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  1. Judder is back. I have used every product known to man to clean glass including 0000 wire wool. I have replaced the wiper arm with a new one in case that was bent or something and still judder. Any further ideas folks Should i bite the bullet and go to Ford main dealer see what they say ?
  2. Cleaned windscreen with meths went over many times. Still judder, so went to Ford dealer and got motorcraft wipers for £18 cleaned the windscreen with fairy liquid then washed down with clean water and meths again and it's worked no more judder. So either meths worked or new blades even though old ones were only 6 weeks old though bought online so may have been rip off ones. I use Auto Glym wax shampoo on the car and I reckon that's built a film on the windscreen so won't be using that anymore. Thanks for all help above folks
  3. Have been told by Ford dealer to use Methylated spirit and newspaper I'll give that a go
  4. Don't think it can be done
  5. No none at all and the blades feel quite soft
  6. Fiesta mk7 2013 Titanium Bought new Bosch wiper blades six weeks ago with no problems. Used them today and the offside one is juddering like hell. Went to local indie garage as thought may be the wiper arm needs twisting to re-set as I've read elsewhere. That did nowt either. He says new blades needed even though Bosch ones only six weeks old. I've cleaned the windscreen about 10 times to make sure it's not contamination. Surely it's not the blades anyone have experience of this or know what else it may be before I fork out another £30. Could the very hot weather we've had maybe warped the blades or something. The car does sit facing the sun all day. Anyone with ideas Thanks
  7. Same with my 2013 Titanium very temperamental. The same with stop/start depends what mood the car is in 😂
  8. New discs fitted about three weeks ago and the hub part of the disc is well and truly rust coated. Any ideas how to keep them looking good or clean them up
  9. No idea but it defiantly works 😁 I'll keep you posted how long it stays like that. As Jbell says I'll mask it off next time I polish.
  10. Jbell you were spot on. Five mins work with a pencil rubber and hey presto 👍 Cheers bud
  11. Interested in this Bob. Any reason why having to replace bushes again? Are there a lot of potholes where you live or you driving over fields 😂 seems excessive for a low milage car
  12. There's quite a bit of info on Google and you tube about stuck Ford fuel gauges. I know that don't answer your question but may be worth looking again. Or buy a ODB machine and see if it gives a fault code then you have something to go on.
  13. As all the others have stated I'm getting 42mpg 1l 125hp ecoboost. I do a lot of town driving but also hammer it on duel carriageways and country roads with a lot of heavy braking. I turn off the stop start coz I hate the thing, very annoying.
  14. Can you name the seller for future reference please
  15. Give it time bud. Good people on this forum someone will help you soon 👍