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  1. Cheers buddy, that's good to hear!
  2. Cheers for the responsor guys, definitely looks worth a shot for the price!. Probably me being a bit naive but any positive effect on MPG?
  3. Hi Guy's, Ive just been looking at the Bluefin Chip for my Fiesta MK7 ZS. Does anyone have this installed? If so, do you notice an improvement over stock performance at all? I believe it's quoted to give increases of 18ps and 16nm. Are there any downsides to getting the chip? E.g. more wear on components etc?. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks very much guys 🙂
  5. Awesome, i believe the previous owner stuck to 1 major (oil, filters,plugs,etc) a year (or 12,000) miles so I'll do the same. I take it this will be in keeping with a FSH? Thanks Again
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I think on my mileage of around 15,000 miles a year I will stick to a major service every 12 months and miss an interim service at 6 months. Does this sound correct?
  7. Hey Guys, Apologies if this topic has been brought up before. My mk7 1.6 Zetec S is currently sat on roughly 38,000 miles. It had a full service done at 32,000 miles. If I want to keep a "Full Service History" would I want to get an interim service done or could i just follow the major services at 12 months or 12,000 miles? The service was carried out 7 months ago so I'm maybe slightly overdue. Thanks in advance John
  8. Very odd indeed. May be an idea to get a second opinion from a local indie if you wished?. Sorry I couldn't be of any more assistance!
  9. No worries :) After looking at another induction kit for the ST180 (not a JS one) it would seem that the black connector should sit just about flush with the red hose, see link below: Induction Kit Also after looking at a few youtube videos this would seem to be the case: Video 1 Video 2 After looking at the induction hose on the JS site it would seem that the end that isnt connected into the induction hose does seem to be longer than what seems to be protruding out of yours, so in fact it may have been installed backwards or not all the way in!.
  10. Very odd, we have those types of fittings at work (for air pipes/hosing), usually one end is "barbed" or ribbed so it makes a good fit inside the tubing. As Thai fiesta says, you could always see if the metal fitting will go any further into the red tubing so the metal shoulder butts up against the very end of the red hose instead of being 20mm out. It might stop the air leaking. You should just be able to loosen there metal clamp off and the metal adaptor will just pull out of the red hose. Hope this helps!
  11. Haven't fitted a kit myself but could you try a new connector or even a jubilee clip to secure to the hose? (My apologies if this wouldn't help, just a suggestion!)
  12. Very odd! Strange how it only flares up when driving and not during exercise! No, only on the right leg, I have the seat set up so there is a minor bend in my leg at full clutch depression, sadly, even at this position the right leg is at a fairly steep angle
  13. Tom, Did your issue go away or subside at all? My ZS isn't fitted with Cruise , personally I would never use cruise anyway unless as you say I am going to be doing a long haul!
  14. Thank you both very much for the replies! I'm only 23! Haha. I learnt to drive In a focus and then practually went straight to the golf, so over 4 years, 3 and a half of them have been in the golf! Hopefully it's a sort of muscle memory issue and my muscles will become accustomed to the new positioning!