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  1. Im a newbie

    Ive just got a sierra 1.8LX Greg,its done 168k,its fair condition,some old boy as had it for the last six years doing 3k a year in it,had a slight problem with the brake lights but that was sorted no problem,in 2nd gear it seems a bit lumpy ( if thats the word ) i thought maybe new plugs ? any advice would be really helpful guys....thanks
  2. Key Fob

    Thanks for that link mate,but ive already been to that and no luck, do you know if the batteries go in with the + side facing up or down,i just havent got a clue ?
  3. Key Fob

    Hello everyone im a newbie here and i just wondered if anyone can help me,. ive just got myself a 1998 mondeo 1.8 GLX petrol,all is fine except my key fob isnt working for the central locking,ive put new battiers in it ( not sure if i have them the right way round tho ) but it still isnt working ? :( . any advice would be helpful....thanks guys