum supporter gets you a tidy amount off, and then using uSwitch nets you a great deal too. It's basically a rebadged TKStar unit with most of the features still active. Its VERY accurate, down to the exact parking spot (Handy if the mrs forgets where she parked....) There is an app, it does live tracking, has vibration sensing and geo fencing, and is cheap at £45 (£38.25 if you have a supporter's card!) It has a 10 day battery, and is usb powered OR hardwired with the kit that comes with it if you prefer - I've yet to have any issue with mine and I've had it since I got my ST around the end of July last year. I think I've read I can even call it and listen in if I want but dont quote me on that one, I havent bothered yet! I chose to go for a SIM tracker where I had some degree of control over service; I've bought items in the past from companies that only have a year or two before their services shut down and its been a pain, TKStar have been around a while and the deal that I got was unlimited texts, 200 mins and 500mb data for £3.95 a month with no contract length - Absolute peanuts for peace of mind for me! I can't praise the unit enough so far, its tiny enough to hide anywhere and sips power; and as I said a few colleagues picked these up too and so far so good. I'm all for security and stuff, but I tend to leave off things that would end up causing more damage if someone breaks in to try and break off whatever is there for me really, I'd rather find my car and drive it away tha have to battle to get it to go again but that's my mindset from where I was brought up and having things stolen being not an uncommon occurrence. Hope that helps!
  4. They have a couple of pinch clips and pop out from the inside to out
  5. Bulb holder itself can be flaky after a while with the temp changes, the wire actually coming loose from the holder is also another possibility from my experience. I have and had spare headlight units to play with and swap to test, I cant quite remember now if the left and right and interchangeable just to test or not, but always worth checking the connection at the bulb end for flaws.
  6. I used Roadstone for my 18s, great tyre for the money, good wear, very good grip and best bit for me was very quiet. I still have them on my 18s actually, just no car for them to go on haha I bought mine as a set of 4 from ebay in December of 2018 and it that cost me £171.90, they were rated as C (Fuel), A (Wet) and 69db (noise). Currently they are £175.95, but I'm unsure if the rating system got a slight update or not as they are now printed as C,C,69db, but still for the money I would 100% buy those again.
  7. I can't really comment on legality, but I can say its not uncommon for the odd German car to have this as standard, but not usually something that is enabled in the UK.. Theres a couple of guys I know locally that have this on a Golf and a 320d, both enabled at dealer level and NOT aftermarket (They paid a complete whack for it!) And have had main dealer MOTs since.. it's very popular in the US, but I'm not sure if that's due to it being a legal thing in some states? I could be wrong but either way the guys I see now and then havent had any trouble as of yet with it.
  8. Great to hear it's all sorted, theres nothing more frustrating than knowing a feature should work and it isn't! Happy motoring in the ST, they're a great car 😊👍
  9. Ensure that the filter is seated correctly and they're a royal pain in the deriere if the seal isn't *quite* right, it introduces very tiny amounts of air in to the system. For sakes of trying a quick fix, clean off your MAF sensor too. Supermarket fuel should be fine in that, they have detergents just the same as all other fuels, it's just premium adds particular ones that add overall better cleaning or combustion properties. Throw in some Tesco or Costco (definitely recommend that!) Premium if you can, the additive package is proven to actually clean back the injectors and fuel system, for diesel actually better than the Shell stuff. (although by no means am I knocking Shell!). They both are supplied and the additive package is made by Greenergy, very very good fuel for the money. One tank isn't exactly magic, but a couple will make a marked improvement over current conditions if it's just unhealthy and not properly poorly.
  10. It may be worth throwing up a little more history and any symptoms you're having to help any of us try and give any opinions - Without anything like that it's literally a stab in the dark! It's also worth noting that sites such as these ones are very helpful in helping to determine what they mean. Your P0087 and P2290 for example would lead to me looking at the fuel supply, more particularly the fuel filter for an easier and cheaper fix, and the pump if I really had nothing else. Again, without much history - That's about all I can offer really. P.S. Welcome!
  11. Hiya AJ, I've fired over another message with hopefully some useful info for you. If you do struggle at all and that doesn't help, @Bannko is definitely the Nav legend on here, just for awareness 😉
  12. @yunii This one looks familiar.. 🤔🙃
  13. I'm looking at a car at the weekend for a friend that doesn't like keyless entry, it's a Titanium X 2015, and I believe it *could* be as simple as pulling a fuse in the boot but I'm unsure if it will work so easily yet but will let you know. It's a fuse listed as just the keyless entry, so the usual button locking/unlocking should work as normal with no detriment. Will update as I find out more if the storm doesn't put the journey off..
  14. Bolt off/bolt on, but just align carefully. Theres alot of freedom to move the door around when you're nipping it up so definitely do alot of sanity checking, mark the bolts on the door and such before you remove and it'll be a damn sight easier. Oh and have at least one other person, and do whatever you're doing with the front window down, makes it easier to hold and adjust better.. Also helps if you shut your keys in and forget that the door hasn't been plugged in to unlock it.. 😅 Other than that the harness CAN be removed and plugged in with the door on, but you have to have the hands of a child to be able to do what you need to do. Just be sure to observe how the rubber boot fits over the harness before and as you take it off; that thing is a right pain in the backside to put back on properly..
  15. I'll PM you, it sounds like it's been sold to you without Nav actually as a feature, if so I might have something to give you ammo if you wanted to argue it for a part refund or get them to have it enabled for you..