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  1. Not to second guess you but are you totally sure? I was sold on the facelift based on the fact they all had it as standard? Parkers has a write up for the FL: "Cars from 2008 are offered in a re-structured range featuring Studio, Style, Zetec and Titanium trims - plus all cars get ESP as standard." The only difference between mine and yours is the Auto really, but I'd have thought if anything itd have more driving aids being auto? Either way I've definitely learned something if yours doesnt!
  2. Have you disabled ESP? IIRC its: menu>down x2>esp>off. Should stop it interfering all being well?
  3. Have to admit, I've got my front held on with a few of doubles over rings of filament tape, one on either end and one top and bottom running the length of the plate.. 14 months in and all still on. Could do with a new plate really but until this falls off it's all gravy. Honestly expected it to have been pilfered by now, mind..
  4. Removing on the OSR, got it down to the inner strip off, just noticed I should be able to get the outer one off I believe my firmly sliding it towards the front of the car if that's correct? The left (to the rear of the car) runner comes put easy enough but stuck some with the right side, unsure on how that actually comes out. I don't suppose there happens to be a good pictorial at all is there for that? My Google-Fu is usually strong but on this occasion I'm a little sparse on good info. Cheers!
  5. +1 for the Volvo mod, haven't had any real issues without, but have had a couple of times I've noticed it a bit wet in there with my last 06 plate. Felt it better to get it and not need it on the 58 and made sure it was one of the first things done after purchase.
  6. It's the typical dealer trick, rounding up- it's actually 2.8 on the dot but they like to exaggerate.. Just think of the gains if you went dual or even quad! 🤔🙃
  7. As quoted, and for an alternative, has any of the wiring been touched at all which runs door to body in the rubber sleeve? Just a though for moisture, etc. And if it all can trace back to one common point.
  8. Sorry to revive an older thread here, but did you manage to find a way to do this, OP? I've got exactly the same issue at the moment switching my doors over due to damage, but now need to swap over my factory tinted glass from the old door to the new standard one.. Can anyone else shed any light here at all either? I've found that I can remove the winner strip off the door but where the older cars seem to have removable trim or runners I'm a little stuck with this one! Much thanks to anyone that can advise!
  9. Probably best to describe better what you guys are hearing and maybe post a new thread for your own issues as they may be entirely unrelated here! On another note, by chance have you happened to have changed your air filter at all to something a little more high flow? Aside from the very good advice above regarding split hoses etc. I can confirm my NON turbo 1.6 mk2.5 does exactly that which you describe when I'm at about 70% pressed on the loud pedal, and it's to do with the open ended K&N I run, air is flowing in a particular way over my throttle body when open a certain degree that it is turbulent and audible inside the car. Sounds pretty good actually knowing what it is but of course if it was anything else I'd be concerned.. Not to scare you into thinking the worst or anything but just offering a bit of something which might be of use and that you could check for. Never know if the little stuff like that contributes but it might help!
  10. Have just been thinking about this over the past couple of days myself - Much thanks! ^_^
  11. This sounds like what happened with my last mk2, input shaft became very noisy following a few k of having a clutch replacement. Does it sound not dissimilar to this at all?
  12. As far as I am aware it is only the Zetec S models of the Facelift version (mk2.5) which had these as standard, unsure if an optional extra but Ebay# 153336330337 shows the original pedals & footrest from an '09 focus. I have a 58 ('09 reg'd) Zetec with most of the factory wiring features of a Titanium, but no foot rest. They can be bought and easily fitted, mind.
  13. Fortunately, Ford are pretty common so most parts are replaceable in a pinch, but it depends on the damage location and how much there actually is.. Do you have any photos and do you know the colour name for your car? Paint codes are handy to search on auction sites, for example G3 being aquarius blue, or O3 being Moondust Silver- Doing a general search is handy but get the part name and search the paint code with it and you'll narrow down more specifically to get as close a match as possible to original. (Aquarius Blue Focus boot trim, for example or just G3 Focus boot trim.) Hope that helps!
  14. These are pretty easy to do, just be mindful not to go at it gung-ho, they do need to be given a good push but don't be tempted to use any metal tools or be overly forceful, they're snug but will come out and don't need massive amounts of pressure to pop out.
  15. +1 to dtulip8, Halfords - Not badly priced overall and a great place to make use of the premium card of you have one! Bear in mind how easy the focus blades are to actually change though, don't be talked in to paying for someone to swap them over, it's the easiest thing you could do really. Have a play with the ones on already- you'll see! Btw, my few locals 'fords seem to be short on the Bosch replacements for the rear and even stopped stocking them for a number of months last year and the year before, so if stock is flaky your way it might be worth picking one up whilst you can.