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  1. WireyWhenWet


    My old 06 Zetec came with 205 55 16 P7's as standard which I found strange - the couple that had it originally had a photo and write up of all the brands and parts so if anything went wrong they knew what to get to repair it with.
  2. +1 Here too... Mine has had random spats of being dead 3 times since Christmas just gone, but no reason for it. Couple of days ago I'd been out in the morning and then that night not a sausage. Dead-dead. Had to crawl through the car to get to the boot where my leads were as it had deadlocked and leccy tailgate said no. Fast forward, couldn't seem to jump it off a van, got a few volts in and the interior lights came on, gave it a mo and fired it - starter motor turned a couple of times then rattled off like a SA80 with the lights raving to the coughs.. Gave up and put a charger on it, but it would seem to charge for 50 secs or so, hitting 12.35v and then the charger cut off, with the batt dropping to ~4v.. At that point I tried to start it after 'charging' for 45 mins and all I got was lights on then the ECU ticking and squealing - even AFTER I'd removed the key! Finally got it going again from a newer car batt so took it for a blast and it'd been fine for that night to next morning, when I took it to Halfords and Wilko to see what their free battery checks would reveal.. Halfords tool crapped out 13 times with multiple earthing points (including the neg pole..) all I got was 'error' until #14 completed and reported my 60ah 600cca batt to be giving 9v and 15a - the fella said "Yeah that's stuffed, I'll go grab he jumper to get it going for you" I replied with no it'll be fine.. ' (Still had dash lights). To his amazement it fired up first time with no hesitation. Wilko just down the road then had a go, their meter came up with 'battery unstable' before their meter shut off and didn't come back on.. Pretty safe bet that it had a cell or two out at this point so bobbed to Costco and picked up a new Bosch S4 60/540 for £67, no issues at all thus far and on using the heated windscreen now my headlights dont appear to dim quite so much and quite so immediately on a morning when it's in use. Time will tell and all that.
  3. WireyWhenWet

    Ford Focus mk2 Engine cover

    Excuse the mucky bay but as Eddie has listed, that's exactly the one I ordered and it comes with the 4 screws. If you get it, the left-most screw hole may be plugged on your engine already by a cable tidy, but it comes out pretty easily. I also have the heated mist jets added too, the normal jets arent too bad but the mist ones save a decent amount of screenwash I can tell you!
  4. WireyWhenWet


    Potentially a pointless response but may be of some value and I'm sure others here may clarify more. I was informed a long time ago that the Focus mk3 "should" be 18" friendly, but that was if using Ford's own wheels. Was never sure of how much truth there was behind that but I never went down that road as a mk2.5 came up in spec and budget instead. I run that 2009 mk2.5 Focus and have just upped the wheels from the 17" 8 Spoke "Y" design and bolted on a set of 18" Ronal Mondeo ST220 wheels, going from 205 50 17 (or 205 55 16 for standard Focus) up to 225 40 18 and haven't had any issues with them, I think for width it's something like a 12.5% increase but for diameter it something silly like 0.1% or so. Rack limiter not needed in my case and no issues with speed bumps or sharp turns etc.. Like I said maybe not so useful but potentially something to ponder or speak to a Ford dealer about if you get 5.
  5. WireyWhenWet

    Clutch / Gearbox problems? when have you changed yours?

