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  1. I drove the 125 for a test drive, even though I knew the 140 was the one I wanted to order (and have now). In my opinion it has a slightly different character to the 140: it just lacks the sparkle. The 140 has a bit more torque and pulls harder to the red line. It is quite remarkable the difference 15ps makes. In short: given the fact you are uncertain about which one to choose, dont settle for the 125. Go for 140. You wont regret it!
  2. Good point. Also I think the 1.5 triple in the new focus is a detuned version of the one found in the forthcoming Fiesta ST. This is me speculating due to the fact it has cylinder deactivation. I am impressed by the new Focus. Will have to drive really well and be attractive PCP wise for me to consider it in 2 years. Otherwise it will be a Fiesta ST for me 😁
  3. I am still wondering how anyone gets above an indicated 42mpg 😂. I am (thankfully) over an indicated 40mpg but no where near 45 let alone 48+. So should be about high 30's tank to tank which is good for me. Refinement is also impressive! My partner has a MK3 Audi TT and at speed, there is little between it as to how stable it feels on the road at a cruise @70/80mph. Credit to Ford though, 6th is really tall so the engine isnt working particularly hard at those speeds (2500rpm - 3000rpm). As you said it does eat up the miles. Interior quality and insulation, the TT is a different league but there isnt much between it, to my suprise! One thing I must definitely point out, I have yet to 'unstick' the car from the road when in the twisties. Admittedly I have not pushed it. It just keeps gripping! Cant wait for it to be run-in so I can really see what this car can do. It is so tempting to rev out but I must resist 😰. One thing I wish I got on my entirely standard ST Line 140ps (which I had on my last car) was cruise control. Long stints on the motorway it does become a bit, annoying to keep my foot on the accelerator. However, I just need to get used to it tbh and the car is super responsive.
  4. The Fiesta is faster in-gear than a Mini Cooper. At least according to AE test between F56 5dr Cooper and a Fiesta Vignale 140ps. The link is somewhere on previous pages on this topic. In the real world in gear shove is what matters most IMO
  5. I have been using the USB C cable which came with the phone! Still plays up! Gonna speak to the dealers when I get annoyed enough but so far it is not too often.
  6. Update: I am having issues with Sync and Android Auto. I will be driving along Android Auto working fine then all of a sudden it disconnects. I have to take out the usb connection and put it back in to work. Sometimes it comes up with a message on both the phone and screen stating it is an error on Sync/Android system Pretty strange seeing as I got the car last week. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Good to see further impressions over different roads! I recently went down from London to Bognor (covered too many miles since Thursday haha), it really did shock me how refined it is whilst at a cruise around 70mph. Like you, I am refraining from giving it a good boot, so I am short shifting a lot but this car does shift! Very tempting to just throw it about and good fun. I did find it a bit jiggly as well driving through London, but not uncomfortable. My area has quite a few potholes and I feel it a lot more in comparison to what I was driving before. But it never feels unsettled at all. In fact it takes it in its stride. Where on the seat do you find it uncomfortable? Is it the middle, lower part or upper part? Also I really do not know how you are getting 45mpg! I am getting 39-40mpg on avg consumption, which I thought was good! Then again, I have been in a fair bit of stop/start traffic.
  8. It is a great car! I have a boggo ST Line so I dont have the functions of the X. Wish I could have been patient to wait for one. They said I would have to wait until July and I was impatient haha
  9. Today I picked up my Fiesta ST Line 140ps in Race Red. I have covered today over 150 miles (unintentionally, forgot some crucial documents at home when I went to the dealership). I have travelled up and down the M25, down some congested B Roads and through inner city west London so I feel like I have got some grasp of its general characteristics. A bit of context, I had a VW Polo before this Fiesta and have never owned a Ford before. I got rid of my Polo due to the 💩 PCP deal I got on it which meant I was too far the wrong way to ever break even, despite being nearly 3 years into a 4 year deal. Also the Polo had the handling of a wheelie bin, steering was numb, changing gear was like having a fight with the gearbox (overly notchy in all the wrong places), woefully underpowered and I could go on. Quality materials though. So back to the Ford: Exterior: I think it looks great. 17" rims are nice too. Interior: Its good for its class! I test drove a SEAT Ibiza late last year and one thing which put me off was the awful quality of plastics all over. Yes, the Fiesta has some scratchy plastics (interior door handles) but it generally feels solidly built. Also its very refined inside the cabin. Wind noise is not as bad as Auto Express and all the other 'car experts' would have you believe. Standard speakers a very good. A hell of a lot better than standard VAG group speakers. SYNC 3 system will take some time to get used to but it is intuitive. Drive: Fantastic for a 1.0! I am running it in, so havent put my foot down or really revved it but the engine is a gem. Has a fair bit of torque too but I feel like with this engine it gets stronger higher up the rev range. It feels like it has an overboost? Gearbox is sweet, handles really well and feels substantial on the motorway. Will post more about my impressions of the car when it isnt either raining, congested and I have an open road in front of me
  10. Here is a Comparison test between the MK8 Fiesta Vignale 5DR and an F56 Mini Cooper 5DR. Although it is 'only' a Vignale model, it does have the 1.0 140ps Ecoboost. The Mini has the 1.5 T 3Cyl. Interesting results which suprised me if I am honest. @Eric Bloodaxe @Mavroz
  11. I do agree that the car I bought isnt as 'desirable' as the ST but the frequency of car thefts in the areas in which I live and work, it isnt worth the risk. One of my good friends car was stolen two nights ago causing all sorts of panic with insurance, finance etc. It was found (luckily for her) yesterday evening. And her car is rather unremarkable 2015 VW Polo! It goes to show that (at least in my case) making your vehicle less of a target for opportunistic sis worth the extra pennys. @Tiexen where did you get the info from?
  12. Jesus, I thought they would at least hide it away behind the dashboard like the MK7! Probably will have to move it!
  13. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I believe it is a torsion beam setup
  14. How has the car coped with the wet and horrible weather? Also what about the ride quality? I understand it is on sports suspension so it should be firm but is it so firm that you feel every rock and crack in the road? Hoping the ride is not as firm as the Mini Cooper. My brother has one and it can be awful!
  15. @karl46 How much did you pay for the steel safe? May look into this.