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  1. DavyTee

    Automatic Windscreen Wipers

    Same with my 2013 Titanium very temperamental. The same with stop/start depends what mood the car is in 😂
  2. New discs fitted about three weeks ago and the hub part of the disc is well and truly rust coated. Any ideas how to keep them looking good or clean them up
  3. DavyTee

    Spray point solution?

    No idea but it defiantly works 😁 I'll keep you posted how long it stays like that. As Jbell says I'll mask it off next time I polish.
  4. DavyTee

    Spray point solution?

    Jbell you were spot on. Five mins work with a pencil rubber and hey presto 👍 Cheers bud
  5. Interested in this Bob. Any reason why having to replace bushes again? Are there a lot of potholes where you live or you driving over fields 😂 seems excessive for a low milage car
  6. DavyTee

    Faulty Fuel Gauge, Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

    There's quite a bit of info on Google and you tube about stuck Ford fuel gauges. I know that don't answer your question but may be worth looking again. Or buy a ODB machine and see if it gives a fault code then you have something to go on.
  7. DavyTee

    Low mpg on my 2017 EcoBoost Fiesta

    As all the others have stated I'm getting 42mpg 1l 125hp ecoboost. I do a lot of town driving but also hammer it on duel carriageways and country roads with a lot of heavy braking. I turn off the stop start coz I hate the thing, very annoying.
  8. DavyTee

    Fiesta Mk7 front brake disc change

    Can you name the seller for future reference please
  9. DavyTee

    Hi all new to this forum stuff

    Give it time bud. Good people on this forum someone will help you soon 👍
  10. DavyTee

    Spray point solution?

    My mirror stems are becoming very faded, I have tried all the usual blackening products and am only getting a few weeks before it's faded again. Is there any reason I can't spray paint it black? I've searched on the forum and you tube and no one seems to do this, any reason why?
  11. I have the exact same car and year and recently went into redline 6k rpm whilst burning off a Audi A3 😂 So no, I would say this is not normal
  12. DavyTee

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Update I have now fully serviced the car. New oil and filter, new brake discs and pads, air filter, pollen filter and bled the brakes adding new brake fluid. This was all done by me with no previous mechanical knowledge and who had never done anything more than topped up windscreen wash bottle 😂 So to answer my own question originally should I go DIY the answer is a big YES. If I can do it anyone can
  13. DavyTee

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Any particular brand you recommend for filter pliers Stef?
  14. DavyTee

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Well did my first ever oil change and only took 2 hours as oil filter was welded on 😂 so had to do emergency shopping after my cheap nasty oil filter wrench disintegrated. Lesson learnt, buy quality filter pliers for next time.