    Unsure if this helps and a little long but hey ho.. First focus, mk2 06 plate. Bought in Feb 17 and after a test drive, noted a few bits to do, including clutch slipping some. (selector was all good) After noting this the garage agreed to get it sorted and to use VALEO parts. After driving around I noticed right away that it felt exactly as you describe, hard to get to reverse and occasionally 1st which was always harder than 2-5. Fast forwards a year and finally the release bearing started playing up, to which the garage agreed to sort it under warranty for me. I asked about what parts would be used, etc. But was never really told. After the clutch kit was replaced, all was perfect. As in, like a brand new car. Easy to change gears and no struggles whatsoever with reverse. Found out that the first clutch kit that was put in was Transmech, which I specifically asked to not be used... 3 days later after enjoying the new choosy-box feeling I was written off on the mway, so that was that. Fast forward some from Jan this year to March, I get better and pickup another focus, this time a facelift model and test drive with same issue; loose clutch but silly high... Never noticed anything off with the selecting but nonetheless (different) garage agreed to swap it out for LUK, which is all they use and have plastered about proudly. Same problem again as the first car, harder to find 1st and real struggles with reverse at times.. but still silly high bite, and can't really afford to have it looked at. Spoke with some Ford tech's a few times at length and they agree it's not unusual and it's a difficult thing for garages to get ' right ', but told me to also keep in mind the focus boxes don't have a crash gate/synchro which gives everything a worse time of it anyway also. Unsure what caused the drastic change from infuriating to park to actually enjoyable, but I know a VALEO clutch kit went in the second time and all was peachy. -most likely a fitting issue for me but I don't like Transmech, I haven't used LUK (Although many regard the brand as brilliant), but there's a good reason some of the top track car teams seem to use standard VALEO clutches. -Not a fan boy, just never had an issue with the V team before! Hope something there helps!
  6. WireyWhenWet

    Clunk noise when releasing clutch Focus MK2.5

    -edit- just seen the vid as it hadnt worked on poor signal for me right away, but will leave that info there just in case it helps anyone.. Just a thought. If it's a clunk and you feel it in the pedals, usually at ~12mph don't worry too much.. Set off on a flat, keep 1st gear up to say 20, and see if it does it then as well, if so it's the ABS self-check. My last 06 plate didn't do it, but my later 58/09 does, and at first it worried the cap outta me as it sounded real bad if I'd set off and had the wheels turned as well. Might be worth a mention to a local Ford shack to ask about it if it's a new sound, but just a thought. I'm sure mine has a fault otherwise however I am assured that some do make a hell of a clunk where others don't.
  7. WireyWhenWet

    Wind deflectors FF2 Mk2.5

    I have actually replaced my standard mk2.5 grill with the one from a Zetec S and saw these rubbery parts didn't quite line up correctly, which after some digging seems like mine has had a bump in its past life. I managed to get them to where I think they should be, but they do sit loose and only seem partly secure when fitted correctly - if I can I'll try and get some photos but I'm not with my car for a few days... if I remember only the top screws in and the bottom is left to sit against the radiator and the lower part of the bumper. It's an odd kind of fitting if mine hasn't had things removed at least.
  8. WireyWhenWet

    Activating cruise control Focus MK2/2.5 ELMconfig

    Well, done a bit of digging and have most answers apart from the ELM version 2.10 source, but will take a shot at this tomorrow with 2.17c. Annoyingly I believe I have a 'C' GEM, but will report my findings..
  9. WireyWhenWet

    Activating cruise control Focus MK2/2.5 ELMconfig

    Hey guys, I'm literally about to plug in and do this, but alas I only have ELMConfig v2.17c, and I can't seem to find 2.10 anywhere - All sites that have archived the releases seem to be missing 2.10 and 2.17(a?) for some reason... Is it still essential, and if so, is anyone able to provide any links at all? I've got a 1.6 Zetec (Petrol) which was wired up, and have just fit a 4 spoke wheel and confirmed the buttons are responding so a little excited for this! Also, can someone confirm if the HEC CC light illuminates on ignition on at all? I'm unsure if my level 2 cluster has it or is possibly missing the bulb - it's a bit difficult to tell really. Many thanks!
  10. Must admit, seeing your car in the flesh is another thing entirely to looking at photos online, it's a real bit of kit and you can see the pride and effort that's gone into it. That lining kit and the Mountune theme is going to look absolutely killer!
  11. WireyWhenWet

    Ey up from Bradford

    Hey guys, Been a lurker for some time now. Easily a couple of years- Getting more and more into my motors now and having gotten so much useful advice over the years from posts on here I've finally signed up to join in :)