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  1. Hi Guinness how much are looking for . I have an edge and I'm looking for a dog guard.
  2. I'm sure I read somewhere that they recommend you lift the handle while reversing. But I must admit I don't I just want to set up the van then have a cider 😆😆
  3. I had the same thing when taking our 2 year old van in to part ex for a new one. Towed it the week before no noise then on the way to change over very noisy lots of creaking. Hitch new van up and no noise . I put it down the hitch head pads being dirty .
  4. Just done the update and all working here . Thanks for the help and the files
  5. I'll have another go at down loading the files . Thanks kugaedge
  6. Just done the first stick and it comes up with software already up to date . Sync is version 3, I havn't tried stick 2 yet are the maps and voice package all on stick 2 . Stick 1 was about 2.5gb stick 2 is just under 16gb .
  7. I had the climair ones fitted before I collected the edge . 3 weeks later when it was a very hot day my daughter opened the window and one of the rear deflectors flew out leaving the clips in place . When I check the other one it had bowed in the heat and became very loose. Just checked my front ones I have 1 clip fitted down by the mirror and no others .
  8. You can remove the surround it's held in place by some plastic clips and some metal ones . I removed it to fit a fuse tap for my camera.
  9. Hi look in the passenger footwell below the glove box
  10. When they removed the 3 pin plug it didn't connect to anything . No electrical pins . They found it very amusing saying it left the factory in that state .
  11. Just got the car back from the dealer to fix the fuel filler flap lock . When they stripped it down everyrhing was there that would allow it to lock . Upon taking a closer look at the actuator they found it to be empty , there was nothing inside the housing. New actuator fitted now it locks happy days . This could be a problem on other cars that should lock but don't.
  12. I had my rear lights checked last week when in the dealers as they seemed loose . I was told this is correct as they sit on rubber mountings and are held in place by one screw fixing. I will be have my boot lid checked in 2 weeks when it goes back in for another job . As it doesn't seem to close properly. It shuts and seems sucure but i don't get last bit that pulls the boot lid firmly in place every time.
  13. I have a rattle too not sure if it's the tailgate or not . Sometimes when I close the boot you hear it click shut and you hear the motor pull the door tight but not everytime . I will look at the number plate holder first before booking the car in .
  14. And mine took the mother and father in laws out the other day and they were very impressed on how quiet it was .
  15. You won't be disappointed Very pleased with it, going away the weekend round trip of 150 miles. Looking forward to towing again . Got a couple of bigger trips planned too .