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  1. WireyWhenWet


    Also on my to do list.. Looking at the popular Hella options but unsure on the Supers vs Sharps or others.. Pretty sure the under tray needs to come off, theres a couple of vids on YT that offer up guidance- Unfortunately I can't get a good signal to be able to link you one at the moment!
  2. You really dont need to remove anything; reach under and behind the trim and the holder just twists out. Very easy, 30 second job 👍
  3. Ooh I was looking at these a bit ago, I wasnt sure though if the extra aero would catch me out and end up with getting a ticket for going too fast! Be careful now; Pretty sure they give you the drag coefficient of a fish as you build speed! Although I did wonder as well about all the added down force burrying the car on the motorways too.. 😁 To be fair always been curious of these, you'll have to keep us updated as to if they help!
  4. +1! That was another thing that was on the cards but I never actually managed to get around to; the Focus is just lovely to work on! Going to look at adding one to my mk3.5 now soon though.. Seriously have a good gander at Lenny's guides, you'll have a field day! @scottandcoops
  5. The halfords 501 leds are perfect for this. The lens actually just pops out from closest to the seat, get your nail in there and it's easy enough. Adding a second is very easy too, all you need to do is splice in to the current wires and run from the original ones over to the other side where you can just cut a small rectangle (use a tic-tac box or something to make a template from the original hole!) And fit another bulb lens/holder (a scrap car was free for me to yank the original from to use as my second). You can run the wires back from where you splice, behind the trim closest the boot lock and then back up to the left side, cheap speaker wire is more than good enough for this, but I recommend a couple of metres from a diy shop simply to have colour coding at the other end.. Some before and after on mine. Crap pics, but its something:
  6. Just a really outside chance, check your Crank Position Sensor. Mine was really strange- Turned out to be the plate that held it in had become unbolted from the engine casing and was free to move around..
  7. My last Valeo was 285 all in, and my last Luk was 225 all in, which on the Luk the mech also did the O/S driveshaft seal that had been a bit leaky. 650 is a very very excessive number.. How is that justified, may I ask? Are they charging you high labour or high parts cost? Depending on that could give you the option to supply parts yourself and still have a decent garage do the work- just be mindful of guarantees if you do and they do a bad job of it is all. Definitely good to have a 'friendly' local you can rely on in that situation. FYI, for something like GSF the best code I've got that just seems to always work is 'mid60' Hth!
  8. Believe it or not I enquired about modifications on the last policy I had a few weeks ago as I had a fair bit done with my brum.. (Petrol 2009 1.6 Zetec) ST Spoiler... Added nothing. 18" Alloy Wheels... Added nothing. OE cruise... Added nothing. Priv Glass... Added £56 (Fair) Interior changes (Seats)... Added nothing. Lowering Springs... Added nothing. Dashcam.. Added £40 (???) Reverse mod (Park Assist)... Added nothing. That was all declared up to April. I asked what else was an option etc. And how it impacted premiums. Adding any form of bodykit, skirts, bumpers, etc. Adds nothing. Added a big silly exhaust SAVED me £248! That got added at the start of May to coincide with replacing my middle box.. Found a daft back box for £10 online (used) and just stuck it on the end. Daft not to and it kept quiet.. Looked stupid but hey, more money in my pocket!
  9. Oh heads up as well, doing the second light mod on mine, when declared to insurance and mentioned factory parts etc. They happily put it down as 'Park Assist' on my policy, as it improves rear visibility when reversing. (Strong ***** bulbs helped too, mind!) But just one to keep in mind for anyone who has / is doing / wants to do it..
  10. I think that looks pretty darn good actually, but also think having the one on the left ruins the effect too; but I guess I'm used to my old one having a second unit on the right when I did the mod myself with a euro lens.. I dont know here, in one regard it's great. Having a second stops people saying the didn't see your one light because they were on the angle away from the car in a car park (exactly why I did it in the first place!!) And in another it would look.. Odd? Great idea but maybe given a bit of a struggle to work with. To throw a spanner and all that, Have you thought about something else- I used a cheapo led pod a bit similar to that DRL you have and had it bonded on the inside of the bonnet with a fridge push-switch for activation for when I was doing anything under it. Potential? I looked at similar for the boot too but didn't have my car long enough before someone wrote it off.... +10 rep for duct tape btw!
  11. Always a good result, cheap and pretty straight forward!
  12. Fwiw, this is my 1.6 petrol. Sounds worse on camera but it's just tappets/lifters. Mines not in the best of health really but it's okay. For the diesels I've seen first hand some of the oil additives can be good to quieter them off a bit, such as the sea foam that the Americans use, we have a similar one from Wynns (I forget the actual product) and Halfords have it for about £5. Worth a go for so little if it botheres you!
  13. Hmm Lifter/tappet type sound similar to my petrol 1.6, just a bit heavier.
  14. The front exhaust mount from the down pipe is most likely to be at fault, usually the hanger will rust through and drop lower but still 'look' okay without having it jacked up and being able to get a proper shove on it. Majority of Focus 'clunks' when accelerating end up being that bounty allowing the jerk of the car to shift the down pipe just enough for it to knock the sub frame, making it sound a heck of alot worse that it actually is. 20 quid at a local to weld'erup should do it if that's the case!